Woodsprings Suites / bob, the person who identified himself as the district manager

Saugus, MA, United States

My sister Diane, and her boyfriend, Robert, have been staying at The WoodSprings Suites for the last 6 weeks before their newly purchased condo passes inspection. My sister has a little parakeet and the policy states that pets are allowed and a $10 deposit was required for the duration of the stay. Someone named Bob, who identified himself as the district manager, was banging on the door of my sister's suite on the morning of Friday, October 19, 2018. My sister told me that she answered the door only to hear this gentleman, in a very condescending and heated manner, tell her that she couldn't have pets in the suite and that other tenants were complaining. He made comments to her about how the place was not "Ghetto" and that this is "Saugus". She attempted to open the door by disengaging the locking latch and he attempted to push the door open and make entry.
My sister asked if he could provide her his last name and he responded by saying "I don't have to tell you that"

I would like a resolution to this issue or I intend to escalate this to the BBB or obtain advise for legal action.

Oct 20, 2018

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