Xlibris / consumer scams/ripoffs

Bo Feb 10, 2015 Bloomington

Back in December of 2011, I had finally committed myself to releasing my first and only book thus far. At the time, and even with the assistance of my publishing consultant, they took me for roughly $1000 USD, for production, printing, etc., and thankfully NO substantial advertising dollars. Obviously, I was naïve and trustworthy enough to work with this company, regardless of the money spent, and even the savings offered. I will most likely NEVER work with this company again, given all of the frustration and hardships that I've gone through, emotional and mental difficulties for the most part. Their extreme lack of communication since then has been increasingly evident and very unprofessional in my view. They may still promote where my book sells online; but, that's really ALL that they do for me nowadays. I want NOTHING more to do with these "corporate deviants", which is really ALL that they are, in my honest opinion. I should've conducted better research before proceeding with this project, and I also should've gone with a CANADIAN-based (self) publishing company. I warn all of you to be ever so careful, especially as class action lawsuits also exist!!!

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