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I have used several dehumidifiers in different locations over the last 20 years, to keep basements and garages dry. I am using three now. I always buy whirlpool brand. Usually the largest unit they have holding the most water. I have two sitting side by side in a garage now. The first does not work properly, lighting up and coming on for a few seconds or perhaps a min and half. Then it smells like over heated and cuts off. The second one that I bought to replace the first sitting just beside works like a top. Pulling about a bucket full of water ever day or so. My name is M. H. Boone in Elizabethtown, Ky. I have called the 800 number on the unit and pretty much was told that I did not know how a dehumidifier works nor how to operate one. I do not want to order parts. I want the $236. plus tax returned and I will ship this unit to Whirlpool at their cost. I have received no use out of this investment... I cannot return it to the store as the unit says that I must deal with Whirlpool...

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