World Of Warcraft Frozen ThroneSTUCK CHARACTER

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MY CHARACTER IS STUCK in the GRIZLY HILLS! I had died by falling of a cliff. I went and recovered my body and as I was healed and ready to move on, I jumped into the water below me that was only a .2 second drop and the game lagged for 3 seconds. The game procceded to log me out. Everytime I log back in onto my lvl 78 hunter, It lags in the same spot or pretty much just shows one shot of where I last was and then disconnects me from the server, Lightinghoof. ANYTHING GUYS??? ANYTHING??? $15.00 a month and over $100 on the games I better see some help.


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      Sep 07, 2015

    I made this game on and when people joined I made sure to write down their names due to see if they were a hacker or something and when I started the game I noticed that someone had changed their name from Pinkiepie to something else and when I asked him about it he kicked me from my own game.

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