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American Cash Awards / Midwest Circulationno magazines, no refund

A young man approached my 16 year old daughter concerning buying magazine subscriptions. She was with her 18 year old sister. She felt sorry for the man and signed up. She borrowed the money from her sister. When they got home I hit the roof. Two days later I sent all information for refund. After 4 weeks or hearing nothing I called and was told the refund would be issued in 3 days. We're still waiting! In the letter I even stated she was underaged.


  • Su
    susycue3 Oct 08, 2009

    sorry, u will NEVER see it. its a scam. just ask me i know

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  • Mi
    midwest Oct 12, 2009

    this lady DID recieve a full refund

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  • Ba
    Barrudaki Nov 09, 2009

    Funny I don't see the customer coming back and saying they got a refund just some person from the company saying she did. How about we wait for the customer to come back and say if they got a refund and also maybe they would be nice enough to report back what type of attitude they were given about their complaint.

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  • No
    NOMAGS Dec 08, 2009


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  • Cr
    Croix Jan 20, 2010

    Same thing happened to me, in Spring Hill, FL. I'm going to the "company", my bank, and everywhere else I can think to go to catch these little ###. Take advantage of trust and compassion, will they? People like that need to be STAMPED OUT.

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  • Sd
    sdunwoodie Feb 10, 2010

    I am still waiting on my magazines. i called the number on my receipt and they said Bridgett Robbins is the owner and doesn't use their service any longer. I tried calling the number they gave me (Midwest Circulation) and they said they have never heard of Bridgett Robbins. Where do we go from here??

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  • Be
    beachmother Mar 16, 2010

    Yes, I finally received my refund. I also complained to the Better Business Bureau, who I believe, helped alot. I also think my daughter being underaged helped also. It took a while which was aggravating. I received a handwritten check which seemed a little weird, from a company, and was a little afraid to cash it incase it bounced. My bank could not guarantee that it wouldn't. The receipt my daughter received had the wrong phone number on it. The only Midwest Circulation I found on the internet had nothing to do with selling magazines, that I could tell, and gave me no useful information. I called the fax number on the receipt and a girl answered. It took two phone calls. The first said the check was in the mail. I waited about 3 weeks, no check. Called again and was told the same thing. After a couple of weeks I finally got it. I think my daughters have learned a lesson, I hope!

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  • Ba
    Barrudaki Apr 14, 2010

    Thank you beachmother for following up. Your daughter being under age, getting the BBB involved and not letting the issue fall to the way side is what got you the refund. There are many companies named Midwest Circulation, Midwest Circulations, Midwest Circulation LLC, ect.

    These magazines companies like to name their companies with similar names of companies which have nothing to do with magazines or a company that has a good reputation so when someone does a search on the name their company doesn't show on the first page or the first few links. Buys them time on someone else's reputation.

    The one in mention is Midwest Circulation, LLC

    Usually if you search for the company name along with word scam or complaint you can get more accurate search results.

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  • De
    destinywalker441 Aug 16, 2010

    hi, my boyfriend and i were offered i job that was too good to be true. all we had to do is sell mags. door to door or at wal mart or malls sounds easy right, well it was . The deal was that we got paid for trainning for two weeks 20 dollars a day which was actually 2 days and then the 20 went to 5 or 10 dollars a day, they said they paid for room and board, which was a lie, we ended up having to pay for gas, food and hotel room .the crew was led by "managers" whom if you was late to meeting beat you up and the same held true if you did not meet quota. we told our manager that we wanted to go home, that this was not for us and with in 3 days my manager, Calvin Worthy, took my boyfriend and i to "work" he dropped my bf off in a neighborhood and took me to wal mart and left, come to find out, when he dropped me off went and picked up my bf telling him that i wanted nothing more to do with him so he was sending him home. Keep in mind I knew nothing ... i has a horrible gut feeling so i went to the police and asked to use the phone so i could see where my ride was and no one answered and so she took me to our hotel the knights inn . where i saw all of his stuff gone, i ran to the office manager demanding to know where my man and all of his stuff was then i was told he was at grayhound . so i went to greyhound and called the owner Bridget, she appolgised and said the office was closed and she would get my ticket home the next day ... another lie!!! the next day she avoided my calls and when someone finnally answered they said she was not avalible and quickly hung up the phone... Dont be pulled into they're scams, theres no tellong what they wanted to do with me after they got him to leave!!!

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  • Ta
    Talon021 Sep 29, 2010

    MY girlfriend and I also took this too good to be true job. And that is just what it is, too good to be true. These people literally scam people out of their money. If you do end up buying a magazine, you will be lucky to ever get it. Donations are pocketed by the "agents" or collected to go toward buying another magazine to meet their day's quota. Anything they say goes to charity is a total lie, I have witnessed this first hand, and know for a fact they have no affiliation with any charities. The manager of crew #012 is Richard Lamb. He wasn't a bad man to us, at least while we were in our home area, which we never left for we went home. He runs this crew with his wife April Lamb and they both live in Holland, GA. They were home working the Rome area when I met up with them. The "agents" they have working for them are mostly all junkies, on the run from the law, or just delinquents in general. Jeff, Maddison, Tyson, Mike, Amber, Katrina, Richie, Joshua, Brittany, Chris, Ryan, Dylan, Pockets, and Porsche make up crew #012 as of right now. These people will lie, cheat, and scam their way into your wallet. BEWARE of them, as of Sept. 29, 2010 they are in the Cedar Bluff, AL area. If you see them call the cops. They are saying they are in college collecting points to win a trip overseas or cash money. This is all a scam to get you to donate or buy a magazine from them. Don't be duped, or get pulled into their "charm" it's all a facade. They are dangerous people, and never let them in your home. CALL THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY. They are traveling in a white Chevrolet 15 passenger van with all the windows blacked out, also has a dealer tag with 10-16-2010 on it. That is all i know, don't be scammed!!!

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  • Av
    averagewhiteguy Oct 31, 2010

    Talon021, as of October 30, 2010 people with that description seem to be in the area around Jacksonville, AL. I was actually approached by one and gave him a check for a $56 subscription. After I realized what Midwest Circulation really was I just happened to see him in the area and I actually personally asked for my check back, my excuse being that I didn't have the funds to cover the check. Upon producing my receipt from earlier I actually got my check back, which I promptly destroyed. I shouldn't have let my guard down but I did this time. I hope no one else falls into that same trap

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  • We
    wescam28 Nov 10, 2010

    Yes indeed! midwest circulation is a complete scam and a complete rip-off. i personaly worked for bridgette and levi. they r some of the most trifflin managers i have ever seen in this industry. i hope by the new year, disgusting people like bridgette and levi will b erased from the industry. they have 4 to 5 people to a room, the rooms dont get paid for till after 11pm some days. the vehicles constantly break down and are fithly, infested with bugs and garbage on the inside. and 9 out of 10 people on the nearly 100 man crew are drug addicts and dope fiends.

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  • Ad
    adobe18 Jan 27, 2011

    i also agree i worked for 049 bryan fallin and they area ll worthless pieces of nothing... i was dating a manager hoping that would make my days easier instead of being stranded in a random place, but i ended up there anyway. i was arrested in indiana tehy didnt help me out, left me there to fend for myself mind you, i live in montana very far awasy. DONT BUY MAGAZINES FROM MIDWEST CIRCULATIONS!!! IT IS MOST DEFINETLY A SCAM!!!

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  • Bl
    black21rose Jan 31, 2011

    i use to work for the company. they are drunks and pot heads. we only got paid twenty dollars a night. we had to buy our own food and clothing. they are brutal on employees. i know i went three days without eating cause i could not sell any magazines. they have a web site. go to there contact info and call the main head quarters. they are a rip off. most of the people working for them are felons. do not buy anything from them.

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  • Ja
    jane beatty may Apr 04, 2011

    I am confused, Nick Barrenger, is the young man who tried to scam me about the magazines, and yet his name apprears on the above complaint, 6 days ago, no wonder he is such a fast talking individual, and ask for water, and then some cookes, etc, and to use my bath room, I keep a pistol at my bedside, and last night, had it handy, as I became suspicious, of the whole ordeal, Am calling Better Business Bureau now, Stay out of Knoxville Tenn.

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  • Ja
    jane beatty may Apr 04, 2011

    I realize it is important to let you know, I was not asked to sign the receipt, and it states, no veral agreement is recognized, and there for they are not obligated to send the magazines etc. And i was asked to donate them to charity, St. Judes, and the "Trooops", and after they left, knew I had been had, and called my bank and had "Stop Payment put on my checks. And pulled up this info, and knew, I did the right thing, Nic, is a fast talking, charmer, and knows how to avoid questions, and will end up being more than a con man in his life, and that is such a shame, but it is his choice, to use his talents in this manner, I dare the company to contact me, as have already set legal friend on alert, as to their scam, Thanks to all of you, for saving a 83 yr old lady from throwing money down the drain, to some illegal people who have no sense, of what is right or wrong.

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  • Tu
    Tune Jun 07, 2011

    They are in currently in Labette County. Parsons, KS. a boy goin by the name of P.J. claimin he was 19 from Memphis. out of his group number #028 and a girl name Sara age 21. his "company" is "midwest circulation llc" and he tried sellin me some bogus magazines. Also, I was with one of my friends and P.J. tried convincing us to join the company. Sayin: all the same stuff yall been sayin, Training for 2 and u get paid, the college trip, you travel the united states, you can smoke weed n drink all day everyday, He even admitted to "manipulating the elderly/common people." Me and my friend feel like the only reason he gave us so much info is cuz he thought we was gonna join. And to be honest, I was really about to join it sounded too good to be true, cuz im currently unemployed. These kids had Several Tattoos/Piercings and the girl had a "Support the Troops" Tattoo which they say they support. Which is also a big lie. we had a fishy feeling from the beginning. But the best part is when the girl said they're going to the East Coast, she said Tennessee. Coincidently where P.J. was from. and then 5 seconds after she said they're goin to the East Coast, P.J. said "ya were about to go to California." Sooo...put two n two together and you get Rip Off. I feel sorry for the people that fall into this ###, because i was falling into it myself. This is one of the most craziest things i've ever experienced in my life, and it comes to show how ###ed up this world is! oh ya...btw its currently 2:39 a.m. in kansas and me n my friend been trippin on this ###, we drove by 2 motels and coincidently seen WHITE 8-10 passenger CHEVROLET VANS with BLACK TINTED WINDOWS. They are obviously good at what they do...We also called BRIDGETT ROBBINS AKA the "CEO" of midwest circulation and we asked one simple question. stating that "we were offered a job by one of your associates and we was wondering if it was Legit." And after 5 Seconds of silence we realized she had hung up the phone. These people are some sick ###s in the head. straight weirdos..

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  • Po
    pokesmot1014 Jul 25, 2011

    i dont see what everyones problem is. i buy magazines from these guys every year when they come to my house and i never have any problems. i always get my magazines.

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  • 02
    028 bitches mrc Sep 22, 2011

    I have been on maganize crew for a few years now and they have always done me right...they get two weeks paid training...and a room to sleep in and there for the ones that are talking ### on midwest circulation stop hating...this company gives people a job to see the world and make good money its one of the most easier job out there and u can enjoy ur self...and about bridget she is one of the nicest lady i know she helped me when i was down and out and i will always have love for that women...she has more balls than any man thats for sure...for the ones that havent been on mag crew dont talk ### unless u have been and the ones that are on here talking ### that has been dont talk ### because u didnt want to better urself...bridget is amazing so f*** what u heard or saying...Midwest Circulation IS THE GREATEST...THANKS FOR BETTERING MY LIFE!!!

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  • Sc
    Screwumagcrew Mar 08, 2012

    Haha don't worry everyone who has been scammed by Bridgette, I've been getting her back slowly for the last two years getting her to get me free bus tickets and money and never showing up at the greyhound for her well sometimes I do but I'm hiding and watch them come look for me but they never find me .lol.ive actually been scamming every mag crew in the country for tickets and money and they still continue to let me get away with it.i was on a crew for a year and it all seemed great until I figured out that nobody got ###.i realized I was a prostitute for these people and they trained me to be the best con man I can be, but I got outta scamming people door to door now I just give them the karma they deserve for all the people they have ###ed;)

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  • Da
    Davilletharill Jun 05, 2012

    And I like to apologize to all the people that have been robbed for their hard earned money cuz I was one of dem people who is goin thru a ruff spot in their life and almost made a terrible mistake to join these heartless mindless morally impaired bunch of crack meth and heroin addicts they prey on the people who are desperate for money and want to travel and make something better out of they lives I agree wit homie from the Lou come down on 42 nd post east side nap and try ur cons and get y'all ### ### stretched out right n nap Bridgette and every ### or ### ### junky ### ashy Larry ### ### can get it from the managers on down ### test it cracker boy or ### trust it

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  • Pi
    pissedoffperson2 Jan 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just had a "salesman" come to my door from Midwest circulation LLC magazines.. I was polite and listened to his pitch and proceeded to tell him that I am sorry I do not have the $98.00 they were requesting as a "donation" (Mind you this is a sunday night at 730pm who does sales at this time??) After I said no thank you he proceeded to call me every name in the book A**hole, ###, selfish etc. .. long story short my bf took over & took care of him and probably scared this kid for life. Come to find out he had been to others in our apt and did the same thing and some people even gave him a check. After we spoke to the cops, we got it taken care of but everyone in this area please be aware of this scam. It could have been a lot more dangerous if I was home alone (And thank God my boyfriend is an infantryman.. the LAST person on earth anyone would want to mess with) After being verbally abused by people who were breaking the "No solicitation" law in my apt complex I can say I will not rest until this company gives me some sort of explanation.

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  • Se
    Seth S 008 Sep 25, 2014

    It all depends on what crew u r workin for ...mid west is not where u wanna be ...its all aboit fit for life 008 ...and idk why midwest cant send the mags it only cosT them 8dollars outta the 56 they charge lol smh

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  • Se
    Seth S 008 Sep 25, 2014

    Really all depends on which company u work for ...midwest iS not where i wld be lol ...and i dont know why yall aint getting the mags Only cost them 8$ to send it lol smh

    Its all about fit for life 008 <-- ...there not a scam they pay the 8 dollars lol i mean why not if we charge 63 they can atleast pay the 8 idk y midwest cant

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