WoodSprings Suites, West Melbourne I-95 / in my room 210, I stepped on broken light bulb glass in bathroom

West Melbourne, FL, United States
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7 September 2018 I had a shower, stepped out was trying off and felt sharp pain in my left foot, looked at my foot and saw a sliver of glass and blood[blood got on bedspread].
Tried to remove it and it went deeper. Reported this to Eric the front desk agent and he called Medi-Fast urgent care, I went there for treatment and returned with my co-pay receipt. Eric was too busy and said he would call me. I fell asleep waiting for his call.

The next morning i could feel more pain from glass stuck in my foot. I went back to urgent care for more treatment and returned to Woodspring Suites and gave Eric my medical receipts to make copies.

Today 9/9/18, I spoke with Jeff the manager, he was not wearing anything that identified him as an employee let alone a manager and he was training a young lady also dressed very casual in a non working way. Susan, let me know my room had been cleaned whilst I was out. Then the front desk trainee told if I wanted fresh towels I had to bring the used towels to the front desk. But it's only cleaned once a week. Eric and Susan were the only people that shown concern.

Jeff the manager kept saying there's no glass in the room and he told me to complain to the customer support and he was not interested. During all of this other guest were watching and could hear and see how I was being treated.


Lisa Hamilton

Sep 09, 2018

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