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Notes On Whole foods dismissal. I started with whole foods under a professional expectation that they are a well rounded fair equal company. In the Beginning when I was hired the lady Mel who hired me explained that she see I am applying for Customer service but, clearly she encourage me to try grocery over night because it’s something different and no customers and 1.00 extra pay. I said I have never tried it but, would give it a go since they needed help in that dept and she went on to say if you don’t like it, you can always just transfer to the dept you wanted in the beginning. I asked was there any special requiremets and she said nope just stock the shelfs and listen to my music in my headphone easy and laidback. The first two week there, I went to lift a case of coconut water, and tore my old injury from a previous job. I told my supervisor Nicolle, and she said its probally due to not using the muscles. Days went on and the pain never really subsided, but then I get called into the office and told I am moving to slow and not keeping my quota, which I was unaware of. I told Tony the shift supervisor about the incident and he explained that I was to try harder or it is going to lead to a write up. Until a week later mark tony boss calls into the office again and I went to explain I am in pain but, still trying to do my best and keep my numbers. And, the injury seems to be getting worse. I was told get my numbers up our it will resort to termination. The next day, I get pulled into the office with Jenn Jenn and tony asking me why I am moving so slow and my numbers are low. Explained again what happened and how I am trying to stay on task but, since my benefits have not kicked I can’t afford to see my chirocpractor but one a week, and he said to take it easy on my left side or I can really make the injury permanent. I was told to go home, and to wait for a call for there decision on my work schedule. I get a call the same day, saying yes you need a note from the doctor to return, and it after 5pm and have to wait 3 days before my apt is due to see my doctor. I get the note, and bring it into HR and was told it not clear enough on the pounds and weight restrictions. I go back ($75 again) same week, explain the note was not clear enough and he re adjusted me and wrote a better not with more details. Bring It back, then told, not clear enough, so I just go on to say my doctor said to call him if you don’t understand clear directions on the client. I go home Hr contacts me to come and start working in Customer Service front End were I originally applied. It seem like to me that communication between management is really a disconnect there because nobody talked to anybody about my injury or my doctor note. I start in CS front end and benefits kick in and seeing my chiropractor two times a week and healing fine. But, now I start to notice little things like how supervisors like Natalie talk to team members a little out of pocket, and Supervisor Brad is trying to fix a lot of issues that seem to be going on way before I started. Then, I had to keep reminded them about my limited ablilities as far as gathering carts so it don’t pull on my left side while I am healing. I notice that our turnover is high and from speaking with team members its due to lack of respect between tm and managers, like ash who seems to play favorites with some more then other especially supervisors. Other are leaving to persue there goal in life. I stay focused and come to work everyday, on time, I was late 2 times in 8 months by 14 min and 6 min, but I get a notice to file which is not a write just to let me know to mind my time clock ins. But it was a little weird that we hired a young man name Rick who clearly had some issues in his head, tm notices him eating the produce that was not paid for and getting food from the hot bar without paying and taking naps in the break room on the clock. We all wondered what is going on and why is getting away with it, we was told by supervisor Natalie and Erin that they cant just fire him they, need to build a case on him. Tm was like wow but, ok. 3 months go on and he is finally separated from the company. We have Tm that show up weekly late like Jaddais who calls out at will. Or Fedge who curses out team members on the floor and say stuff like “the world needs to blow up and start over” just interesting personalitys all around. But, I do what I am told, and focus on my job. Every time I am asked to help in another dept I always say yes, as well stay later and come in on my days off. So its 8 months into my employment and I finally called out sick on a Sat due to strenuous stomach pains. I went to the doctor, and received Motrin for the pain and antacids which both said to eat with food when taking. I only had to take the meds for 3 to 5 days, I returned to work. Two days later realizing I was due for my meds and have not eaten all day. On Monday 10/9 put two scoops of mashed potaoes into on of the small hot bar boxe to have something on my stomach before the meds kick in and I get sent home and get a point. While in line on my 10 min break I took a couple of bites out of the box, ( realizing I don’t get another break for another 2 hours, by then I would have been in terrible pain) the line was long and my 10 min was dwendlling down and I get to the register and explain to Tizi the cashier I took a couple of bites but, if she needs to add a stapler or something for weight pls do but, I was in terrible tummy pain. She said she understand rung me up and that left me with 2 min to get back from my 10 min break. So I forced the finishing food down my throat and went back to the register. Two scoops is not a lot but when you in a hurry you don’t have time to taste the food either. So, on Tues 10/10 I get called into the office to meet with Brad and Tanya the shift Supervisor, I am asked about the incident on Monday about eating out of the hot bar box. I see Tanya has a pen and pad but, not writing anything down as she asked me “why did I do it” I explained my med issue and stomach pains, told her it was never a money issue but, a health issue. I am more then willing to pay whatever she feels it cost, she ended the comment with you still know it was not right. I said “ I understand and not lying about the eating of the food but, I was more worried about my health. I will openly accept and own up to it. She asked “ you say two or three bites but, on camera it looks like 3 or 4 bites would you agree” I said not sure since it was the day after, but sure I will agree.
In the meantime I notice Brad turning red and not really saying nothing, (like he was uncomfortable being there) and she not writing nothing down. But, doing all the talking ending the comments with but, you know it was not right. So, I realize at this point she has made up her mind and she is not listening to me. She explains per protocal I am put on a suspension until further notice and to stay by my phone and wait for a call. Now, in my mind since I have never been in trouble on purpose, and have a great track record and wonderful repor with my staff, I am looking at a write up for sure. Days go by, and no call on either phone. But, I knew I should hear something by Friday 13th on payday. I checked my workday and saw my PTO cashed out and knew I was terminated. I proceeded to call the store and ask questions. Brad could not answer any due to the fact he was not informed of my separation from the company.
Tanya the shift supervisor says to me on the phone that she did not want me to find out this way, I went on to say I did not receive a phone call or email, she explained that she called the number on file I told her I have no missed calls and I cleared all my voicemails to make sure I could get the call. She said well with that being said we decided to separate you from the company. I explained that I will be down to sign my paperwork and she really seemed worried about the time I would be arriving and why since I did not need to why am I coming down. So, now I really want to know what she put on the paperwork. I proceed to the store and run into my staff which had no clue I was released, and Tizi the cashier says” did you get a write up too” I looked at her and said nope “ I Got terminated” she was very surprised. Tizi was wrote up for not snitching on me to a supervisor about me eating the bites out of the box. I explain the truth to my fellow team members, and all I hear is team members have been written for that not terminated. Me being only 8 months into the company, was unaware of that. I felt I was being made a example of for whatever reason, I am not sure. Overall I feel there was another route she could of went seeing that in the comment box on my termination paperwork it says “On Oct 9 2017 Jeanetta was in the check out line, eating from the container, before handing the cashier a “half-eaten” box of food Jeanetta admitted eating only one bite” only. This is WFM Theft policy.
To counter act which she did not say was I was on meds, offered to pay for whatever she felt I owed, was not sure of how many bites I had, explained it was my first offense and no reconmendations like a final. If it is on record that other TM have been written up for the same thing, I request an investigation and apology from The supervisor. I like the company and its values as a whole, I like my experiences and growth I developed in the company. I really learned a lot from my fellow staff and supervisors like Natalie she came off unapprocable but, softened up as we worked together more and Erin who try to awnser every question if she did not have a awnser. Brad the staff favorite because he is a problem solver and a ppl person. Robert very emotional with some mood swings but, on a good day you might be able to get a solid awnser.

Oct 18, 2017

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