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World Education Services / cheating innocent people

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World Education Services is just a way to make money. They dont have any setup in different country and only work by relying on the some kind of format from different institutes in different countries. They do not even call to the institute to verify the authenticity of the person verifying the document. They charge you big money for just matching the format (which can change anytime). i know people who send them fake documents and went through their process without having any trouble. I know people who are going to file a lawsuit against them soon.

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  • Fi
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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  • Du
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Wes has very poor customer service. folks at customer service for example mario are not trust worthy. this is not a bbb member. it may be hit or miss with wes!!! try others agencies..

  • Ra
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    ###ing crooks!

  • Id
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    it took WES 6 months to complete my evaluation.they kept sending it back to my institution for finally its done my four years of undergraduate became two years.course that was passed on a second attempt was not credited.four credit course became make matters worse my evaluation was sent to a wrong address.of course it is immpossible to reach them by phone.i have sent them emails to correct the situation but no one has replied me.Please dont make the mistake of using WES try another organization.

  • Am
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    I agree, WES is the most pathetic, disguisting, sick institutes. They said that they have not received the documents, when i finally contacted BBB, they out of blues say they have the documents and I don't even know what is the result of evaluation as I am overseas on business trip, I don't have access to their online login, as no body replies even to the 3rd email. The are very rude on the phone, they are just a bunch of sick people waiting to ruin students careers. I would love to see this business go out of business. May worse things happen to them and their families, for wasting my career. Today if I had received evaluation on time, I would't had wasted money and time.

  • Ph
      5th of Feb, 2010
    +3 Votes

    WES certainly overcharges considerably for the service they provide, but the other part of the problem are the schools that demand the use of such services rather than doing their own evaluations, which they should be fully capable of doing. Determining the value of courses taken at schools outside of the US cannot be that complicated. So it appears to be a wide-spread scam to defraud foreign and immigrant students — a shameful practice, preying on a class of people who cannot defend themselves.

    I had to pay $325 to have WES evaluate one year's worth of my wife's credits from an Australian school. $100 of that was for rush service, but they didn't fulfill the request within the 3 days specified. They simply didn't answer the phone when I tried to reach them, and never replied to emails. I certainly feel defrauded.

  • Co
      9th of Feb, 2010
    -7 Votes

    I had my evaluation done with WES and had no problems as i followed exactly what they told me to do. I hate talking to CS anyways so i did not bother, but i had the work done with no issues.
    Yes they are hard to reach on the phone and they don't reply to emails as fast, but i have to say that so long as you follow the exact requirements and submit what they are requesting you will not have any problems. The problem is that everyone wants what they want or paid for (read refund policcies). WES is not a shoe store where you can try whatever you wish and return if you do not like. This is a service. You must first get as much info as you can from them prior to applying to them. If you do not agree in the first place about their policies then WHY APPLY? They don't tell you that you MUST pay them in made that choice to send your application, payments and documents same way i did. READ the fine prints before applying to any services. Why complain to them is you know that your US college or University also have a no refund policy on the application and if you do not submit what they are requesting on time and you have paid your fees...well guess what lose part of your money don't you? And do you complain about that?
    You are all just a bunch of complainers when you don't get what you want and people like you make me sick. PLEASE!

  • Ja
      12th of Feb, 2010
    +4 Votes

    I think this last comment must be from someone at WES. Yes I'm sure if you do EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY. And that is wrong - you HAVE to pay them in advance. The problem is that the world is not made using WES's formula. If all they can do is produce evaluations if your country fits their formula perfectly - that is not a service. That is what they rely on. Do the easy ones, and refuse to do or refund the hard ones. It's like printing money. If your countries education system doesn' t operate they way WES wants it to, a) they won't tell you that in advance, b) they'll take your money, c) you won't get an evaluation, or get a messed up evaluation d) they will NEVER willingly admit error or refund money, even when they are at fault. In my case they told me they could offer a service when they knew - and later admited they knew - that documents from UK universities when I graduated didn't match the WES system. Well I didn't know that! Why would I? I know the English education system, but I don't know how it differs from what WES WANTS the English education system to be. When they couldn't handle the format that English Universities use, they told me they couldn't do the full evaluation, but just flat refused to give my money back. I'm going through a complaint right now. You can too. WES took my money - knowing they wouldn't be able to provide a full evaluation, then refused to answer emails, refused to answer certified letters, lied on the phone and refused to refund me - ALL because my countries education system didn't match their formula. FILE COMPLAINTS AT WWW.BBB.ORG it's easy. Or file small claims court claim I think they are failing their nonprofit status too. WES is no charity!

  • Ax
      29th of Mar, 2010
    +4 Votes

    WES is a horrible company. I waited over a year to have my evaluation refund resolved, and to get it I had to file a complaint through the BBB. WES's basis for evaluating credits does not work with most overseas universities systems. WES compounds the problem by not providing any form of customer service or replies (never at one point in the entire year I was fighting to get my evaluation done did I receive an email reply or an actual helpful customer service rep). I hope this company goes out of business they are a joke. WES's BBB rating of F goes to show how much they care.
    I switched to education credential evaluators ( and had my evaluation done in a matter two weeks with excellent customer service.

  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    +4 Votes

    My experience EXACTLY.

    Unfortunately they are not a company ... they are a CHARITY! They have revenue of around $10m/yr and I'm sure unrefunded disputed fees account for a significant income stream. Cos you're right - they don't have a way to evaluate many foreign credentials. But they take you're money and don't tell you that.

    It's time that their charitable status was reviewed.

    Even though they provided no service and stole my money, i get their email news letter. The number of people signed up for this email is one of the "services" they boast about in the annual charity 990 tax returns they submit . So everyone they touch gets signed up - and bingo they have a HUGE following! Look at what a successful newsletter they produce!!!

    Because WES has 30yrs of history, they established their name at major universities across the US. Perhaps they were good 20yrs ago! The universities don't have to deal with WES direct - they just refer people there - so they don't know what a scam is going on. If someone doesn't get their evaluation they just never get to apply to the university - so I think they don't know. After all the fighting I've done to get my money back i haven't got round to telling the university who referred me. WES knows only a tiny minority will file with the BBB and only a tiny minority will tell the university that referred them.

    I only got a partial refund. I'm still fighting. They know they can wear people down by doing nothing so that's what they do. They have no consequences to fear right now.

  • Mo
      8th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am chocked to learn all these complaints and allegations related to WES.
    After several years spent in the US, I am very grateful to this organization, who is the only one, who helped me obtain my acadamic credentials equivalency. It has been a while (over 15 years ago). The fees were raisonable, the report was accurate and very professional. Also, occasionly I have been delivered, upon my request, copies of the same report for a small fee.
    I understand how frustrated one can be having to go through denials and delays, but my experience with WES was and still very pleasant.

  • Ri
      14th of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Horrible Horrible Horrible company. They take money from you and dont provide you the service you deserve. I filed for evaluation 6 months ago. Still hasnt been taken care of. They dont even have right fax number to the University. When asked to refund money, without customer's knowledge they will cancel your case. One more thing dont even try to contact them through email. They never check their email. Sounds like all the customer service agent have one name ANNA. They dont have customer courtesy and dont know how to treat their customers. Dont even apologize for the mistakes they make. Any body wants to file law suit against them I am with you.

  • Kr
      15th of Jun, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Please never use WES. This is a remarkably terribly company. I don't know whty this company always gets mentioned by colleges. They do not like to answer their phone and when they do they are very rude and they really could not give a toss about you as a customer. I had a terrible time with them and things did not get sorted out until I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Then they suddenly found my papers and apologized up and down. Go with a comany like Education Evaluators International. They answer their phones and are nice and polite.

  • Yo
      27th of Jul, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I wish I had read these comments before dealing with them. I submitted my credentials for evaluation in November 2010. My transcripts was sent directly to them by the University. To this day, I'm yet to receive my evaluation. They say my file has been placed on hold while they wait for verification of my credentials from the university. I contacted the university and they haven't received anything from WES. I tried providing addresses and contacts but WES have refused to use them nor have they given me details of the contacts they used. Contacting them by phone is very frustrating, the Customer service people have refused to transfer to any supervisor or the official working on my file. At this point, I've given up. Will try somebody else.

  • Ce
      11th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Unwilling to help. Their response in one website was that people may be complaining because they "overrate" their education and people get frustrated when they get their results. I hope you are ashamed president of WES. Your customer service is one of the worst I have encountered. I got a fair evaluation and I am happy with it but when I had trouble with your system, no one replied to my emails.. nothing, just like you forgot that you are a business because you have customers. If anything, stop getting new customers and start taking care of your existing ones.

  • Go
      18th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Agree with everything in previous complaints. Customer service is non existing.
    I have a different problem with them though. I had my diploma evaluated in 1998 and needed a copy of it sent to DCAS for a job I'm applying. A week later received a reply that my request has been cancelled because apparently the evaluation was done before 1999 and they cannot guarantee that it was done based on original official documents when in fact it was and I have a letter confirming that. What kind of company is that? They can't guarantee their own work? As far as I can see nothing has changed, the process of evaluation stayed the same, they need the exact same documents, but they want me to pay them all over again for the job they already got paid before?
    I'm going to file complaints with everybody I can including BBB, attorney general of NY and department of consumer affairs as well as a small claim court.
    Better yet, why everybody that are not happy with the services that we received get together and file a class action law suit against them?

  • Im
      12th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    It is impossible to get any phone pic-up from their Customer services. You can spend all your day calling but might never get an answer.

  • Ev
      13th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This is exactly what I have heard and experienced! Every one of these services seems to have their issues...theirs is definitely customer service

  • Fr
      21st of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Unfortunately, I am being forced to use this so called company to do my evaluations. Worked with ECE another accredited member of NACES which did the evaluation with no issues what so ever. WES on the other hand is one issue after another. They first take your money without a hitch, not surprised about that one. After that everything goes down hill. I do not mind waiting 15-30 min on hold even though it is a pain, but to have the incompetent customer service representative not only mislead but in some cases actually flat out give false information, i.e. "LIE". When you call back questioning them on their blatant false information they hang up the phone on you claiming it was a disconnection. If you ask for a supervisor or a manager, somehow the connection always drops, hmmmm I wonder if that is a coincidence.

    WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Unfortunately, US schools have been lied to and now WES has a monopoly for evaluation services. Maybe our government should look into anti-trust laws.

  • Si
      5th of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    WORST WORST WORST i have seen in my life

    I am waiting for evaluation for last three months no answer nor on phone nor on mail .
    I have written atleast 1000 emails no response .Called 100 times . waitited for 30 minutes everytime - No response
    Evaluation is half way since beginning .
    They accepted degree kept inside the same envelope to ewhich they said is not seaaled but didn't accepted marksheets kept inside same.
    After sending three times the status is still same .
    Worst mistake to go with them .
    Never ever go to them .

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