Windstream Communicationsemployee not doing their job

K Nov 29, 2017

I called on September 29th to disconnect my internet service. My phone number for the account is [protected] and my name is Kristi Wareneke. The lady I talked to helped with disconnecting and then transferred me to take a touchscreen survey on the phone before hanging up. I had my phone number transferred to my new provider as well. Now 2 months later I have had 2 payments taken out of my account and when I called to resolve it, I was told that no orders were ever put in my account to disconnect and that all they could do was disconnect today but they could not reimburse me my money back. Winstream also stated that they still own my phone number even though it was transferred to my new provider already and that I would have to go through the whole process again.

I feel like the right thing to do would be to reimburse me for the last two months, $166.82, since I did everything by the book and the employee did not do her job correctly.

I would be happy to provide any other information needed to make this happen. Thank you for your time!

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