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timeshare exit

This company keeps contacting us to cancel our Timeshare, and after doing our research we would not touch this company with a 50 ft pole. 1. they are taking credit cards in an unzoned residential area, looks like a condo or apartment complex out of Dover, NH. They will call you hundreds of times per day and even send you paperwork trying to reel you in to their dog & pony show. Beware doing business with people like this.

timeshare cancellations

Dustin of Timeshare Release Now, LLC says starting this company showed him there are 3 types of entrepreneurs

After seeing hundreds of fly-by-night companies pop up and go away, we have now a series of greedy arrogate employees who think they are entrepreneurs because they stole the company they think is so successful. Little do they acknowledge that, “they stole the company they now call their own from their previous employers” Dustin Michaels said there are only three primary categories they can fall into: honest entrepreneurs, arrogant ones, or scam artists.
At a discussion last week with our legal counsel at, Dustin explained that each of these types will dictate how he/she behaves during the employment opportunity.

1. The honest entrepreneur
"There are two elements, " Dustin said. "It's not just, 'Is it a good business?' but 'Is it a good investment for us?'
We will see plenty of employees/entrepreneurs that we admire throughout their time here at, but in whom they have no interest in starting their own company let alone stealing the business they just got hired for. Dustin said he will be respectful to these employees, regardless of whether he thinks they will take advantage of himself and the business but trust will never be relevant throughout our business relationship.
"And so, if they're an honest employee, I know we all — except for maybe Kevin [O'Leary] — try to be very supportive and respectfully presentable. Because we know this is going to be shared with other employees and we're trying to send a message to everybody."
Dustin Michaels of TimeshareReleaseNow known as a resource person proudly shares with the general public how his hard earn resources were squandered by employing the wrong hands. TimeshareReleaseNow is a leading company in the USA, which specializes on Timeshare contract cancellations. The company was established back in the year 2013, with great insight and vision for uncommon success.

The company’s hope of growth become threatened as employees who are supposed to work towards the success and profit-making goal of the company turn the use of company’s resources for personal development. A lot of paper work, document both legal, polices and operation module were siphoned by being copied through a soft storage medium with the aim to start a personal business. To the surprise of anyone who cares to believe, the personal business of these employees is situated down the street. This is a trend that is common among small and medium scale businesses in recent years.

Try to figure it out why people in their right mind will act in these behaviors to become successful when in fact that one stolen idea will not last due to karma and having no other options or friends or employers to steal from, best advice is to save as much money from that stolen business as possible because you’ll need it down the road. "I'm trying to test the mettle of those entrepreneurs, because if they think it's that easy, in fact they just want to look cool with their name on the door with President/CEO next to it. They have no idea what it takes to be a president/CEO of a business, let alone manage employees and performing legal operations. I say “wait until they get out in the real world, " You can try your hardest to be like me but you will never be me, sorry you can’t think of successful ideas on your own and had to steal from the hands that fed you, IDIOT.

At the Timeshare Exit Conference roundtable, fellow employee Kyle Logue and Robert Soden worked for Timeshare Release Now as of [protected] and since then started their own Timeshare company out of Dover, NH called Timeshare Recover and Granite Consulting using everything they stole from to operate his business, he is a shameful individual and the Timeshare community should be well aware of these individuals calling themselves Entrepreneurs and Timeshare Cancel Experts.
They are FAKE PHONY THIEVES who think stealing someone’s company is going to make them into the man they are today. That’s right...[censor[! We are contacted daily, weekly by distraught Timeshare owners who had the un-divining privilege to speak with these scam artist thieves as they pitched their Timeshare Exit scheme they stole, I laughed the whole time, they sounded like little kids going through puberty. They stole the service agreements, leads and went home and built a FREE website off of, get a FREE template and have a fly-by-night company in less than 1 hour. Look at their websites and you can immediately tell the owner slapped that together in no time. My 10 yr. old can code a better website than that, and Weebly does it for you, it shouldn’t look like a kindergartener made it.

2. The arrogant entrepreneur
Sometimes an entrepreneur will speak down to the employees as if they are superior and know everything, when in fact they know nothing because they stole everything your working on and filling out for your customers. They're from Dover, NH, with multiple fake phony websites &
"The arrogant ones are sometimes the most interesting, " Dustin said. "And so, if they're arrogant, then it becomes a battle of wits for us. You see us perk up, because we want to come right back at them. Like hey you're coming one against ten. And Dustin has his own skill set, and it's hard to match up, so then the next best thing is to steal the business and get up every day trying to be someone else, knowing he doesn’t have any of the skill set to operate a business, he’s basically copying everything Dustin and his teams are doing, verbatim. Must suck being them. And so that's interesting and that's a different dynamic."
For example, Dustin has said when Kyle Logue started for he was operating 2 other businesses on selling little items making a couple dollars commission and also doing cold calling for a Timeshare resort company, which all failed. So Kyle decided to give a shot and noticed how successful the owner was and started his theft operations immediately, siphoning everything he can get his hands on within the office while telling the owner of TRN that he has not done his taxes in years, and that he didn’t know how to even do them nor did he even know how to even register a business. So, his previous companies were being operated unlicensed and unregistered with the State of NH, hmmm. It doesn’t stop there…Kyle never had a solid work opportunity until he was given a job at and seen how someone else has started a successful business, so he did everything in his power to take what he could and call himself an entrepreneur sitting in Dover, NH. They do it ALL for that title at the end of their name.
After Dustin dismissed the employee Kyle Logue from the office "Best decision ever made, " he told everyone that "he never got paid what was owed to him, so he used that excuse to steal everything from to operate his fraudulent company out of Dover, NH... But little do these fellas know they stole from the wrong person, and they will never live up to this, good luck! Everyone will know your position by the end of the day!

3. The 'scam artist'
Dustin said some of the entrepreneurs out there are just out to steal people's money. When they find their way into a business, they make for some pretty entertaining segments. Act buddy with co-workers & management to get their foot in the door. Behind the curtains are there to sabotage you and the successful business you come to work hard for over the past 5 years to have some donkey come in and steal everything in 1-2 months. Watch out for these dudes, KYLE LOGUE out of Dover, NH websites listed above.
Last year 2016, for example, Dustin called out Timeshare thieving owner Kyle Logue for being a "scammy-thief, " because he considered Timeshare Release Now to be preying on unsophisticated Timeshare owners when in fact this is the same company he stole from to operate his business, so if we were scamming people why would you steal a program that scams people, he had nothing to say. Another one of his BS lies to get out of what was being confronted. Dustin Michaels, who made his fortune building one of Maine’s Timeshare Consumer Protection Agencies said Kyle Logue and his ideology had no “high school diploma, education from the 7th grade and thinks hes a president/CEO." The business will no longer exists after he drives it straight into the ground, and due to his thieving actions, he will never be able to run a successful legitimate business because everyone will know what he’s done in the past and NOBODY will do business with a THIEF SCAM ARTIST.

Kyle’s Websites:
1 Washington St. Suite 204A
Dover, NH 03820
Tel: [protected]

timeshare cancellations
timeshare cancellations

timeshare cancellation

Beware of out of dover, nh kyle logue owner - I represent the company timeshare release now ( who kyle logue once worked for back in 2015 for 3 mos then stole everything he could to operate this business timeshare recover aka granite consulting after signing noncompete agreements. If you believe in doing business with these [censor].. Click the like button below. He is using old stolen industry agreements & docs to receive your money & cross your fingers. This is violation to the nh consumer fraud act & all actions have been reported appropriately. He spends your money asap, you will never see a penny again, nor will his conniving thief tactics going to work to help you. Contact timeshare release now legal team to find out more... Phone [protected] option 2 ann bartlett, esq.

timeshare cancellation
timeshare cancellation
timeshare cancellation

  • Updated by Jay Plumber · Jul 06, 2017

    Yeah watch out for this group, kyle logue is a thief who steals from successful people because all of his other businesses failed miserably. Hes a dirty timberland boot thug life [censor] who steals companies to call it his own. Who didn't do a [censor] damn thing for this so called timeshare company hes running out of dover, nh copying previous employment verbatim, with stolen service agreements, leads etc to operate his fake fly-by-night operations in dover, nh. If you are reading this, don't do business with timeshare recover or they go by granite consulting to hide the timeshare name. They will take your money and you will see nothing but a negative credit score and a negative bank account, they are all young punk kids at timeshare recover dot com. Beware steer clear away from this group calling themselves timeshare specialists.


timeshares, timeshare resales, timeshare cancellation scams

They go by timeshare recover ( and legal name granite consulting ( out of dover, nh. If you have been contacted by this company and looking to do business with them beware! This is a fraudulent company, the owner is a thief who stole everything to operate this company from previous employment. Kyle logue, zachary tarr worked for (Phone: [protected]) and stole everything from the company to operate his company in dover, nh. Hard workers huh! They just slapped their fake company logos over our paperwork to be just like us! Starving children who can't make it on their own, but steal from the hand that feeds them is the only way to achieve success in their eyes. If you believe in doing business with a bunch of scam artists, sign up with them. If you want the job done right, by the professionals. Call us toll-free [protected]

Resolved timeshare exit - plagiarism

Kyle Logue is a SCAM who owns Granite Consulting aka Timeshare Recover. He did NOTHING to start this company...

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Resolved timeshare exit

Kyle logue has been exposed! the owner of this company worked for tol-free (844...

Resolved timeshare cancellation

Beware! Don't pay upfront fees to this company, the owner worked for and stole...

Resolved timeshare cancel

Fraudulent Company! The owner Kyle Logue worked for and stole everything to operate...

Resolved timeshare cancel

Beware! You have been exposed kyle logue granite consulting of dover, nh. This 23 yr old #### worked for...

beware fraudulent fly by night company

The owner is a 23 yr old punk who stole the paperwork from his previous job employment to operate his business, If you are looking to do business with this company I would think twice. They charge you thousands of dollars to cross your fingers. They prey on innocent elderly widows that don't do research or look them up online. All you have to do is look at their pathetic website with zero information but "do you want to cancel your timeshare" hides the address, hmm I wonder why. I talked to the company he stole the contracts and agreements Kyle uses to operate his business, everything is stolen from his previous employment. I found out the REAL truth about Timeshare Recover Kyle Logue is claiming owner.

  • Updated by RPerry · Feb 12, 2017

    This reminds me of my first business I had back in early 2000s I started this online business and needed help getting started so I hired my old buddy from college which was the worst idea, long story short, Everybody wants their name on the door but don't know what goes into owning and operating a business. Kids these days, make a free website on wix, get a cheap cell phone plan and call themselves entrepreneurs. You have a lot of work to do bud, in the real world you can't burn your way to the top it will always come back to bite.

  • Ma
    Mary Gries Jun 09, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company called and tried to get us to sign up with their dog & pony cancellation program, after reading all of this I am appalled to know I actually was about to do business with these crooks. My employees would never do that to us, and after talking to the owner of Timeshare Release Now you guys are pathetic and should be ashamed of yourselves. Unfortunately, people like that get what they give. Your company will go nowhere and so glad I seen these posts before I went ahead to sign up. You guys are basically filing stolen paperwork and crossing your fingers, GREAT GUARANTEE! YOU GUYS SHOULD LOSE MY NUMBER! ALL SET!

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Resolved timeshare cancellation

This company is bunch of fraudsters, with stolen information to operate this business. My attorney did background checking on the president/CEO and he has no legal background as he portrays in his sales pitch to gain our business. They say they are legal team and have attorneys on staff. We talked to another Exit company out of Maine whom the owner of Granite Consulting worked for and where he got the idea to start this company. The owner of company stole all of the contracts and agreements he uses to operate Granite Consulting, sad people in this day and age can't think of ideas for themselves, have to steal and push off other successful people to get to the top. They are committing Consumer fraud taking money from consumers not knowing if they can actually perform the service 10%. They are taking money and crossing their fingers that the resort takes the deed back, GOOD BUSINESS MODEL! Kyle Logue of Dover, NH.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • This review and all of these allegations are completely false. After reviewing our company records we have never done business with this individual. If you look at this account you will see he has left the exact same review for several other local businesses, including a location in Biddeford and another in Portland, ME. Again this review is obviously false and completely slanderous. We are currently seeking legal action against this individual. A quick Google search will show that we do not have any negative reviews aside from this person claiming to be Andre W. We are 100% committed to helping our customers and everyone who has dealt with our company knows what this person is describing does not even remotely resemble our business model. I can be reached at (603)842-8327 and I am more than willing to answer questions.

  • Jo
    Johanna Rivers Nov 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Andy Townsend signed up with this company and was taken for almost $3, 000 dollars. The owner Kyle Logue also works as a sales rep, its a fly by night operation. Also goes by the name Granite Consulting, BEWARE Dont pay this company a dime to help with your Timeshare! Its now been 9 months and we've received NOTHING.

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