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Wyndham Vacation Resorts / Timeshares / Deviant Sales Practices

1 109 Fairfield BlvdFairfield Glade, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 931-484-7521

I am so mad I could chew nails. Below is the registered letter I sent to Claude Carson - should explain everything. I changed my in laws names.

My in laws are John and Jane Doe. I am very upset over the way you have treated them these last several weeks. You ignored their calls, downright lied to them, and got ugly and hung up on them when they did finally reach you. You knew from messages, letters, and faxes they wanted to cancel their membership, but all you wanted was to make it past the ten days, so they wouldn’t get the “easy refund” you promised them. I truly am appalled by your behavior. I have to wonder at what point did it become OK in your mind to treat elderly people like this to make a sale?

Let me tell you about my in laws. Mr. and Mrs. Doe are 85 and 86 respectively. They love the Lord, and would help anybody- even you. Mr. Doe retired twenty years ago, and they have been living off his pension, Social Security, and their savings since. They don’t have the $16, 000.00 you scammed from them to burn. Did you know they are both World War II Veterans? They are the people who’s shoulders we stand on. But what makes me ill is you won’t see that. You see two elderly prey. They are a lot slower than they used to be, and the world is a lot faster, scarier, and meaner- and you took advantage of that. You knew from the get go they didn’t want an up-graded membership - they came to you only for information on how to transfer their membership, and points, to their son because they really shouldn’t travel anymore. They never had an opportunity to use their first membership and points. But, because you were so pushy, and they would never be disrespectful or rude to someone (even someone like you who didn’t respect what they were telling you), they upgraded to the “VIP Membership”- thinking when they get home they will cancel it. They felt backed into a corner and just wanted to get away from you. You tell them all they have to do is fax their cancellation to you within ten days, and they won’t be charged anything.

They fax their cancellation letter to you, get the fax receipt, and assume they’re out of the contract. They even call you to confirm, and after a time of ignoring their messages, they finally get a hold of you, and you call them idiots and hang up on them. Then, they notice extra drafts against their checking account for maintenance fees on a second unit. Very upset, they call someone from the main office, who tells them to “fax their cancellation letter to the Las Vegas office”. They do so, get the fax receipt, call to confirm, and are lied to by someone in Vegas that “the fax department doesn’t have it”. Shame on you and your company. I will admit my version of events may not be in exact order, but they did happen. How you sleep nights I do not know. Now the Doe’s have hired a lawyer to get their money back. You have caused them so much stress and heartache. They are so upset and feel like fools. What you took from them as far as dignity and confidence can never be repaid.

I googled Wyndham Resorts and was disgusted by the reports and complaints from others who had been lied to and ripped off by your organization. I know this letter means nothing to you, I am sure it’s not your first. You may even feel you have the last laugh because you got a great commission check. But, I will file complaints to the TN Attorney General’s office, TN Department of Commerce & Insurance, and TN Consumer Affairs to start. I will do what I can to stop people like you from lying and manipulating people to get the money they really don’t want, or need, to spend.

Stacy Doe

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  • An
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    I just went to one this weekend and it was the most horrible experience of my life. The salesperson was very pushy & was constantly making racial jokes the whole time. She basically admitted they lied to get us to come down there and asked me to keep an open mind. She got mad at me when I was not interested & snapped at me that I should have told her sooner so she wouldn't have wasted her time. Then she asked for contact numbers of my friends and was very rude afterwards. They got sarcastic with me when I answered one of their questions which seemed to offend them. I really was NOT impressed with the quality. I was totally shocked at how unprofessional & pushy they were. I really don't want to get anyone in trouble, so I didn't file a complaint or cause a big deal. I just wanted to go home. I was a bit annoyed because I originally did not want to waste anyone's time but they kept asking me to just sit through the presentation. When I did and told them it was not for me, they got all mad like I was intentionally wasting their time.

  • To
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been through this same thing. We were suckered into going and just sitting through their presentation and we would get $75.00 we thought we'll go listen waste an hour of our time and get some money. We were there for almost three hours. We told the first girl no, the second girl no, third person NO, then we were sent to another person to get our money and get out of there but he's still trying to talk us into it. We caved and purchased the discovery package. We got home and realized what fools we were and tried to cancel 8 days later. They said our 7 days allowed for us to cancel had passed... this is what they do... We are still in the middle of trying to get our contract cancelled. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Tenessee and have called their corporate office.

  • Wy
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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  • Jo
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    You need to get a hold the Owner's Advocate. Very good people.

  • Pr
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    They use various hard pressure tactics and they will tell you that you have to sign up then and there otherwise you will lose your opportunity. They get you excited about the great savings but don't emphasise the ongoing fees. Pay attention when you sign the actual contract and declarations.

    YOU MUST CANCEL THE CONTRACT WITHIN 7 DAYS OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT GET OUT OF THE CONTRACT. This goes for all contracts in life! But seek legal advice.

    Also you may be able to be released from the contract and future payments through COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS but that does not mean you can get the monies, you paid, back unless the Sales Rep lied to you. Get legal advice.

    People who purchase Timeshare holidays are good people who want to improve their life. I am sure there are many happy members. I just want to help others who got sucked in.

  • Bm
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    How do you get released from your contract on "compassionate grounds"? My husband and I are also Worldmark victims and our account is in collections because we simply can't afford it anymore. We've had two very rough years, are in major credit card debt, have two children under the age of 3, and a mortgage. We're undergoing credit counseling and consolidation for the credit card debt, but as far as we know, there's nothing we can do about Worldmark. We're stuck. They've already reported us to the credit bureaus. Honestly, none of that matters to us right now. As soon as we pay off our credit card debt, we're closing all of our accounts and simply dealing in cash from now on. We've learned the very hard way. When we got pressured into buying, my husband was overworked and I was clearly pregnant. I wonder how that salesman felt after we finally caved in. It's just awful. We have heard that the resorts are wonderful, but those people didn't buy from Worldmark, they bought resale and paid 1/4 less than what we did! We are paying $12000 for 6000 pts, and of course we didn't know that all we had to do was leave and buy them for $3000 online. We feel like total fools. I got called four times yesterday and finally filed a complaint with the BBB of Las Vegas (where their collections dept is located) and I've only been called once today, which is a major stress relief. And to make matters worse, we just spent $1000 that we don't have to learn that our dog has lymphoma. We can't afford chemo, so we're going to lose her soon. We've failed our dog too.

  • Me
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    Wydham has recently increased their fee to register extra rooms by 500%. They claim, on the phone, that they contacted everyone via mail. I open all of my mail and did not recieve notice.

    This is the worst scam ever. Not only have they, illegally checked into my husband's credit report. The robots on their phone lines can do nothing for you. I'm afraid to check in next month. What are they going to charge me for next?

    I'm contacting the credit bureaus about the illegal credit checks, contacting my state's AG, and will be contacting the AZ AND FL BBB.

    DON'T DO IT- They promise you everything, and deliver nothing.

  • Ji
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    I have friend who is a school librarian in a small Arkansas town. She went with a friend to one of these presentations. They lied to her, telling her that within two years Wyndham would own all the resorts in the RCI book and there would only be one reservation line. They told her they'd help her make money renting out her points. Once she found she'd been lied to, she phoned their "owner relations" people who stood up for the lying salesman and said it was basically her word against his. Then she contacted the folks at advocates against timeshare fraud and with in 3 weeks she had a senior vp of the company calling her to apologize and telling her that the contract had been cancelled and all her money returned. You can reach them at

  • Je
      4th of May, 2009
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    Just recently signed a contract but went home and thouroughly reviewed paperwork and went online for comments and found many like these and immediately cancelled my agreement within the allowed 7 days. There are way too many exclusions and outs to the promises made in the presentation. Many of the extra prices to be paid were not disclosed. All the legal language was scary and confusing. They are the best sales people in the World, but if you do your homework, it is clear that most of their promises are not in writing. Always see it in writing.

  • Pa
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree with many of the posts above. I have had good moments with Wyndham but those have been outweighed by the sheer magnitude of the level of deception that I feel my family has been a victim of. Like others, I signed a contract with Wyndham only to read the contract and come away with a very bad feeling. I address the big ones with the sales rep in person only to be assured and given many promises. Once I got home and could further read the contract did I really become concerned. When i tried to contact my rep noone answers. I leave multiple messages with co-workers and staff and noone returns my phone calls. I emailed the guy. You get the point. Now after trying to catch someone my 7 days passes. I email customer assistance/owner care and am told there is nothing they can do. I should have contacted someone during my evaluation period. I was promised many things and much of it is lacking. They promise wonderful service but that ends once the presentation concludes. They somehow find a way to charge you for any and everything they can. If I werent so far in the hole with them I would bail in a second. If you are thinking of investing in Wyndham, throw your money in a barrel and burn it. At least, then, you will have some warmth from it all.

  • Ji
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Pacman, it is not too late. We may be able to help you. Please contact me at References offered.

  • Ka
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    Beware of Wyndham!
    I bought a timeshare at the Sedona property last Thanksgiving weekend. The very next week I was diagnosed with cancer. I called them to see what I needed to do to cancel the sale, they just acted vague and completely at a loss as to how to cancel a contract. They would not give me any information, only sad stories about their personal lives (and who knows if their stories are even true).
    I hope there is a special hell for those people at Wyndham Sedona.
    Of course this has put a huge strain on me financially and I will probably have to file bankrupcy.

  • Ji
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    Kathy, you can get this contract canceled. Please call 877-228-3911.

  • Tz
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    I to have been ripped off by wyndham. They lied even when I tried to cancel contract I could get no one and now they say it is to late. The added charges were horrible. They said the taxes were in the fees and they are not

  • Ko
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    Wow! I just went to a Wyndham presentation and thankfully did not sign a contract. After reading all these sad stories I am so glad we walked out. Everything just sounded too good to be true. The package they tried to sell us was for $15, 000. After we refused, a second person offered us a deal he was holding for "someone special", a one-time deal that he could only offer to one person that day. It was the same package for $10, 000. Imagine $5, 000 off the original price. We told them we had to think things over. These sale reps are worse than the "used car salesman"! Thanks for all the info. If I do decide to purchase one day, I'll buy a resale.

  • Ji
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    If you've been ripped off, cheated, scammed or lied to by a timeshare company Advocates Against Timeshare Fraud can help get your contract CANCELED. Toll free 877-228-3911. References provided.

  • Mi
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    I have had wyndham resort vacation that we purchased in San Antonio, Tx.. just like the other complaints listed.. my husband had recently had a transplant and we were there for over 5 hours.. we felt pressured to purchased the timeshare and we finally left.. to make a long story short.. due to the economy and both of us loosing our jobs.. is there anyway we can get this contract cancelled? and if so.on what grounds.. i get a call from the collections dpt every other day.. and i am sick of them...

  • Ji
      24th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Mig, you need to call me now. I can help you get out of that San Antonio contract! That sales department is so riddled with all kinds of violations, I have had greater success on San Antonio contracts than any other. I can stop the calls, too. You'll get a refund within 6-9 weeks. References from San Antonio sales provided.


  • Se
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I feel so disapointed, because I never had a good impresion about these "time share" oportunities, however my husband and I were so st.. and ended up buying one of these plans in Orlando with Wyndham Bonnet Creek The salespeople there are so pushy and some how the hipnotize you with words promises and everything. This project is not even done yet, and we have paid so far already almost $4.000. Now my husband lost his job, and we are not able to make the payments anymore, we want to get out of the contract. We sent a cancellation letter, with copies to all important departments, even President. On top of that we don´t live in the States, we live in Mexico, so it makes it more difficult to get in touch with this people and get an answer. We called recently to verify if they have received the letter ( we have proves that, they did), but the owner services said they haven´t, and that they will contact us between 24 and 48 hours, of course not!
    Help, does somebody have any idea, what can we do? Thank you

  • Ak
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes


    Person in Mexico, who is affliliated with Wyndham Bonnet Creek.

    Yes, the lady sale's person I had was really pushy and rude, because she didn't get the sale.

    Go on-line and google, Attorney General in Florida (complaints), Consumer Protection Agency in Tallahasse, Florida, Better Business Bureau (BBB); if you have prepaid legal services, to get legal advice, give them a call; or better yet google a free legal advice services.

    Contact the Las Vega, Nevada office and ask what you should do, given the fact that you have receipts and you complied with their terms in providing documentation to get out of the contract.

    Above all, know that vengeance belongs to God Almighty. He says, they will pay.
    Trust in God to fight your battle, and wil give you peace. When he gives you peace, this is a confirmation that he has the situation, and he will fight for you.

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