Woodsprings Suitesrefund of unused balance

[protected] // Mr. Jerry L. Ayer formerly room 431. // a threatening knife wielding guest from room 429 filled a false report which ended with our being evicted from room. and a minor female mentally retarded child ( sister to a employee ) arrested for seeking a safe place to avoid conflict. the man from room 429 even brandished his knife to an Springdale officer. an same officer cleared our room of any wrong doing. yet we were removed in the middle of the night. please refund unused balance to me. ph#[protected]-- I did speak with a young polite man named Pedro whom assisted with our leaving this horrid location even as the man from room 429 battered him with foul language. The other staff ( carl ) member was extremely lacking in professionalism failing short of his duties in your profession. going forward I will suggest the rest of my company and employees leave your location due to this disruption. Sincerely J.L.Ayer

Aug 01, 2018

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