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Company will not send return label(s) for 2 books

Customer Service will not respond to request for return labels so two books may be returned.
This has gone on for over 8 weeks and these books were not ordered! There are NO ORDER NUMBERS ON

Book delivered that was not requested.

'The Ultimate Women's Guide To Beating Disease' book was shipped to me without my permission or request. It arrived in a orange box marked "We know you're asking what the heck is in this orange box...Just take a free look ... We think you will like what you see!
I do not want the book but I will not take time and money to return. I am disabled and must depend on others and will not 'ask' them to return an item I did not order.

If I receive a 'bill' for this item, it will not be paid.

So, if you want the book returned, send box and label that can be used for pickup at my home. Choice of shipper will be up to you but they must pickup.

Marilyn Talbert
Account # [protected]
Bottom Line Books
USPS Tracking #[protected] 53
Shipping date 3/2/2020
Left at front door (which I seldom use) and found on 3/12/2020 when a neighbor came by.

Unsolicited books/collection action notification

My father is blind and can't hear. Bottom Line Books repeatedly tell me they have spoke with my father and he ordered books/subscription (which is impossible!!! i.e. blind/deaf (The only number there is to call him is MY CELL!! which I have on me 99% of the time LOL). Now, for the past year, they continuously are sending collection letters re: books he/I have not received!!!

BEWARE of this company. They target elderly people - but I am not elderly and will be just as harassing to Bottom Line Books as they are to my blind/deaf father.

not getting what was told

I subscribed to bottom line health because the additional pamphlets was to have a cure for hemorroids. That was my only reason for subscribing. I never recieved the ad

Ditional pamphlets, nor could I find this cure in any of your literature. I amjust paying for your 2020 book, which doesn't say antjing on the subject either.

Elaine klisiewicz


returned book to still being billed.

Book was returned to 1 Returns Way Des Moines IA 50982 via USPS Media Mail. Mailed on 28 Oct 2019. Tracking #9449010200830381185639 is applicable. Book was mailed to my spouse: Judith Samuels. She does not want the book and that is the reason for the return. She Does Not have a email address which is the reason I am providing this information. I respectfully ask your assistance in closing the account #[protected]. I have her full permission to ask for the account to be closed. Thank you for your assistance. My email: joe.[protected]@frontier.

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bottom line health book

I returned the subject book a week ago for which I paid over $10.00 postage. Another book just arrived this week. What am I to do with it? Return it for another $10.00?

Another issue: I paid for my Bottom Line 2020 Yearbook on 11/21/2019, check #048808 in the amount of $51.94. I continue to get requests for payment.

Marty Josephs
Acct. #7572787
30 Kalamath St.
Denver, CO 80023

book returned and receiving payment notice.

Received book on Nov.2nd 2019 and returned it the next day and USPS indicated it received on 7th Nov. DES...

btom yearbook 2020

I received an invoice for this book which I did not order. I have no idea where the book was shipped to as I have moved and left my new mailing address with the post office months ago. They seem to take it upon themselves to ship this book out yearly. I have no intention of paying for this book. If I had received it I would have sent it back. Most of the information in their books I can get off of the internet.
They need to be held accountable for their unsavory practice of mailing books out, hoping the consumer doesn't remember ordering them.

Madeline Leigh

bottom line books customer service manager

I've gotten 2 letters about me not paying for a book I ordered. The customer service manager said that they had not received payment, and that the Post Office said that I had moved with no forwarding address.

NOT TRUE!! I have made all 3 payments and I have not moved. I have proof on my bank account that the payments were made.

You cannot be trusted. DO NOT send any more mail to me. I will never buy anything else from you again. Nothing but lies from you people. Too bad, I like the book.

bottom line year book

I received the Year Book that I did not order. Since I opened the box, I could not send it back. I had to...

books I did not even order

My elderly mother received a box of books - unsolicited by her - in the mail. Suddenly, she's been reported to a credit agency for non-payment of these books that she never ordered. Now I have to spend my time trying to unravel this scam. I think the credit agency is working in collusion with bottom line books to scare and scam people into paying for unsolicited / unrequested items, in this case, books.
Next stop: better business bureau

  • Sh
    Sherry718 Feb 26, 2020

    I am dealing with the same thing! My father is blind and can't hear. They say they talked to him and he ordered them (which is impossible!!! e.g. blind/deaf and the only # available to call is mine LOL). Now, for the past year, they are sending collection letters re: books he/I have not received!!!


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bl ultimate women's guide 2019

I have received the book ultimate womens guide 2019 and received the billing for it in the amount of...

unordered items sent to me

Acct. [protected] Received BTOM Yearbook -2019 by postal mail 1/25/19 I did not order this item After...

I received a book in the mail from said company. I refused it, but I still got an invoice.

This book came in a cardboard Box, which I never opened at all. I took it to my Post Office and they stamped...

receiving books not ordered/payment requested

Received book not ordered which was sent back. They want check made out to: BottomLineBooks (no spacing between words). Checked and there is no business called 'BottomLineBooks'.

Their website to make a payment is www.bottomlineinc.com/bookpay. I typed just 'www.bottomlineinc.com' and it took me to a site called: Bottom Line Inc. 3 Landmark Square Suite 201 Stamford, CT 06901. The site has a lot of medical and health related articles amd publications. Are they related? I don't know.

I now Entered 'bookpay' at the end of that same address (www.bottomlineinc.com/bookpay) and it redirects the page to a very different address: https://w1.buysub.com/servlet/ECareGateway?cds_mag_code=BRW

Entered just the first part of the site address: 'https://w1.buysub.com' and was taken here:
"CDS Global A Hearst Company

Welcome To w1.buysub.com.

Buysub.com is one of the largest magazine subscription commerce sites on the web. We host sites for over 400 magazines and other retailers. When you order a subscription or product from a site hosted by buysub.com you are ordering directly from the publisher or company, with no intermediate agencies or web sites.

Buysub.com also hosts most of the customer service sites for these magazine publishers and companies.

Our clients link directly from their sites to buysub.com pages specific to their products. To purchase a subscription for a particular magazine, or to contact customer service, please refer to the magazine or company's web site.

Buysub.com is a solution provided by the Internet Services group of CDS Global, the largest consumer magazine fulfillment bureau in the United States. For over 35 years, CDS Global has provided fulfillment services of the highest quality and value. CDS Global has been a reliable source for online commerce since 1997, serving millions of customers around the world. For more information on CDS Global's services, please visit www.cds-global.com.

If you have any questions about buysub.com and/or its properties, please visit www.cds-global.com/contact/.

Thank you for using buysub.com!

©2019 CDS Global. All rights reserved."

There is no such business named 'BottomLineBooks', like how they want the check made out to. There are 6 businesses with the name 'Bottom Line Books', but just 1 of them is active (legally operating): 'Bottom Line Books LLC New York Domestic Limited-Liability Company Bottom Line Book Filing Date 08/25/2016 in Lafargeville, NY'. Is it the same company? I don't know, but the address of the invoice received is different.

There is a difference between an invoice and a bill. Look it up and learn.

One final thing. If any company sends you something you did not order, YOU ARE NOT UNDER ANY OBLIGATION TO RETURN IT! Consider it a gift. Look it up, it's true.

return address label was incorrectly printed

I ordered a book (Encyclopedia of Healing Foods), after receiving the book, I reviewed it and decided not to...

bill re:diabetes cure new edit which I didn't order

In the summer I received a postcard in the mail asking me to reply by phone if I wanted a book, I called the...

I received a bill from bottom line books for a book I never ordered or received

I received a bill from Border Line Books for a book entitled 'BTOM YEARBOOK 2019' on 12/01/2018 that I never ordered or received. It says the account number is [protected] and that I owe $44.95. Please explain to me why this bill came to me and why I am being billed for it. I have never ordered this book and have never received this book, so please correct this mistake and let me know when it has been corrected. My email is '[protected]@cox.net'. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter

I received a bill from bottom line books for a book I never ordered or received

Bottom Line

a bill from you.

I have received a bill from you that is WRONG. I have never ordered or received any book from your company...

shipping / not shipping books unsolicited and then putting a "credit standing alert" on me.

I received a bill/invoice for bl ultimate women's guide 2018 for $44.95. I did not order this book or...