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Xbox 360 / a david and goliath story!

1 United States Review updated:

I Have had my Xbox for about a year now (one of the Infamous). And I received the Three Red Lights, like everyone that has Bought a 360 within the first year! So, it was still in Warranty and I sent it back to Microsoft, and well it was fixed!!! Or was it??? So, after about two months of Playing, and enjoying the system, I started to Notice some funny things, such as the screen becoming choppy and the Voices, and some Sound was knocked out!! Then the Water Broke, that’s when it started to FREEZE!!! Well, of course ya man was tight, AGAIN!!! This BS Started happening again, after not even two full Months?!?!? I purposely marked up my 360 before I sent it in the first time, too see if I would get back MY 360 (not a Refurb), to my surprise it was a Refurb ( I think). Well, my cousin had the same issue w/ the Three Red Lights, and told me that when he sent it back to Microsoft "They Sent Him A Refurb Console". But, that's not all...

I Call The Support AGAIN, and went through the BS with the "Techs", and they Truly were no Help!! I Told them everything that was wrong, and what do these "Monkeys" Tell me??? They say "Sir, your warranty is up, and you will have to pay"... Are you Stupid!!!??? I sent it to the Service Center Broke, and they send it back, as it was when I sent it to them! Regardless of if it's my same 360, or a Refurb ! If it was fixed then there is no need for me speaking to Support..Right?? Well, I ask for a Supervisor, and they tell me that all they can do is give me 50% Discount... NOT ENOUGH!!! I stress that I want this to be fixed for free, and that it is no fault of my own, that your center has sent this back to me BROKE!!!

So, after battling for position in this matter, I finally got a somewhat good deal. There where able to give me a 75% plus a 1 year warranty and free shipping and handling... Well Alright!!! So, yes I took the offer, paid the $34 and sent it to the Service Center, happy and all that good stuff! Really?!?! Right!!! About a week later, I receive my 360 back, thinking I could get back to my gaming, and what is to my surprise!? These A-Holes to the [censored]s, have sent back my console as is, because the state that I tampered with the console, and that voids the warranty... WHAT WARRANTY!!! I paid to have the it fixed, how is this voiding the warranty? This is where is becomes unthinkably ugly!!! Of course I call the Service Center, and raise Fire... I explain that there no one tampered with this console and that I paid to have it fixed, so this is not a void of anything!! Well, I speak to two different Supervisors that were of no help to me. I explained my situation and still no answer or solution!

Here is what the Letter sent in return of my 360: "Dear Xbox Enthusiast, An inspection of your console has revealed that tampering or attempted tampering of the console has occurred. The WARRANTY is voided as a result of these actions. In addition, Microsoft is unable to offer repair services for a tampered Xbox console. Therefore, the console is being returned to you as-is, not repaired. If you were charged, you will be refunded by check. If you have further questions, please contact the Xbox call center..."

Now this all happen within the last month, and I spoke to another rep. that said my check will not be issued to me for SIX WEEKS!!! They put me through all of this, take my money send back my console, and tell me that I wont get my money for SIX WEEKS!!! WT[censored] I raise more hell, and now I am at this point where I need help from all who are reading this. I am reporting this to Microsoft and Better Business, and whomever else I can!!! But, to all who read this Blog, give me your feed back, and let TAKE MICROSOFT DOWN!!!

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  • Gr
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    Xbox 360 - Rude Customer Services Reps and very unknowledgable of product repair services

    After Microsoft replaced/repaired??? first xbox free of charge, just inside of one year it lasted 10 days before same problem, now told i have to pay to ship and repair. Not happy as this cost is about the same as a second hand unit, pissed off and will look at ps3 now.

  • Gr
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    Xbox 360 - Never received package
    United States

    I ordered my xbox 360 on march 30, 2007. The expected delivery dates between June 7 and June 21. It still hasn't arrived. I know that the address is correct because I did receive another package ordered on the same day not a week later. This is over 300 dollars that I don't have anything for. I either need to get my money back soon or need my xbox 360. I'm very disappointed with Amazon, with whom I have been doing business with for the past 3 years.

  • Se
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I have had the same thing happen to me... I am Livid... i do not understand knowing that i know that i have not tampered with my xbox 360.

  • Ro
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    I have had bad things happen, my xbox360 have scratched discs, which caused me to buy another copy of said game. My system continues to freeze up when played for any length of time, even after i bought a cooling fan unit, a waste of money. So here i am stuck with 10 xbox 360 games at 60 dollars a pop and i can not play the damn things. I am now wondering was this a calculated staged rip off?.

  • Pa
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    Xbox 360 - Broken console
    United Kingdom

    I purchased my first xbox on the uk launch date. For 6 months everything was fine, then the screen froze. I sent it back and they replaced it within a week. 3 months later the same happened again, and again, and again. On one occasion i received a console that wouldnt even turn on!!! And now on my 5th xbox360 the same has happened. But this time they have had it for 3 weeks. And i cant seem to get through to anyone who knows where it is. Not sure what to do. Would prefer my money back than have to go through all this again.

  • Ke
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    I am on my fourth system and now my warranty has run out. This has been a on going problem for just over a year since I bought the first system and it crashed right out of the box. The unit I have now freezes in the middle of a game whether I am on xbox-live or not. I don't understand why I should have pay for something that Mircosoft screwed up in the first place. I have spent alot of money on this system buying the games and other items (about $2,000 all together), so why shouldn't Microsoft pay to fix the system. I am in the process of trying to find somewhere I can fill a complaint against them.

  • An
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    Xbox 360 - Disgust with the service
    United Kingdom

    My sons xbox which is not even 1 year old is broken. He has had 3 red lights appear and when i called the helpline they told me the problem was the power pack. 2 weeks later i received the wrong power pack . I phoned to complain and was told they would send the right one, at which time i asked the advisor if she knew exactly what part i was referring to as i did not want the same mistake made, she went for advice and then told me yes she was sending the right part... Lo and behold this time due to the postal strike it was at least 3 weeks later and they sent me a plug and not a power pack. I then called again to complain and asked to speak to a supervisor, who i was informed you cannot be put straight through to, and would call me back within 48 hours. After speaking to the supervisor and expressing my disgust at the service and the length of time it has taken, i was offered a complimentary gift, which i have since received, but still no power pack. I then called again on thursday 1 november and spoke to an adivsor but this time i wanted to be put straight through to the supervisor. Once again i had to wait for the supervisor to call me back. 120 hours later and i have still not heard form the supervisor. I am breaking point as my son has not been able to play his xbox for more than 2 months and i am paying for xbox live and cannot use it. My son is having difficulty understanding that something can take so long.


    very unhappy mother who cannot get any joy
    Angela Curtis

  • St
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    This does not surprise me. I had my 360 for 6 months before I got the red ring of death. I had a similar experience when I place the initial call to the service center. The lady barely spoke english, and the call took forever. So, it has been over 3 months since I sent it back for repair. I even faxed them my proof of purchase, which they did not tell me they were waiting on until over 2 months into the process. I keep getting the run-a-round, and they keep promissing me calls from supervisors that I never get. I've caught them in a few lies already and don't know what to do. Their "customer service" is the worst I've ever experienced.

  • Sw
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    I have had the same issue throughout the past three months. I contacted my lawyer an he said I can sue them through the Attorney General of Vermont (where I live). That way I wouldn't have to pay for the suit and it would be the state sueing them. But yes Microsoft BLOWS.

  • Jo
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    My Xbox 360 stopped working entirely. After speaking to Xbox Customer Service I was told that I would have to mail my console in for repairs (This is the Second time in approx. 1.5yrs this has happened). After mailing it in I recieved it back UNREPAIRED and was told to call for more info. I was then informed that I had TAMPERED with the console and therefore the warranty is void! I have no way to prove that I didn't, but I KNOW that I DID NOT! Had it even crossed my mind that Microsoft was an un-trustworthy company I would have had photographs of the unit prior to mailing! I am a nurse and as honest and fair as one could expect form another, and am infuriated beyong belief that I am accused of tampering with said product! I might not have any hope here but others need to know about this insanity! PS- Upon recieving my Xbox back, it is dirty and there ARE minor pry-marks where you would open the consoles case! I ame not convinced that this is truly MY Xbox (no record of Serial Number prior to mailing it in other than what Xbox tells me it is).

  • An
      2nd of May, 2008
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    I sent my xbox back in January! It's now May and i'm no further forward. I'm at a point now where i'm so angry that if the service centre were near by i'd be on a mission to hunt down a few of there least helpful minnions! Anyway, the story so far...

    Xbox (nr. 2/3)

    So i sent my console away in January as the tray was jigged, i had the red ring and it was scratching my games, good piece of hardware!!! So I waited, and waited, a month passed and nothing, I rang the service centre to be told it had gone out via UPS (Useless Piece S@#t) There's an 'of' missing in there! Turns out those flutes had been out to deliver it, couldn't find my house, took it back to the depot and lost it!!! So months pass by, Xbox tell me it's nothing to do with them, they'd done there bit, so... time passes and after a 3 WEEK investigation by UPS they admit liabilty... A month passes and numerous calls to UPS and xbox and i'm still no further forward. I'm now told by xbox every week that they're investigating, there's nothing they can do, it'll be 72 hours!!! I've been told this for the last 6 weeks, the customer care staff are apaulling and if i could find out where Bill Gates lived so help me i'd skin the pr1ck alive. So here I am, no xbox, games i got for birthday, unplayed and now on the shelves for pennies!!!
    Now the icing on the cake, I go on the xbox website to try and get somewhere, i post a message to them saying i can't get anywhere, your customer support won't help me blah blah blah... I get an e:mail back saying 'as your problem is quite detailed please contact our customer support'

    Kill me, kill me now!!!

    Playstation 4 for me next time round!!!

  • Br
      15th of May, 2008
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    I totally agree with all of this.. I bought my Xbox for a b-day present for my Boyfriend on 11/23/06 ( I still have the reciept) with warranty of $17.88 .. it's not even been the 2yr warranty yet. but anyways we had it not even 2mths and the darn thing brought the "Red Ring of death lights" and from there it has not worked since. Feb we have called and called them and they said they would send out a box for us to send of the console well we waited til like may-june until the dang box came.. we shipped it off and it took them forever to ship it back we got the console back around sug-sept '07 and right when we took it out the "Red Ring of Death" appeared again.. i was furious and upset thinking that they had sent the same console. well we had moved and forgot all about it and it still runs in with the 2yr warranty range and we finally called them 5/13/08 9pm and was hung up on 12x not a good idea when (I work in a call center of 4 yrs +). well we kept calling them and calling them when finally we just said get a supervisor on the phone well the rep said the only thing we can do is repair it.. after the supervisor stated that as well and said microsoft is not allowing us to reinburse there money back anymore from there i was outragiously mad and told them that my boyfriend has a lawyer and you will be hearing him really soon. It's rediculous having to PAY for repairs (but i had not paid for repairs) when you have bought a $400 piece of equipment that is a piece of crap now and have over $1000 worth of games sitting on the shelf not playing and then if you decide to sale them there not worth a dang thing.. Microsoft is ripping ppl off about this i do think that i would rather have playstation instead.. i still have the original one the very first playstation that came out, the little gray one, it's been out 12yrs now and it is still in GREAT shape and works very great.. Playstation last longer than Microsoft.. I have never had so much stress or so many problems out of anyone or any company over a specific item except for Microsoft. This ir a RIP OFF!!!

  • Mi
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I returned my son's xbox 360 to MS and paid 99 for the repair because games simply stopped working on it. The console would no longer read any of his games.
    They returned it to me saying that it has been tampered with. I called customer support and requested talking to the supervisor as well. Did no good whatsoever.

    This is absolute nonsense as I wouldn't even know how to tamper with it if I wanted to. My guess is they just label "tampered with" to anything that they don't want to fix. I agree this is a total scam and I will never ever buy another Microsoft product.

  • Br
      21st of Jun, 2008
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    Your right any system they don't want to fix they just lable it tampered and send it back WHAT A SCAM .Over 20 games all the accessories and they won't honor the warranty.They just want me to buy another system.

  • Tr
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    I do not understand why only some of the xbox originals are playable on xbox 360. Two examples of this are Prince of persia and Destroy all humans. The first game is available but the second is not. I truely do not unde stand why. If any thing the original should not have an update and the second should.

  • Da
      2nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not alone (although I don't wish this upon anybody else). This is my FOURTH system problem. One problem I didn't send in for repairs because it was a 2nd system I purchased as an extra and it stopped working within 2 weeks of when I bought it so I just returned it to the store. The 2 times prior I sent in my system I had no problems (other than it breaking on me again). However, this time they sent it back UNREPAIRED and said I tampered with the system. I never opened it, but the last time it was sent back from the repair center there were pry marks as well. They opened the system when it was in for repairs, not me.


  • Ja
      16th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    So my wife calls and tells me the XBOX came back in the mail today - a week after I sent it out. I was excited - finally i could get back to my gaming. She says wait, there is a letter attached. Says something about how it is being returned "as-is" and they did not repair it. I blew a fuse and said that i needed to hang up with her to call the 800.4MY.XBOX number which should really be called "India Support Center - We Speak, You look Confused". I was on the phone for 15 minutes, finally got someone, gave them my ref number and they said someone had tampered with the unit. Well, duh, you guys did!! So I asked for a manager - waited another 15 and just hung up (which I am sure is what they were waiting for me to do anyway). What a joke... This is my 3rd Xbox. I told the guy I honestly don't even know what the "faceplate" is and even if I did, I don't know how to remove it. Now after reading this, I see that others have experienced the same thing. My next call is down to the repair center in Texas to find out what their process is. If I see it has marks on it like some of yours do I will just let them know I took pictures of the unit before it went out.

    I used to love this console - PS3, you have a future customer. So long XBOX - you tried and failed badly.

  • Ch
      28th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sent away with 3 red lights got back worked for a week games freezing new clean games getting disk reading errors sent away again got back unchanged acused of tampering. Now sending away again getting box within 3-5 working days of Monday 28th july then send away and get back 7-10 working days of the day I send away phone calls after tracking progress of Xbox wellbeing. it helps to know someone on the inside also they seem to be working on this recuring problem now and if you raise this or send thm a link to maybe this page then they will probably relise whats happend with you consol and give you a new one that will work

  • Sa
      31st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I Completely agree with what everybody is saying about MS and their antics.

    I had my 360 for about a year and a half and then appeared the ring of death.. I was bewildered to the fact and looked on the internet to see if anybody else has had the same problem. Obviously they had, so i start to do something about and i contact xbox in hope to get it repair. Anyways It got sent away and i was happy.. I then recieved an e-mail saying "Great news your xbox i being sent back and should be there in 7 working days" so im thinking great. Its fixed i then recieve it to the fact i had the same letter saying i had tampered with it.. When I had next even open it i wouldnt know how to.. Not Repaired.. They gave me some lame excuse saying have you put a fan to it.. Im like why the [censored] wood i put a fan to it. Anyways i just asked them to get whoever it is who said they couldn't fix it to give me a reason why the thought it was tampered with. And Still no reply has anybody else had this problem ??

  • To
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    the same has happened to me as is happening to all of you. im tired of it. im trying to find where to file a class action lawsuit also. lets do this and show them something huh. microsoft treats customers like crap

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