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Winners International/American Cash Awards / phone phishing

1 WA, United States Review updated:

I too, have received phone calls from a phone number registered in Jamaica. The man identified himself as JOHN WASHINGTON. This man had a very heavy accent and was difficult to understand. He informed me that he was from winners's international and my phone number was selected from 2000 numbers to receive a cash award of 2.5 million dollars as the second place winner. I was then given an address for Geneva Loe, 407 Kingsbury Circle, Georgia, 31088(no city in Georgia). Mr. Washington then informed me that i would need to send $95 by western union to this address for the insurance of delivery. I too, was told of cash delivery of the money or by check with escort, then told it was UPS that would deliver. When i asked if the company had a website mr. washington informed me that the company was only 6 months old and didn't have one. Red Flag. When asked what the first place prize was, mr. washington told me it was 5.3 million dollars and a 2008 Lincoln Navigator. Come on! Millions of dollars and a 3 year old vehicle? Red Flag! Once i was told to go to wal mart and western union the money before the delivery i knew it was a scam. Now i see many other people have had the same or similar calls.

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  • Mo
      20th of May, 2012
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    I have a few names to throw into the pot, John Bagardy of the F.B.I., , Deitra Williams in Cincinnati Ohio, , Ralf Laring from wells Fargo bank in Los Vegas calf., John Black, Karen Wattson., all of these people hav a 2.5 million dollar check for me. I need to know what we as united state cit. can do to get these people arrested and put under the jail house? someone let me know because these people have ruent my life and know i want to get even. this is the car i'm supose to win also.

  • Ja
      10th of Jun, 2015
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    iI want to enter for the cash prizes GWY. At 12:00 AM! Thank you

  • Pa
      1st of Jul, 2015
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    I was contacted by my home phone a few minutes ago from "Unknown Caller" with no phone number listed. The man (I will not call him a gentleman) said I had won a lot of money, which I don't remember how much, and a car and needed my mailing address so the delivery could be made sense all they had was my phone number. I didn't give it to them and questioned him about why didn't they just do a address look up for my number and was told they didn't have a way of doing that. I told them to just call the telephone operator and they could get it that way for a small fee. So I asked for a phone number to call to check him out and he gave me a number to call that he said was in Philadelphia (1-876-576-1600) and he would call me back after I made the call . I didn't call that number, I called our State Attorney General instead and was told that this IS A SCAM and that number is a Jamaica number. He did call back and I told him what I did and what was told to me. He called me and them a liar. To say the least I'm not falling for that scam.

  • Ki
      20th of Jan, 2016
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    My name is kirneshia iam from memphis and i just got off the phone with a man name john anderson from a jamaica number. He told me i won second place in a drawing for 1.5 million and a new 2016 car. Then he say before i receive it i would need to go to westion union and send a man name rudy steaveson 480 to oklahoma city to get something i am need to give to the fedex driver. Now if i got a call from jamacia why iam sending something to oklahoma. Now i really thought i was getting a blessing to i start thinking.. How did they get my number how did i get in the contest and if i won a contest why didn't he all ready know my name... I had to tell him so when he called back i went off cause he tryna play me and i work to dame hard for my money to give it away. Please if you are reading this don't answer yo phone for a jamaica number and if he say his name is rudy anything hang up please don't give away yo money.

  • Mi
      30th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    No don't hang up, you're doing it wrong. Talk to them, know it's a scam, and harass them. Do stupid #### like telling them you will meet them at some airport with the check (don't show up yourself). When they call later, tell them your flight was delayed and set up a new time and place at a different airport. Tell them you're out of money and stuck at wherever. Get them to do whatever annoying thing you can. Have them carry a backpack hugged close their chest to recognize them. Let airport security nab them. (you won't need to call airport security, that behavior alone is enough to get them questioned). If it's a terrible English speaker, teach them phrases in English like using "take this with a grain of salt" as a contemporary greeting so other people are clued in it's a scam. Tell them that they should call themselves "Sheldon Cooper" or some other american tv personality to give away the scam. These "people" are giving you a license to be a nasty trolling fuktard. Abuse it. The more time and effort you can get them spending on you, the less time they have conning other stupid people. Give the law time to work to catch these scammers.

  • Me
      18th of Jan, 2017
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    Good morning world just received a phone call from a number in Jamaica from a man's and his name is John Carter he said I won $400, 000 and a new Corvette 2017 it's a scam he wants me to send $105 to a place in Nevada why would I have to send money to a place in Nevada when the number is coming from Jamaica scam do not send money to these people.

  • Jo
      7th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    I got a phone call yesterday saying I won a thousand dollars. He asked me to send dollars to Florida. He called today I told him the trouble I was having and I could not send any money to him for taxes. So he said he liked me and that he was going to send me a check for $5000.00 help me out so I would not miss the big money I was to get. I did not have to pay the taxes. He is to call me tomorrow after I deposit the money into my account (I did not give him my account number) He said that was against the law for me to give him any information. So this does not make any sense to me to send me money so I can get the million dollars. He is from Jamaica. If it sounds too good to be true you know it is not

  • Ri
      7th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Jo Ann Parr Occhiuzzi I was involved with these calls from Jamaica and after being taken for a total of $375 and a frustrating year I wrote it off but continued to be accosted for another 2 years I have finally blocked enough calls that the over seas calls stopped but I am on somebody's succor list I still have scammers calling from all over the USA. Right now an Austin Brown has me on his line as an $17.5 million dollar winner with 8 days left to complete jumping through his hoops before the claim endate expires. American Cash Awards Global Sweepstakes. Does not seem to exist on line yet if you call his office (a Texas number) the answer machine claims it is the ACAGS claims department. This is not resolved yet the hemming and hawing sound like they are still trying to pull a scam as the request to pay off my credit card so I would have money to pay specific fees to get the check processed, thus another ploy to get some money. The attempt to use the credit card ploy did not work since the safe guards in place with shared banking for transferring money between banks stopped that lie. 8 days left and I think I'll contact any lawer that would except 1% of the final awarded amount to get that check into my bank account.Around $17.000 would make a good lawer a nice paycheck. I would expect one of two things to happen, I do end up with a boat load of money or we get another band of crooks off the street. I would consider either one a win! Is there any lawers that would like a shot at possibly a very nice pay check?

  • Ri
      19th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    yes I am getting the same thing about the 2.5million that I have won from different callers and they are asking for 999.00 for the delivery of the I got a call from a lady marian Johnson wondering if I am getting the cheque still and only pay 250.00 for delivery and the balance of 250.00 after I receive it.i have been scamed before like a lot of others and I live in Canada an this comes for the states and do you think they will return my money if I don't receive it.not a chance in hell.come to me with the cheque or mail or delivery and get more then what the price was for the delivery cause then you know it's for real.+19494279074 is the number and sounds like the Philippines or around that state.1 call from the multi millions lottery and this one from the American cash awards but same amount for both.scams.

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