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American Cash Awards / beware! avoid the "you have won 2.5 million dollars!" scam and ripoff

Avoid Scams on Oct 7, 2017
10/7/17 - Received a call from David Brooks (ID-00623) phone numbers he gave were 509-266-8450 (came up as Washington) he said it was a satellite phone and 876-867-7098 (came up as Jamaica). He said I had just won the American Cash Awards sweepstakes (cashiers check for $2.4 million and a...

American Cash Awards / american cash award scam

IAcheson on Oct 6, 2017
I received a call from a John Smith Banks who claims I am the winner of 2.5 million Dollar Sweepstake's Winner...He kept asking me if I want to receive it, privately or publicly ?? I asked him who he is with? What the name of his company is? Which he told me. Then I asked "how do I...

American Cash Awards / my undeliver prizes

Donna J Hickman on Aug 5, 2017
For over a year I have been trying to get the prizes that I am supposed to have won delivered and yesterday was another day they were supposed to deliver the car and check to my house and nobody showed as usual. This actually is evidence that this is a SCAM and NOT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ...

American Cash Awards / undelivered sweepstakes award scam

Donna Joyce Hickman on Jun 26, 2017
I do not know if you are legitimate or simply trying to scam the public. I have been trying to get my awards delivered for a year and I have paid well over $40000 in fees during this time. I am currently adding up all of the fees and all of the information regarding where and who they went...

American Cash Awards / cash and claims department

Janella on Jun 19, 2017
I was called by a man who claimed he was an FBI officer Bobby Adams with badge number 33341 phone number he called on first was 215-642-0201 which he admitted was a satellite phone. He said he was calling from Washington DC and was doing investigations against people who have been scammed...

American Cash Awards / lottery winnings.asking for tax money to be paid off $910.00.

smithicles on Jun 16, 2017
I have been getting messages from a msjanice walters saying yous want 910.00 to pay tax on a win I have had in your lottery.12year anniversary promotion held on january 2017. Las vegas nevada, saying I have won 10, 500, 000, and a 2017 jaguar. My name is john william smith. 1101e high st...

American Cash Awards / I gave my last

Alaina1234567 on May 18, 2017
I gave my last to this guy named Mark Davis. He was telling me about how he'd pull up with the UPS to send me my money and I never received it. I'm 19 years old yes I still stay at home with my mom and siblings and that was all the money I had .. it really brings me to tears as I write...

American Cash Awards / Out Of Albany New York / prize I have won

american Cash Awards on May 5, 2017
Have received a dozen phone calls from this company about a prize i have won any where from 1.5 million 2.5 and 5.5 plus a new car i keep tellin them i have no money they are going to pay my credit card offso that i can use it to buy something worth 280 and send it to them he said to buy...

American Cash Awards / phone call

Beverly Glessner on Feb 21, 2017
got about the 5th call today from 702-550-1442 telling me I had won $8000000 and a new car. This was a scam and I repoirted in several sights. Also you do not know it but the call is really from Jamaica and you get a LD charge of a considerable amount on your phone bill. I reported the #...

American Cash Awards / using publishers clearing house awards as a front - scam

H Mart on Jan 31, 2017
1/30/17- I got a call from a Tim White stating I have wow 2.5 Million and a new Mercedes C Class with 3 month pd insurance. stated the prize patrol was on there way to my home and gave me claim # for winnings after going on for about 20 min, finally got down to the part where i needed to...

American Cash Awards / phone scam

Debra J. Johnson on Jan 30, 2017
On 1/30/17 at11:34 a. m. and 12:49 p. m.., I received a call from dantaye davis representing himself as a representative of american cash awards. he asked if I had already received a call from david banner telling me about the prize and what I needed to do to receive the prize. I have...

American Cash Awards Giveaways / getting money back

Suzanne Albertson on Jun 4, 2016
yes we're trying to get the money back from the Company called American Cash Awards Giveaways and that a guy named Mr. Oscar White was suppose to Western Union us back $2, 150 but never did and that he needs to be put in Jail or worse hanged and that he can't come through with what he wa...

American Cash Awards / cash reward & card

Al Buquing on May 8, 2016
David Brown from Las Vegas, NV (yeah, right) called me over the past 2 days on a landline that I specifically use for 911 calls. I finally answered the call this am and followed his ominous instructions to receive a car and $68K in cash. He stated that I need to see him and his associate...

American Cash Awards / sweepstakes winner phone call

Shirley Jacobsen on May 6, 2016
I was contacted on my voicemail by Jack Rosenberg on my telephone number 417 522 3940 and told that I won a sweepstakes for the amount of 4.5 million dollars. when I told him I didn't believe him he said he would set up an account for me for $300, 000 and I could pay my credit card...

American Cash Awards / using publishers clearing house awards as a front

Starr Mayo on Apr 9, 2016
4/9/2016 8:30am, someone ID'ed himself as (Mr. Robert Nelson) said I had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. $2.5Million dollars, a new Cherry Red Malibu Truck and $7, 000 a month for life. Very convincing with phone #876-464-3999 (I looked it up while on the phone with him), it...

American Cash Awards / saying you won millions of dollars

Reviewer45353 on Oct 25, 2015
Omg they just keep calling even though you tell them that you look their company up on the Internet and it says scam but they are rentless.American Cash Awards.I told them if you got to pay money to get money it a scam, don't think they believe I would not fall for their scam...not

American Cash Awards / offer of 3.5 mil w/fee of $3500 & expensive car

Joan Stewart on Sep 20, 2014
I have received an unsolicited phone call telling me I have won 3.5 mil dollars and a 2014 Mercedes. Requested I submit $3500 - never got an answer as to where it was to be sent. Due to my refusal to send money to anyone they (I spoke to 3 different people trying to convince me this wa...

American Cash Awards / cash prize and mercedes benz

TAS1985 on Jun 6, 2013
I received a call from James Nelson claiming that he worked with American Cash Awards and the were through the Better Business Bureau located in Washington DC but calling from a 876 Jamaica area code. He told me that i won a cash prize of $350, 000 and a brand new 2013 Mercedes Benz. They...

American Cash Award / catherine nathan

cnathan on Sep 28, 2012
Contacted by Bruce Golden, who claimed to be the manager. Said he was calling from Louisville, MS. Never got to first base with me, although he offered me $2.5 million dollars and a brand-new Mercedes. Said he needed the verification of my name and other information in order to send me a check for $925. Sure he was...

Winners International/American Cash Awards / phone phishing

I too, have received phone calls from a phone number registered in Jamaica. The man identified himself as JOHN WASHINGTON. This man had a very heavy accent and was difficult to understand. He informed me that he was from winners's international and my phone number was selected from...

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