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4:43 pm EST

Resorts Anytime A fraudulent vacation rental club

In 2013, arnold divers and i, both senior citizens, visited a resort in hilton head, sc and accepted an offer by a resort employee for a free restaurant dinner and a movie in exchanged for attending a presentation on a vacation club. We met with the resorts anytime salesman and were shown slides of gorgeous upscale resorts, hotels and private homes that we were told we could rent at deeply discounted fees. The deal that we were presented called for (1) resorts anytime purchasing our fully paid timeshare for the market price, (2) paying a cash portion of the cost of their vacation membership on the spot, and (3) financing the remaining cost, paying monthly payments to monterey finance. We were told to wait while he called our timeshare company to get our unit's current value, and its availability for sale. When he returned, he excitedly informed us that we were lucky and could indeed use the value of our timeshare (Which was a one week unit at the high end divi gulf and beach resort in aruba) as part of the payment for our resorts anytime membership. We agreed, made the down payment, and signed papers to exchange our property and pay monthly payments. As soon as we left, we searched the internet for reviews and more info on resorts anytime. We were shocked to find many reports of people being scammed by the company - - purchasing an expensive membership on the false assumption that they were exchanging their existing timeshares. People had also found the actual vacation properties to be far inferior to those shown during the presentation, and none of them were able to have their money refunded or get out of the monthly payment obligation. We were devastated to think we were being cheated in the same way. The next morning, we called our timeshare management company and found out that they never received a call about the value or sale of our timeshar. Their was never an intent to purchase it. We called to cancel that very day, but the salesman who made our deal would never speak with us then or after many many calls over the months and years. Our debt to resorts anytime through monterey finance is now over $3, 800 and shows as a disputed collection on my credit report. We are ready to join a class action suit as against resorts anytime as soon as possible, given the many reports of both corrupt sales, poor quality properties and insulting customer service.

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2:41 pm EDT
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Resorts Anytime The vacation club and promises made are all scams!

I was on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with friends in February, when my friends were approached by an associate from Resorts Anytime, who said that she knew a way we could get out from our timeshare maintenance fees, and get into a vacation club instead. She gave them free tickets to the trolley tour in Savannah, and free dinner tickets we could use on Hilton Head Island, with a promise of more "freebies" once we came to their office and talked with their sales staff.
One of the friends on the trip and I were timeshare owners, so we were the ones the sales staff talked with when we went in on February 25, 2013. They were so slick, very professional! In retrospect, I should never have agreed to sign anything when I was there.. I should have researched them online, and told them I would have to come back later, if I decided to still take them up on their offer. What they verbally promise in the sale room is not borne out by the paperwork they provided, and the Customer Service Manager, Rodney Yurco, has never returned my phone calls. I want to cancel and get my money back, and will be sending them a certified letter stating this. My contract number with them is #20331.
I was told that they could sell my timeshares, and that it would take an average of two to six months. I knew from previously talking with people who have sold Shell Vacations (owner of my main timeshare) that it would be more like 1-2 months, and I had planned on selling it through a licensed broker once I returned home. They convinced me (and my friend) that they would sell our timeshares for us, and that is why we should sign up with them. I would never have signed, if I had known they were actually not going to sell them. All they did was apparently turn it over to a related firm of theirs called Timeshare Partners of Orlando, Florida, for them to sell the timeshares. That is the firm they faxed over a timeshare advertising insert to. Timeshare Partners doesn't return any phone calls, either; I have called several times, [protected]. They said they would have their lawyer was going to call me to get information on transferring my deeds within a couple weeks after signing. That never happened, either.
I was told that their average timeshare condo weekly rental fee was $279-$460. Since signing with them, I have found out that in reality, the average weekly rental fee is much higher. For example, we were staying at the Marriott Grande Ocean on Hilton Head Island in a 2-bedroom condo, and in a recent email, Resorts Anytime said they were offering this for $3, 000 a week! None of the average weekly condo rentals on their emails come anywhere close to being $279-$460. I have seen a couple places in the last month on the emailed offerings that Resorts Anytime has offered for as low as $155, but they are nowhere I would ever consider going. Most of their offerings look to be leftovers. In calling around since returning home, I have found I could have gotten better deals on many places by just calling up the resorts themselves and made my own reservations.
In addition, I was promised a one-week timeshare from RCI, and that it would be mailed to me, but that has not happened.
They told us that it would take up to 15 days to be able to go on their site. They said though, that we only had three days to cancel. I felt comfortable going along with that, because of all the verbal promises that were made (and I unfortunately believed), to wait until I returned home from my vacation several weeks later to go online. However, when I did, it never told me anything about what was available, never had any information about my contract, and none of their website links worked. None of the links in the emailed offerings have ever worked. Since then, I have had the opportunity to go online and research Resorts Anytime, and most comments are quite negative. My experience is apparently the most common one.
At this point, all I want is the money I was scammed out of, $1795, as I feel I was sold a bill of goods, and I want to get the $159 annual fee to NOT be taken out of my credit card (will be due next in February 2014). I no longer wish to be considered a member of Resorts Anytime, and want nothing more to do with them.

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8:27 pm EST
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Resorts Anytime $200 charge for a renewal that they claimed paid for our membership dues for RCI

Company call my husband and claimed to be offering a membership fee renewal deal for RCI. Deal was 2 yrs membership fee for $200 instead of $124 per yr. Husband paid by creditcard before I called RCI to find out they are in no way affiliated with RCI and are not authorized to collect such dues for them. We have tried calling their number only to get Coral Resorts who claim not to be affiliated with Resorts Anytime Renewal. They give me a number to call which has nothing to do with Resorts Anytime Renewal and it just keeps going on. No one claims to know who or what Resorts Anytime Renewal really is or how to actually contact them. We didputed the credit charge because we did not receive anything for the $200, including any type of paperwork or receipt. This is so frustrating.

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Dan Crosmas
Peterborough, CA
Mar 27, 2012 9:53 am EDT
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My complaint would be similar as the one above. Resorts anytime called me on March 22/2012 and said that my membership for Coral Resorts was due. Since I have a time share with Coral Resorts { worse move I ever made because they too lied to me about many things ] I believed them and gave them $149.00 through my credit card. A couple of days later I get a confirmation on my E Mail and it had nothing at all to do with my membership at Coral Resorts. When Coral Resorts gave me my pouch with the RCI book and all the paper work in it, there was a window with a business card that is of Resorts Anytime with phones munbers. So, , , , Coral Resotrs and Resorts Anytime are affiliated. I feel very used. Dan From Ontario Canada

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11:31 am EDT
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I was in hilton head last february and exchanged by coral reef timeshare for a membership in resorts anytime. I paid $4089 and resort anytime bought by timeshare for $3030 so my net cost would have been just over $1000. The $3030 cheque was supposed to be mailed to me within 60 days. I have not seen anything yet and my phone calls and emails have not been...

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