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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved poor service

This company is shocking, they don't answer emails and I have made two phone calls from the UK and spent 15 minutes and 25 minutes respectively listening to recorded messages. The only reason I used them is because the college my son has applied to doesn't give an option. US colleges must take note that this organisation treats its customers appallingly and should not recommend them. There are plenty of other organisations which offer a professional service. Prospective students take note - DO NOT USE WES!!!

Resolved wrongfully canceled application

Hello, I think I am one of many who are facing problems created by WES. Registered with WES on 21st...

customer service unacceptable

Unacceptable. A year battle for evaluating my Diploma. Keep sending emails that I should snail mail document...

Resolved horrible services and customer service

JUST Terrible Services. This is the real example of poor services!
Late response, very long hold to speak with an agent and then they don't know exactly the status of the application! And they ask us to send email to WES to get update! So what's the use of customer service sitting there and answering the phones?!
It feels so bad when the management waste people's time like this!

Resolved missed my admission deadline because of poor service

Horrible service! Choose another service if allowed.

That's the long story short for all those who do not have the patience to read the entire review.

My experience with WES has been a nightmare. I started the application two months in advance just to be on a safe side for my admissions date. It's been two months and I am still going back and forth with my documents. They are prompt with the service, all right. I get an email immediately as soon as they get my documents and let me know if they are accepted or no. The problem is THE DOCUMENTS ARE SOMEHOW JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM!

I have sent multiple copies of my degree certificates and my transcripts but they keep getting rejected. So I pick up the call and decide to talk to them and ask them straightforward what is it they want. The customer service is another story. It takes 15 minutes to connect to them - anytime, anyday! I try to call in the morning thinking it will be less busy, no use. I call around noon thinking now maybe they will pick up my call. But it somehow ALWAYS takes them 15 minutes to answer.

Once you do get connected, they are rude and arrogant and not at all helpful. All they do is repeat the same things either from the website or from the email that they have just sent you. They don't get the fact that I have already read it and need further insight, hence the call. I try asking for clarifications, I try twisting my questions. But the answers always remain stern and the same.

My bad luck was that the colleges I am applying to won't accept anything except WES. So I am stuck here. But if you have a choice, please go for another service. This is too costly. Too time consuming. Too frustrating. I am already missed the priority deadline because of the disappointing process.

Zero stars all the way!

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Resolved Horrible service, looks like you are their enemy

I wish I had my money back. They do an horrible customer service. Looks like they don't want to talk to you, they are always angry over the phone, besides they make you wait for long periods until you have someone to answer you and every time you say that you want to cancel the service they don't even try to apologize. Companies like WES does not deserve any additional client. Don't use them. Try to check with your school if they have additional options.

Resolved world education services - evaluation - not done

I had submitted my transcripts to wes CANADA for evaluation. The mode of evaluation selected was WES BASIC...

Resolved bad costumer service, bad service all in all.

World Education Services has been slow, incompetent, impassible, arrogant, rude, unhelpful as accordance with what I have heard before working with them.
They keep you on the phone until you give up, I had the patience to wait half an hour, and could talk to a person. Luckily I am local, I can not imagine calling this place internationally. To think that most of their customers should be international callers. Even though I got an actual person on the phone, she was not helpful at all. She was neither very bright nor cooperative. She just repeated the same sentences for whatever question I asked.
They treat us as second class people, cause we won't, don't know or can not do any harm to them as we are international students. I faxed the same document five times and still could not get them to confirm that they got it or not. At last my host family called and spoke a little bit of language they speak, only then they said they would take care of it.
The only thing they are good and fast at is taking the money from you.

  • Do
    DonnaIv Aug 30, 2013

    I have the same experience. I do not understand why they should dominate the field when they are not interested in providing the vitally important services with the needed quality. The customer service is ignorant. I called to find out whether the fax I sent was received and they told me to call at 12pm at which time the automated service replied that there is noone to provide customer service. The evaluations are incorrect. The information on the site is incorrect and requires multiple submissions which makes the process longer. If the school I want to apply to did not need them to evaluate my diploma, I was going to use a different service.

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  • Su
    Suhair Jun 17, 2014

    yes I'm with all of what is written up.

    Hi everyone
    My name is Suhair an I'm from Saudi Arabia I decided after 25 years to complete my mater Degree, I did register to Ball state University, After the first approval they refer to me the WES to confirm my DEGREES all my Degrees are submitted from where I study and our Ministry of high Education, I email them that I'm Saudi citizen and my Degree are old but submitted .I can't travel to Lebanon now .I need solution for this but the answer was an address to read the rules.I try to call but 10 minutes and no answer I Email the University but I receive the same answer like they have deal together.
    This cost me 260$ from WES .60$ for Ball State University and 208 & for the Tofel test.
    It is really bad situation I hate myself for this.

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Resolved incompetent, lazy, sabotaging (crooks!)

WES is the most incompetent company I have ever come across. Of course, I haven't got my document...

Resolved take money and do not provide service

This company takes your money and you never hear from them. They do not pick up the phone, do not reply to email but have time to deposit your checks. BTW, do not even try to receive a copy of your transcript from them, again, they will take your money and instead of transcript, ask you to resend all original documents again! What a joke! Consider other options.

  • Ma
    Marikanoa Nov 11, 2014

    This is the worst service provider I ever had to deal with. They took the money and instead provided absolutely no service, keeping my documents for more than 3 months and then they sent them back after I requested that. And correspondingly, i was late for the program I had intended to apply for, and in this way I lost money, time and a chance for immigration. Moreover, their customer service is the worst on earth, hours of hold on line, and inadequate e-mail responses once in a week. Never deal with WES. Their operation as a company should be banned I think after a thorough examination of the dark sides of their service provision.

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a notch above bad service

Absolute disaster...

1/it took 21 minutes to pick up my call... gets heavy on the wallet when you're calling international.

2/they send back generic, vague and inaccurate letters by email regarding your documents, and you have no way to speak to a human to clarify. Customer service agents, when they pick up, give you generic answers and ask you to wait for another email from the evaluator.

3/They are not accepting my transcript from one of the most prominent schools in Europe. No explanation as to why, and again, impossible to get a straight answer from their phone agents.

4/I sent 4 emails on point 3 above over a period of 3 weeks through their archaic website and no response whatsoever… to date.

5/where in our era can't you upload documents online? Well at WES... they only accept mailed photocopies, which obviously leads to additional cost and delays.

Not to sound pretentious but I lived around the world, emerging and mature countries alike (I'm originally from WES's hometown!), and I was convinced that banking sector in developing countries had the worst costumer service... Well, WES proved me wrong. I will make sure to share a piece of my mind with the institution applying for, for allowing WES to enjoy this monopoly and therefore encourage their complacency.

I’m still hoping WES reads my emails, gets the point and turns around my evaluation in the next week. On the bright side, I have everything documented, and should I miss my Master's degree application deadline because of their painful (aka ‘needle in the eyeball') service and unsubstantiated refusal of my transcript, I will not hesitate to file a case when I move back to NYC next month. Judging from the widely spread discontent on the web, it will not be that difficult to have joint lawsuit case...

Piece of advise to WES: turn your business into a profit organization if you have to, but for god sake's, PICK UP YOUR GAME. I would love to run your company for couple of years…

put courses on that were not part of my degree

They are absolutely horrendous. The way they treat customers is disgusting! They have given me an incorrect report which includes courses I DID NOT TAKE, and they made spelling errors wrong and got the titles of some of my classes wrong. Once you have your report it is absolutely impossible to get in touch with them - no one will speak to you on the phone or via email. The only thing you can do is write online via their contact form and then you just get bog standard reply which doesn't address any issues. They are disgusting! Before I ordered my report any questions I had they replied within hours. Once I received it... nothing. Avoid them like the plague! If you can. Unfortunately my schools would only accept WES reports so I had no choice. The school demands a report from WES only - WES lowers my grade by putting courses I had nothing to do with - the school says I don't have a high enough GPA and need to take more of their courses at their tuition rates.

wes charging twice for services paid for!!!

WES Reference No. : 2267699 I intended to apply for graduate program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University...

Resolved fraud

Terrible service! I have been waiting for my verification reports from WES over 7 months after I paid $ 640 ( $ 325 for WES; $ 315 for WES's authorized agent) for the whole process ! I'm VERY angry at them.

  • We
    wes_response May 12, 2011

    As a representative of WES, I would like to apologize for the frustration you have experienced during your application process. WES would like to help you. Please send an email with your reference number and the subject line “CB-101” using the form at; a customer service representative has been assigned to your file and will be working with you directly to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

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  • An
    Angryyyyy Jul 13, 2011

    It will be interesting to hear from WES's victim if the case has been solved now. Please update us.

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Resolved do not ever use their service

DON"T EVER USE THEIR SERVICE. after they take your money, they don't care about anything. i use them to...

Resolved slow and lost documents

World education Services really is a weird company, i had to go trough the process with them for my credential evaluation. After i had my schools send them all documents directly, and i sent them translations of these too by courier, they claimed not to have one translation which was included. So the evaluation was put on hold for a month and a half, numberous phonecalls and emails ensued. Then a week ago i SUDDENLY got an email that they had all my documents and evaluated them. I'm happy with the endresult but they are NOT reachable AT ALL. I was in hold for a good 30 minutes while calling them and when someone did pick up and put me on hold again to "look some info up" i mysteriously got a line disruption, strange isn't it how being on hold for 30 minutes goes without a hitch but when i get an employee suddenly the line goes *poof*.

Then the only other way to communicate with them is a contact form on their website, they don't even have an email address, so whether this even reaches a human being remains to be seen.

If you do need to get something done with these people make 101% sure you have all the required documents directly from your schools, have them send it themselves in a sealed school envelope. Also get translations of all of those that arent in english. And lastly ONLY send by courier eventhough its more expensive, they'll just claim your stuff got lost otherwise!

Reading the complaints here i guess im one of the LUCKY ones to have gotten a completed evaluation, eventhough the wait was incredibly long due to the document loss.

How hard is it to start up a proper customer service for a charity (which is weird by itself) thats supposed to help students?

I'm seriously glad i dont have to deal with them ever again.

  • We
    wes_response Apr 04, 2011

    WES is very sorry for the frustration this client experienced. WES strives to provide excellent service and to make the application process work as smoothly as possible for our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve the application experience and will take the above feedback to help us with this process.

    WES adheres to precise and specific guidelines for each country of education's credentials to ensure that evaluations are based on documents that are accurate and valid; more information about our document requirements can be found on our website here:

    Our customer service department does read every email that is received through the Contact Form found on our website at It is also never our policy to hang up on clients. However, despite our best efforts, technical glitches do occur. We have advised a supervisor in customer service of this complaint to make sure that our policy is honored by our agents, and we also had our IT department check the phone system to resolve any technical problems that may have caused this to occur.

    Again, we truly apologize for this customer’s disappointment and aim to do better.

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  • לשרצש Aug 21, 2012

    its 2012 i presume u send verification request via Internet (e-mail) or fax aside the usual Mail?

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Resolved worst service ever

The company claimed to be the best in evaluation services in the U.S when the reverse is true. They have lobbied many schoools to be upset with the evaluations when infact they do nothing but scam clients. I paid $175.00 to have my transcript evaluated and they asked me to send in photo copies which i did. And at the same time they asked me to fill out a transcript request form and mail to my school directly so that they can send them my transcripts in a sealed enveloped. My school confirmed that they mailed the transcript and even provided me with the tracking number. WES received the transcript and the status online stated again that we have mailed copies of your transcript to your school for confirmation. My school states that they have not received any letter from WES and that if they did they had already responded to my transcript request. Schools is Africa do not have funds set aside for this international posting and when you write to them without paying for your postatge, forget it the student will have to pay for it... now i have no transcript evaluated... the school stated that the transcripts have been mailed and confirmation shows WES received it and now they want another one again... who pays for that and how long does that take... buch of liars, no 1800- number and when you call you stay on the phone for every... no office that you can go and talk to someone, , , , how reputable is the scam in the name of WES, , , , i'm emailing schools and also the government about this easy way to make money. I talked to a friend who told me the same thing happned to him and evaluated his transcript from another NACES® member and now he has even finish is Doctorate degree and has been working for two years and has never received anything from WES. what is this?

  • We
    WES's Victim Apr 26, 2011

    Terrible service! I have been waiting for my verification reports from WES over 7 months after I paid $ 640 ( $ 325 for WES; $ 315 for WES's authorized agent) for the whole process ! I'm VERY angry at them.

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  • Ms
    msmouse May 14, 2013




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proven misconduct and complete incompetence

I am a Lecturer in a College of the CUNY, in NEw York. I was adressed by their HR to have my University...

bade and in accurat service

Wes is brand name for bad and inaccurage services Poor customer quality - phone call s of no use, you will...

Resolved unethical business practices

They claim to have received only half of the documents that were in the envelop... Seems like a usual practice for them.. No response to my emails and got them to hang-up on me (after waiting for more than 20 minutes on the phone...)

Anybody wants to join in a class action lawsuit?
I found that website on the web:


  • We
    wes_response Dec 22, 2010

    Dear valschae,

    World Education Services owes you an apology. We were very sorry to learn about your disappointing experience with our organization and we hope to do better. A customer service supervisor has been put on your case. We hope to regain your trust in our services and we will be in direct contact with next steps regarding your file.

    Thomas Grant
    Customer Service Representative at World Education Services

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  • An
    Angryyyyy Jul 13, 2011

    Yes, and they did it twice with my documents. Do they think people are stupid????? Shame on them!

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  • An
    Angryyyyy Jul 13, 2011

    I am thinking to create a FB page with complains about them. We can hope the voice will come to the ears of the universities which can then CANCEL them from their evaluation request and finally send them out business. THEY DON'T DESERVE to stay in business, others maybe can do better and be more professional then these CLOWNS.

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  • Mj
    mjhw May 08, 2013

    Yes, I would like to take them to court. WES openly stated that they had no intention of awarding me my full UK credits as stated on my second degree transcript, instead giving me only half the credits. They stated, via BBB, that it was their opinion I should only get 24 credits instead of 42 US credits as stated on my transcript (in fact I should receive 52 credits in Masters credits) as they said my course in the US only warranted 24 credits. Where they got this figure from I dont know. My local 'Ivy league' level university state a minimum 37 US credits for a similar course and 52 US credits for a very similar course to the one I took. The BBB seem very ineffective and WES know nothing can be done, so far, to stop them in their fraudulent business. What concerns me is that despite having received hundreds of complaints the BBB still rate WES B- and do not give accurate information as to how many complaints they actually receive on their website. It appears to state how many complaints have been dealt with, but not how many they are dealing with. Certainly, my complaint has not made it onto their statistics and has made no difference in their ratings. What steps to take next, any ideas?

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