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Complaints & Reviews

public service medical assistant module testing

My watch is missing student request my watch during testing time. I call this an alert a student request to...

loss of money

I went to Everest years ago, it use to be name Brymant college when I went. Its been about 8-11 Years. But...

Corrupt Business Practices

I worked for Everest College Hamilton Mountain Campus under the campus president Connie Greubel for many...

beware dont waste your time and or money on this college

Recent grads Please don't think this is a quick fix to job skills opposed to college. THIS IS NOT...

Phone Calls

The number above is the number that keeps calling me, after I wouldn't answer the phone because I had no idea who it was they kept calling and calling while I was at work. I finally called back only to find out that it was Everest Institute [college she called it].
She is telling me about the information that I had submitted to further my education, after I explained to her that when someone doesn't answer the phone after so many phone calls that means to stop calling, she then said no it means we are going to keep calling you until you answer. Then she proceeds to tell me about my information and I told her I have already taken care of it have a good day and hung up.

From my understanding as a young adult, if someone does not answer after so many calls, that means to stop calling. Not to mention there was NEVER a voicemail left as to why this number was calling me. In the end the person on the other end was rude so I got rude back. She seemed to hate her job, but that is not my problem.

If I get one more phone call from this number or Institute again without a message or even after I told them to stop calling I will get rude, and get them for harassment if possible. Do they offer costumer service class because this person may need it.

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Lie and didn't keep up with their promises.

I have decided to go to school to become a pharmacy technician, but i have a felony charges in the past, so...

fraud,lies,emotional distress,

I in rolled at Everst College in 2005 and stop going in 2007. I was allowed in by takeing an assessment test...


My name is pamela. I attended this college in 2009. I obtained a loan through sallee Mae in order to attend...


I attended Everest College in 2013, graduated 2014. I have never had a job in my field, and will not be able...

Ottawa Loans

Misleading potential students

The reason I chose to go to Everest College is that I was given a grant to go back to school and it was one...

Tuition Fraud , Harassment , False Advertisement

My name is Krystal Marschke I am a former Everest student I graduated in July of 2011 after receiving my...

no job

I graduate everest since 2010. Not even one call from counselor or anybody to say I help You find a job. Finding out later the program is less than what everest claim it to be. Ending with loans and no jobs. I was not able to go back to school. It also break my heart to see one my classmate who was A student. Years later im thinking she find a job. But I saw the girl jobless and beggin money on the street. When everest promise they will help us find job.

  • Ro
    ROAR2013 Nov 07, 2012

    They Love to get you into the School Program, smile in your face, for the Phony kill so they can get your money, harrass you and tell you can't come there any more when they clearly say you can come & use the Facility, plus im not one of these young ones that fooling around and doing whatever, 41 year old Black Male, tired of this Jacksonville Pettiness, with people just abusing their so called Authority, Signed: Highly Pissed OFF

    0 Votes
  • Mk
    MkStItCh Aug 27, 2014

    OK... You first...
    If I read a resume from you and you typed things the same as you did in the complaint then I would never even call you in for an interview. I don't think you have even one proper sentence in your review.
    As far as your friend... An A student might not interview well, might have a drug or drinking problem, might have a criminal background, etc... You can not speak for her.

    0 Votes

Discrimination and misrepresentation

This school mislead me in what they had to offer, what i would be making once i graduated, class size...

Dont ever go to school here

I wanted to become a massage therapist, the campus closest to me was everest college. If i would have known how horrible this place was going to turn out to be i would have never went to school here. First of all, when i went to school it was originally named everest college. I was excited about becoming a massage therapist, they told me that i would get my own table and i would get to pick the color, that we also had pinning ceremonies at the end of our last module but halfway into schooling, the company bryman college bought over everest, and it just all sucked. Firstly, when i received my paper to order my table, they had the choice of green, black, purple and blue. . I picked blue because i thought it was a relaxing color. When i received my table it was black, what they failed to tell me was that the school was broke and that ordering tables in bulk would be cheaper for them and everybody got the same color, plain black. I know it may not seem like a big deal to people, but the fact that i was told i was going to pick my own color and then without telling us they go ahead and just do whatever they wanted to do was annoying. After that happened a month or two before my graduation date they told me that they removed the pinning cermonies, i wasnt going to get my massage therapy pin, that the mod before me was the last to get a ceremony and to be honest i dont really know why. I think its because they didnt have money either. . . But like what? How is that my fault or problem? Were going into debt, were going to pay all this money and slowly everything that was going to be worth it for a second is taken away from us. . . Thats all little stuff compared to what im truly mad about. Okay so i graduated in march 2014, we were told that june 16 was going to be our graduation day where everybody looks forward to walking across stage. With no warning they canceled that date and for months after i graduated i had no information about our graduation ceremony, i would text my teacher and nobody seemed to have information about it. I came to accept the fact that we werent going to have one. . Which is complete b. S. . Especially after all the money this school costs. !! Now i finally have been told that our graduation is going to be in august, and it isnt going to be just our school anymore, its going to be san francisco location as well as san joses campus. . . Not only is that so annoying and frustrating its so stupid! Thats going to be like a 3 hour graduation - __ - i dont want my friends and family to have to commute to san francisco for my graduation, they probably arent even going to show up which is just so sad and stupid to me. . . I really hate this school and i hope nobody comes here ever. This my not be important to you, but if you were graduating, watching all your friends post pictures of their graduation in the summer while you have no infrmation on yours, you would be upset too.

Misleading information

Admissions Rep, Teo, Gave false information while giving information about their medical assisting program to...


Everest is very good at selling their programs to perspective students, but once they've got you and...


They make up rules as they go such as no hats in the building even when you're not in class cause...


This school lies! No where in the student handbook does it say anything about PDA but yet they constantly harass me and my fiancé about a quick kiss before class yet let others get away with it. No where in the student handbook does it say I can't wear a hat when I'm not in class yet they try to tell me there not allowed and it's a health hazard to the school. Another student brought their kid into the school while he waits for his wife to get out of class an no one says anything to him but when I tried it I got told to take the kid out of the school cause she's a threat to the school.

school complaint

this Everest College is nothing but a rip-off and can be sued for False Advertisement. they promise thing...


I attended Everest College From November 2009 - June 2010. For Level 1 Dental Chairside assistant, Everest...