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Reviews and Complaints

leadership: general manager toby maidens


My name is Cheryl Redes and I checked-in to the Woodsprings Suites establishment on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 approximately around 6:30pm. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Brandy Moore (Assistant Mgr.) and Toby Maidens (General Mgr.). We were residents that relocated from Michigan to Texas for a new start. Initially, the stay was pleasant and enjoyable. However we encountered financial difficulties and no longer paid for our room by the week, it became a daily or every other day pay cycle. Toby Maidens was fully aware of the financial situation because we kept him abreast and he offered his assistance by allowing us to pay on the room partially several times until we could make a full payment. This allowance was accepted for several weeks. on August 3, 2018, Toby Maidens very rudely came to my room, threatened me, snatched key cards from me, stating that I do not own a key card until he gets his money from me. He demanded that I have to stand there and listen to him belittle me, and speak very unprofessionally to me. At that time, we had a balance on the room along with several other residents. He spoke through clinched teeth towards me in this exchange. I immediately called my husband who was returning with money to settle our balance as we had promised the day before to alert him of Toby's unorthodox behavior. Once we were in the office to settle the balance, Toby had instructed his Assistant Mgr. Brandy Moore NOT to take money from us to cover the balance if I did not pay forward a week in advance. I don't understand how i was made to pay a week in advance if I had to leave the premises per his demanding. We enjoyed staying in the hotel due to location and the other staff's polite behavior. From what I was told by the staff, his supervisor spoke to him sternly regarding the amount of outstanding balances for this location as to why he became very aggressive with me. As I stated, there were other residents with balances so it baffles me as to why I received this behavior.

On occasions throughout my stay at the Woodsprings Suites location at 501 East Central Texas Expy., Killeen, TX 76542; I have witnessed staff members crying due to their rude and unfortunate encounters with Toby. He has been allowed to treat staff and residents very unprofessionally and nothing has been done regarding his behavior. I requested the name and contact information of his immediate supervisor, but as of date, August 15, 2018, he has yet to provide this information to me.

Needless to say, Toby Maidens forced me and my family to find other housing accommodations. He allowed the partial payments and HE BREACHED THE COMPANY POLICY for the payment of residents. The moment he accepted partial payments from us, he breached his responsibilities as General Manager. I should not have been made to abruptly find other housing due to his breach of company policy. I have all of my receipts showing where Toby Maidens accepted partial payment on my behalf. I also have the documented momentary "pay plan" that he created to get us all caught up, which we honored and fulfilled at that time.

It is my extreme displeasure that I have experienced this unfortunate situation. I am grateful for the allowances, however, I was handled very unprofessionally and rudely and am requesting some form of monetary restitution for me and my family having to experience this as new residents of the great Lone Star State!

If you would like to handle this outside of the court system, I am prepared to do so. However, if not, I will have legal representation to contact you on a more formal plateau. Having the behavior of one manager that is underdeveloped in leadership training ruin a renown reputation of your establishment is hardly worth the consequences.


Cheryl Redes