Remington College Customer Service

Remington College

303 Rue Louis XIV
United States - 70508

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 208 1950(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 225 240 7049(Baton Rouge, LA) 1 0
+1 216 475 7520(Cleveland, OH) 1 1
+1 803 214 9000(Columbia, SC) 1 0
+1 972 686 7878(Garland, TX) 1 0
+1 817 451 0017(Fort Worth, TX) 1 0
+1 281 885 4450(Houston, TX) 1 0
+1 808 942 1000(Honolulu, HI) 1 1
+1 337 981 4010(Lafayette, LA) 1 0
+1 501 312 0007(Little Rock, AR) 1 0
+1 901 345 1000(Memphis, TN) 1 0
+1 251 343 8200(Mobile, AL) 1 0
+1 615 889 5520(Nashville, TN) 2 0
+1 407 562 5500(Lake Mary, FL) 1 0
+1 318 671 4000(Shreveport, LA) 1 0
+1 281 554 1700(Webster, TX) 1 0
Baton Rouge Campus
4520 S Sherwood Forest Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Cleveland Campus
14445 Broadway Ave., Cleveland, OH 44125

Columbia Campus
607 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

Garland Campus
1800 Eastgate Dr., Garland, TX 75041

Fort Worth Campus
300 E Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76112

Houston Campus
11310 Greens Crossing Blvd № 300, Houston, TX 77067

Honolulu Campus
1111 Bishop St № 400, Honolulu, HI 96813

Little Rock Campus
10600 Colonel Glenn Rd № 100, Little Rock, AR 72204

Memphis Campus
2710 Nonconnah Blvd, Memphis, TN 38132

Mobile Campus
828 Downtowner Loop W, Mobile, AL 36609

Nashville Campus
441 Donelson Pike № 150, Nashville, TN 37214

Lake Mary Campus
7131 Business Park Ln, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Shreveport Campus
2106 W Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, Shreveport, LA 71118

Webster Campus
20985 Gulf Fwy, Webster, TX 77598

Remington College Complaints & Reviews

Remington College — graduation notification

Remington CollegeBelow is the conversation that was had with Deb Hoffman, who spoke with Dana at the Lafayette location. I apparently was supposed to receive notification stating whether or not that I'm going to walk in the upcoming commencement ceremony. I have received nothing in regards to That...

Colleges and Universities  · Oct 16, 2019

Remington College — computer networking

I started this school program thinking that they was on the head up on teaching computer networking to the studesnts and found out that the lack of instructors being on site during whole tenure was what I paid for. The classroom empty on occasions was not encouraging to the keep of the...

Colleges and Universities  · Jul 25, 2019

Remington College — transcript department

To Whom This May Concern, I am very displeased with the transcript department, specifically Christina Boccard and her direct supervisor, Anekia Smith. On January 3, 2019, I requested a transcript to be sent to Southwest Tennessee Community College. On January 9, my request was denied and...

Remington College — lafayette louisiana campus

I went questioning JoAnn Boudreaux Thursday of last week about assignments in my class, she came to teachers class realized the mistake teacher made, i go to school today, and she says she signed me out of program, she said i told her i wanted that, which i never did, she handed me a paper...

Colleges and Universities  · Sep 11, 2018

Remington College — medical billing and coding program

The enrollment department made a huge show of how great their program was, instructors that love their jobs, all the great money I was going to make out of the gate, etc. I never should have listened, I'm actually a little embarrassed how much I believed their crap. $16k for the program...

Dallas Colleges and Universities  · Apr 09, 2018

Remington College — crooks

Besides being a complete joke of a school, these people are unprofessional and trashy! You can work hard to get honors and help teach other students because they tell yôu if you do help they will give you extra credit and then when graduation comes, they want to "mail" your honor cord...

Education  · Nov 07, 2014

Remington College — unethical

It is not worth it! Im currently in MBC 1. They lie to get you in here while your speaking to admissions. A few times I started a new class and the books were not even available for the first week so we were told to still come to school and surf the web. This made me irrate considering they...

Webster Education  · Sep 05, 2013

Remington College Columbia — very unprofessional; can't find a job

At first things were ok, but as soon as your first 3 months are over the with, you start to see the staff attitudes change! One teacher booty danced during the whole class, one didn't even know how to take bp, one of the administrative staff went to clubs with my classmates and ran around...

Columbia Loans  · Jul 08, 2013

Remington College — they just went your money

My first day was April 21.2013 I stop at April. 30.2013 because the teacher. Said. I was to slow i cried for day because of that i been out of school. 20yr.she told me not to talk about it just go home.

Remington College- Southeast Campus — do not go to this school.

This school is a total rip off. I would not recommend this school to my dog. I am a current student at this school. I'm paying $22, 000 for the Medical Assisting with EKG and X-ray. The school do not have all the equipment that is needed to get ready for the medical field. The...

Remington College — no structure

In the beginning this school was very great for maybe 2 or 3 months. But then everything starting going down hill. Teachers quit and the students were without teachers squishing them all in once class almost. There was no structure, rude behavior, students were teaching each other because...

Remington Collage — harassment

My Grand daughter attends Remington collage, I help her do her home work so i know its being finished. She has a problem with a teacher who harasses students on a daily and singles them out. It seams that the kids she dose this to are the less privileged. She is taking medical billing and...

Remington College — no help


Remington College — think twice! really!

When deciding on a college, I don't recommend Remington College. If you want to actually learn, I don't recommend Remington College. If you are leader and not a follower, I don't recommend Remington College. If you want an "Equal" school, I don't recommend Remington...

Remington College — harrassment

I left this school in Nov. 2010. Everyday since I've left there, they have called my phone and my mother's phone, not just EVERY SINGLE DAY, but more than once a day. It's absolutely maddening! And don't get me started on the quality of education at this "school".

Remington College Columbia SC Campus — discrimination... only hires afro-american employees

Remington College Columbia SC campus is the same way as all the others. See Houston West complaints. If your not Afro-American and you are still working quite possibly won't be for long. No matter how professional you are, or even how much the students like you, the DNA...

Remington College Houston West — discrimination & poor customer services

08/03/2010 Lets see which deptment will be next. Brooks just wrip out the addmission deptment. Within 2 weeks 5 people have left. 1 rep (african amercian light skin) quit b/c of the crazy hours. Than the director (asian) also quit. Couple days later 1 rep (asian) got fired. Another rep...

Remington College West Side — complaint

I'm a student not go here, it's a waist of money!!! I'm in the cosmetology school. They have no white teachers here, and they just fired Mrs. Gill which she was white, and they also fired Amber which was the receptionist, and she was white to. Mrs. Gill wa...

Remington College — poor educational service

Parents (Think Twice): Classrooms are over crowded, there has been allot of THEFT in the time our daughter has been there, which is almost one year now! The campus has made no attempt to put a stop to the stealing and there are no lockers to lock up equipment. Apparently when students leave...

Remington College — complaint

Remington College Houston- West campus is the worst place to work for. I would never recommend anyone to this College. Its a shame the campus is beautiful but the Campus President is a [censored] (Lashundia Brooks). She does not know how to treat and appreciate the employees. She is a very...

Remington College — rip off and unprofessional

first of all let me say that the advisors work hard for the students but the school is a rip off and a joke. they are intrested in only one thing and that is money. i was in the cosmetology program for about 6 months and had a circus of problems. the intructors were helpful and were alwasy...

Remington College Ft Worth — crap school

Im a Graphic Design student and Today is my last day of classes...(well it would be if not for a racist socialist teacher causing me to walk out on my speech class and the admin not doing anything about it) and the course director just informed us that we wont be having our portfolio show...

Remington College — the southeast campus

in the duraion of my time at remington college i found that most of the instructors were far from qualified. I have been diagnosed with lymphoma therefore i have several dr.s appt and either have to leave early or not come in at all i have done my best to do my part under the...

Remington College — ed flores

This man and his followers can go staight to HELL, because of this man they let go one of the most honest recuiter which is mineMs. Shequita. I am only at the school because of her & her integrity. They thinks shes the problem they have no idea what problems they have in that phoney ###...

Remington College — stay away from &for profit& school

Take my advise:If you want an education check out your local community college before signing up for one of these "for profit colleges". And I use the work "college" loosely when I call it that. My experience at Remington was not all that great. I plan to become a Pharmacy Technician and...

Remington College — took my money

I was rushed into signing all the paperwork (signing my life away) I was promised a job and a career. Well i finished school with honors...Presidents list every month! Well i am done with school and i dont qualify to be a medical assistant...why? Real skills for the real world my ###. Not...

Remington College — all they care about is money

Remington College at Greens Point in Houston TX is full of it. The only thing that they think of is money, not the students all they say. When a student asks for help, they should be ready and will to help if they can. I have not seen this. The students on externship are not being given...