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Stealing money

I haven't been with Double Day book club for over 7 years and in October of 2014 I got a charge to my...

Cancelled Membership a long time ago

I have been fighting for my membership to stop since March of 2013 and you people continue to use my credit card on UNAUTHORIZED amounts of money since I haven't ordered anything since February of 2013 and these books keep on piling up and continue to get these so called featured books, which I don't even like, CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP, OR I WILL SUE YOU PEOPLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED ON MY CREDIT CARD! Which by the way is a FELONY. Your membership states Keep you safe from identity theft, what do you call charging on my credit card that is unauthorized? I have NOT ordered any books and yet you keep on sending these books. I am still dealing with Doubleday Book Club that I have not fullfilled my obligation even though I did nearly two years ago. I actually over paid them and I asked for my money back, they charged me 43.00 x 3, plus this latest charge of 45.60 in July of 2013.. This company NEEDS to go out of business!!


I joined the club and fulfilled my membership long ago. They won't let me cancel, so I keep responding "no" to the featured selections. I did so in mid February. Today, I discovered that they had helped themselves to over $40 from my checking account. All I get from customer service is "we've canceled your order." There was no order placed, no books are shipping, and I'm out over $40. That qualifies as theft, if you ask me. They are refusing to refund the money. Looks like I'm going to have to contact authorities in their area and file a police report for theft and fraud. Stay away from them!

They still want money for books I haven't ordered

I am being threatened with a collection agency because I don't choose to buy any books, and they still want money for books I haven't ordered. I ordered in the past, paid for orders, didn't want any more books, and thought I was through with DoubleDay; guess not. What contract did anyone sign stating you had to buy books or pay anyway? Is this legal for book clubs to force people to pay even if they don't want any of their books?

  • Wa
    Wanda Mar 21, 2012

    I subscribed for BMC Doubleday Book membership, but nowhere was mentioned that I need to pay them some money. They made two charges ( $15.90 and $46.96 ) from my credit card without permission. I tried to contact them but nobody answers.

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Scam-money DDBC

DDBC. is a scam . You HAVE to be a member of the BBBC to buy books but you cant resell them, or use them for things like that( i thought it was mine i could do what i wanted to with it, ...Guess NOT). then you have to buy at least 4 more books buy the end of the year( which is a ripoff) because you HAVE to buy them at the price of at least $9.99 cent. if you don't they charge you for them ... it talked a long time to get the books. Then if you have any problems they lied to me and said to call there 1800 Number and tell "Customer Service" they don't even answer it doesn't work, just the automated part works of the phone call. Then it takes so long for you to get something in the mail from them( as much as you pay for shipping) but they do send you postage paid address labels to send item's back and then they send you money back... i doubt you will ever see that money. DDBC is a terrible company and i don't think that anyone should do business with them because you literally almost have to threaten them to get your answers and what you want, i think they just want your credit cards. and i don't think i will be doing any more business with them . (DDBC) i think it is a bunch of foreigners wanting Money, like money, money, and more money. Not to say that all foreigners are bad. But some are. Thank you Complaints Board. June, 2012

No Response to emails

I have emailed them several times regarding one issue or another.
My original shipment arrived with two books having seriously torn book jackets.
They have never responded to any email whatso ever.

Just recently, I contacted them to alert them to having not heard back from them on that.
again, no reply.

also recently, i contacted them becasue they billed me for 2 automatic shipminets - on the same day.

I still have not heard back from them.

Mail Fraud Never ordered Never signed up

Total mail fraud and deceptive marketing. Doubleday Book Club sent out UNSOLICITED two books with an invoice and paperwork that are blatantly fraudulent: 1) Front of package says "Get $10 cash back! Open for details". 2) Welcome to Doubleday Book Club We hope you enjoy your membership" is clearly fake: Credit card number listed that does not exist. 3) They make someone sign for the package from the USPS so that later they can force you into collections even though the product was never ordered. If they got a valid person name and address plus a signature, they can sell the account to collection hounds who drag you through the gutter

It is ILLEGAL to send out unsolicited materials and force the consumer to send them back at their own expense and thenforce the consumer to reply monthly or automaticlaly receive additional prodcuts and expenses.

We went through this in the 90's with music record and tape clubs. They are fraudulent, illegal and result in class action lawsuits but not before they defraud consumers from hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Provide information to form a class action lawsuit. Complete details and materials already provided to Michigan Attorney General, Illionois Attorney General, FTC, USPS Inspector. [protected]

This is unsolicited material and mail fraud. Company won't answer phone because they are a scam


I first got stuck with this company through PCH. The agreement was that you buy 4 books at regular club prices and your membership is up. I have purchased 4 books at regular club prices and also several books which were per them considered booksearch items and did not count. I have contacted customer service 5 times and have yet to get a decent reply. It clearly states on my account that I have bought 4 books at regular book prices, plus more. They refuse to communicate with me and will only say I have to purchase one more. I will purchase the one more book simply to protect my name. But I will never order from this book club again and I am hoping I can deter everyone else from doing the same. They are a complete scam and only give you credit when they want to. Please stay away from this company!

  • Ja
    Janette1 Oct 26, 2011

    Same problem, I bought more than 4 books and they just counted three. They don't explain you when you do your commitment that the books you're going to buy to fulfill your commitment have to be over certain price. Now, almost two month before the due date they're threatening me with charges for the last book. I'm just waiting for this last book to cancel my account, worst deal ever.check this too; I received two books I didn't order and had to do the whole return process. So be on top of your email, they send you features selection and if you don't refuse it they'll send it to you and charge your credit card. My opinion: stick with Amazon and stay away Doubleday book club, no matter how wonderful sounds the deal, it's just a big trap

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Double charged and never was sent books

My deadline to meet my book club commitment is in 2 months and I decided to order a couple books now and a couple more after I get paid. I carefully chose books I could afford including future sales tax and shipping. I placed the order, my account was debited and the books were supposedly shipped. I went online to see if there was a tracking number so I could estimate when they would arrive. To my surprise it said the books were returned and I never even received them. I have been home during the day, as I am a stay at home mom and babysit. I am not someone who is so busy that I would've missed it. I am always home. My errands are run after the hub gets home or on the weekend. I live in a rinky dinky place and I would've heard a knock on the door. The books NEVER arrived. The account online double charged me for the same books! I don't have that much to cover a double charge in my bank account so now I get to cover overdraft fees on top of it. And from what I'm reading here, I'm guessing they're either stalling so they don't have to give me the books I bought at their discounted prices, screwing me over so they can send me a $90+ collections bill for not fulfilling the account requirement in time. Which by the way I bought that extra book in the opening of the account so I had "fewer books to buy later" - you know the deal they offer you in the beginning... well, guess what!? They didn't credit my account with that at all! I don't recommend a membership with Doubleday or its affiliates at all. If you do, stick with paper. Make screenshots of your web account stuff and document everything. Oh and just stick with amazon or your local bookstore!!! Someone really ought to sue whoever owns and runs Doubleday Book Club. I already sent the story suggestion to Dateline NBC, too.

called saying I did not fill my contract and charged me 58.14

I was called by a company NCOFF and informed I had not full filled my contract and if I did not pay them...

Unauthorized Charges, Deceitful E-mails

I joined this book club a little over a month ago. It seemed like a good deal and I wanted some books for my children for Christmas. On Dec. 8, I received an e-mail to respond to my featured selections and I immediately declined the two books they had listed: Patricia Cornwell "Port Mortuary" and Dean Koontz "What the Night Knows." On Dec. 9, I received a confirmation e-mail that I had declined my selections, so I believed all was fine. On Dec. 25, they debited my account 42.16 for the books I had declined. I went back and looked at my "confirmation" e-mail, only to discover in the body of the e-mail that two entirely different books were listed ("Crossfire" and "Full Dark, No Stars") as the ones I declined. The books they listed were never sent to me to accept or decline, only the first two were. I tried to call "customer service" and I waited on hold for nearly an hour before hanging up. I e-mailed them also, but have not received a reply. I filed a dispute with my bank and I had to change my debit card number. This company is crooked, criminal, and a blatant scam. There should be some way to shut them down.

  • To
    tommytee Dec 19, 2010

    i ordered books from this company on 11/3/2017. The money was removed from my account. When i sent them an email...they informed me i had no account...yet my bank statement shows that they received payment from my credit card. I cant get anything has ruin xmas for my two grandchildren because they expected to receive the books as part of their xmas gift...

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  • Ca
    CarynMarie Jun 17, 2011

    I joined Doubleday a couple of years ago. I received an email reminding me to fulfill my obligation by July 9, 2017. They charged my card $72.00 on JUNE 15, 2017. I managed to finally get someone at Customer Service (717-697-0311) and was told I was sent the wrong date on the email and that it was too bad for me and they would not refund my money or the overdraft fee. They also said they were getting calls like that all day. I told them I would dispute the charge with my bank and they said to go ahead. Really? These people are horrible. If you know a mistake was made, make it right!

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  • Ha
    handsome Jul 06, 2011

    This online book club has very limited selection of books. They used a discounted rate to allure me to purchase the membership. But the purchase commitmment policy is not very clear until I learned that hard way. To fullfil the commitment, you have to order books of their own selections, have to be over $9.99 after discounts, etc. So there is very limited selection. The website is very confusing to get the information you need. If you need to call to find an answer, good luck somebody will pick up the phone. I think I won't use this bookclub after I fulfil the purchase commitment.

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  • Jp
    jpca Aug 04, 2011

    The website is vague at best about how to meet the commitment. I have not seen anything listed next to book descriptions as to whether or not they will fulfill that commitment if you purchase them. This makes it easy for them to scam you in the end. The website says to me (after I signed up) books purchased at regular member's price will fulfill the commitment and on average that price is $18.99. But if you go onto a new member signup page and click on the membership agreement link all it says is their club editions usually cost between $12.99-$18.99 and that you can save up to 50% off the publisher price. It does not say that your purchases have to cost a minimum amount to meet your membership commitment. Yet, if the regular member price is $5.99, they won't count it. It was the regular price, not clearanced. That happened to me.

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  • Ja
    jackonhyde Oct 08, 2011

    I completely agree with you on this one. Their membership agreement doesn't say the minimum 'regular price' that you need to buy. I had requested a cancellation before the initial 30 day period but some how I kept receiving the books. I returned all of them and again requested them not to send me any more books. After more than one year they are sending me bills for $78.00 after their attempt to charge my card was unsuccessful. I refused to pay and wanted to see the membership agreement I had signed which they never sent to me. Then I got a call from a collection agency and I told them about my dispute. The collection agency then sent me the agreement. It doesn't say anything about the minimum price or, what the bill will be, if you don't buy the 5 books from them.

    I do not plan to pay them without a fight. I haven't used any of their services nor did I read even one book. They just lured my 8 year old son with a seemingly incredible offer and he signed up with my card. I take responsibility for his action but I want to know what made them not cancel my order when I called within the trial period, and why they don't talk upfront about their $78.00 bill if you don't keep up your purchase agreement. I'm no legal expert but some thing tells me, you cannot keep that amount out of the contract.

    Risks of not paying this $78.00 are that collection agency might harass me by calling me now and then. That I can live with. Then they can and most probably will report it the credit agencies. As per FICO 2017, any collection amount below $100, won't affect my credit score. Lenders might be able to see this collection but I have a very good credit history so they will not mind. If worse comes, I know enough customers like me to start a class action. Now, that would be fun!

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chg.for books not ordered

I belong to this club and now I see on my credit card, a chg. from them for$41.46. I did not order any book...

Featured Books / Misleading Processes

DO NOT join Doubleday book club.
1) DD did not recognize the extra book I purchased when I first joined as applying to my overall commitment, even though DD itself pushed the purchase specifically to help appply towards the final commitment.
2) The Featured Selections process is VERY misleading and seems set up to take your money without you knowing. You are supposed to get a Featured Selections Email which gives you the option to deline the 2 books offered. However, the Featured Selection actually offers 4 books but only lets you decline 2 of them. You have to visit the website to decline the 2 others, but the Featured Selection email does not tell you that, so when decline what is offered, they send you the other books and charge you for those and shipping and wrapping.
3) In a 3 week period, I not only got the Featured Selection email for 4 books, 2 of which I was allowed to decline, buta week AFTER the email, ANOTHER 2 Featured Selection books were posted to the website to be accepted/declined, and I received NO email!
4) Total cost of this process - over $75 in books that Doubleday misleads the visitor in having to pay for in November/December 2010.

Really, don't get sucked in to the promotion. You will find your credit card charged for books you don't even know have been added to your account as a Featured Selection - you literally have to check the website every few days to make sure you aren't getting something slipped into your account without you being told. BEWARE!!!

  • Ma
    mayfairie Jan 06, 2011

    I too had numerous requests for featured selections through Doubleday Book Club for November/December 2010. I went on the site four times throughout November to deny featured selections. I thought the featured selections were a monthly request. Unfortunately, I did not receive an email re: one of the featured selections requests for November/December (which is a request for two books at a time, not just a single book per request) so missed the chance to decline it and received two books today. I do not plan on paying for them, nor for their return shipping. I have emailed the company three separate times and am waiting for a response as to how to handle this. I'm hoping to return the books on their dime since I did not receive the email re: those featured selections and since it was obviously some type of fraud/scam since 5 featured selections requests were made through November and December. That's a bit excessive!

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shady practices

I found out in April 2010 that there was a $125 outstanding balance at Doubleday Book Club on my credit from 2004. The same day I saw this on my credit report I called the number and even though I believed that I wasn't the one who opened the account (I had moved from Oklahoma that year), I paid it immediately. That was 7 months ago. Right after I paid it, I began getting phone calls from a collection agency about the $125. I had PAID Doubleday and then they sent it to a collection agency AFTER it had been paid. In 7 months and more than a dozen phone calls later, I could not get either company to contact the other, Doubleday never sent me a receipt and letter stating it was paid in full and as of yesterday, it is STILL on my credit report as a balance owed. I have contacted Experian to dispute this. And I will make sure I tell everyone I know what has happened to me with this company. And as an added slap in the face, suddenly after it was paid, I got notices from Doubleday asking me to "come back"!!!

  • Se
    Sergei Witte Nov 07, 2010

    If you opened an account with Doubleday, write their Customer Service Department including photocopies of the bill(s) and your checks, money orders, or whatever instruments you used to pay. Ask them to cease and desist from seeking payment when you have a zero balance in your account. Tell that you are cancelling that account (have the account number to hand) forthwith. Send a copy (I'd use certified mail with a return receipt for both letters) of the letter to the colletion agency along with a cover letter requesting that they cease and desist from harassing you for money you have remitted in full to the vendor and that you have closed the account.

    Check on your state's consumer protection statutes and if there are such that protect you from such conduct, cite the statute in each letter. If the statutes provide remedies for the consumer, cite the remedies the law provides you.

    Report the incident to the Better Business Bureau. Do not send any originals of your documentation. If necessary have a notary public certify that the copies you will send are true and faithful copies of the original documents (or whatever wording your state required the notary to put on the documents). Report the removal of charges to your credit card issuer and to the three credit bureaus that track consumer's history of payments. By law you are permitted to challenge and correct misinformation in the records of those credit bureaus.

    Do not threaten either the vendor or the collection agency unless you are willing to follow through on your threat.

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Mailing scam

My mother died in June 2006

it had taken her 6 months to cancel the large print of the month book club

but the mailings still continued

I started mailing and calling- when I found a phone number to call- in July of 2006-- so far I am still getting mailings ever 3 months or so asking for

Mom to "come back"

every real person I talk to say OK you are all set it will take 3 months

But it hasn't worked yet

the latest offer has an unsubscribe section (even thought she isn't "listed" as currently subscribing)

so I'll be trying that one too


good luck to anyone trying to stop these mailings- or the additional stuff when they sell their mailing list


I pulled my Credit Report today to find 2 charged off accounts on Trans Union from the Double Day book club. They were both with seperate collection agencies. After about 2 hours of researching and nonsense I call the Double Day Book Club to get told, "Yeah it was probably fraud- it happens all the time with us" I told the gal that I have never ordered from a book club, I didn't in 2003- in which she had my address from and she said "You probably didn't I hear this all the time but there is nothing we can do, you can give me your address and I can have someone contact you." Now- do you honestly think I am going to give the Double Day book club my current address so they can sign me up again? So now I have to file to try to get this off of my credit and Double Day could care less!

  • Di
    dia3766 Apr 07, 2010

    hmmm strange how it ended up on your report. Usually they need a social security number to do that otherwise they can't prove who actually got the books.

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  • Cz
    czersue Aug 31, 2016

    I specifically sent an email inquiring if Nora Robert book packs costing over $10. counted towards my obligation. I received the reply below. The pack I bought was 2 books for 19.99 plus shipping and handling - nothing in the details or description of the book pack indicated that it did not apply to my obligation. However, upon receivieng the books, I am still showing an obligation. Basically it doesn't seem to matter what you do, even if you specifically ask, they don't have to provide accurate or correct infomation!!!

    I asked: (cut and pasted from the email) - Do multi-book sets over $10. (like Nora Roberts sets) count towards the
    purchase agreement?

    I recieved back: (cut and pasted from the email) Dear Member,

    Thank you for contacting us to assist in your understanding of the types
    of purchases that count toward your purchase agreement.

    Featured Selections and club-priced selections of at least $9.99 do
    count toward your purchase agreement. Sale books may not count, so
    please refer to the specific sale offer details to verify. Non-book
    items such as music, video, and merchandise products may not count
    toward the purchase agreement.

    To further clarify, a return of any qualifying selection will reduce
    your number of accumulated purchases toward your purchase agreement.

    For your convenience, you may view your current purchase commitment
    status by clicking on the "Account" icon located below our website
    navigation bar.

    If we may be of further service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Tl
    Tlitalien Aug 31, 2016

    I have recently checked my credit report (12-31-11) and have found that I am 90 days past due on an account that I have never opened...I am finding more and more companys that enroll you into there business without your permission and are getting away with it, what can we as the consumer do to stand up to this ...Now I have to go through the hassel to clean up my report. I buy straight off the shelve at the store...seemed to be the safest but has still turned my life upside down...This company dosen't list a contact phone number (can't imagine why) but I have found a number for those of you that have also been ripped off...1-516-490-4550 or 1-717-697-0311

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  • Ps
    Psd off Aug 31, 2016

    I did accounts with both Childrens BOMC and Double Day BOMC and eveytime I make a payment I noticed things were not right. They charge me for books I did not order and for charges for books I have not recieved. The fulfillment always changes and seems to never end. The invoice under the website is not right either. You will see charges and no books listed for those charges. I had paid one and did so over the phone and told the CSR to cancel the account, she said she is doing that now and next thing I know I get another bill and no idea what for.

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  • Ac
    aclement53 Aug 31, 2016

    I have received countless phone calls from the National Recovery Agency telling me that I purchased books from Double Day Book Club in 2008, and that if I don't pay $90 that I owe for the books, then my name will be placed on the "bad credit list" for 7-10 years. They have an address on file that I was not living at in 2008, and I honestly do not recognize the book club's name or books they claim I have purchased.

    I refuse to pay the $90 because I think this is a fraudulent company, and I don't want to be scammed.

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False advertising

Doubleday does not count "BookSearch PLUS" books towards fulfilling your 4-book commitment or towards any...

No customer service number

I feel like many who have had the UNFORTUNATE pleasure of getting involved with this book club --------am...

Customer Service

I came out of the hospital a month later to find books delivered to me that I did not order and a letter from...


Fraudulent charge on my credit card, I reported as fraud yet they keep trying to bill me, now they have...