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Whirlpool Sensation Ex / worst machine / worst customer care

1 India

They say it washes to give whitest of white, for me Whirlpool and their customer care is worst of worst.

I have purchased Whirlpool Sensation EX on the day one they have released thinking that it is the best machine available that time. The cost was around 25 thousands. I new about Whirlpool brand as I lived in US for few years. I thought I was buying a best machine, that time our daughter has just born, we wanted a best machine to wash my babies clothes.

When I switched on for the first time, the machine started moving all over the room, it was not stable, being in hitech product development, I understood that the machine has not been tested for minimum requirements. I asked the installation guys that I do not want the machine they said that I do not have any choice, except for taking additional warranty. Again being in product development, I estimated that this machine is not going to run for a long time, I took additional warranty, called Peace of Mind. At this time I did not knew that it is going to ruin my mental peace.

After several calls to the customer service, they said they are going to replace the stand for all the machines, which they did after some time. After this the machine was not moving away from its original place.

The experience with the machine is worse than my expectations. It is supposed to be a fully automatic machine, but it never takes detergent powder automatically, I need to pour water with mug inside to put the detergent inside as water wont fall in the detergent channel.

After few days, the detergent lid has come off.

After few days, the LED display has gone.

After few days machine did not work.

I have called up several time in this course, they made the machine work, but still LED does not work and it won't take detergent automatically, they did not fix the detergent lid.

I fed up with them, so I kept silent as it was putting me under mental pressure, I decided to live with.

Some time has passed, the machine stopped working again. I called up customer service, she said I was under Peace of Mind plan (Additional warranty that I have paid for), they would take care me well. She also told me that the management has changed now so they are going to solve all my problems, I was happy, but again I did not know that I am falling from pan into oven.

First time a service man has come to my house on Saturday, he checked for some time, after that he said he would come on next day. As washing is important, we were waiting at home on Sunday but the guy did not turn up. I called up customer service but nobody was picking up the phone.

I called up this Monday, they said the person would on that day itself to fix the problem, but the person did not turn up again.

I called up the customer service today (Tuesday 3rd July), they said the person would come any time now, but he did not come up, I called 4 time with approximately 2 hrs gap, each time they said the person going to come now, they used talk to their manager and was assuring me
that they are going to solve the problem, I got irritated and finally asked for time, they said they will fix the problem by 7 PM today. I told them if they not fix it I will goto consumer forum, they said they would fix it at any cost today. But nobody has turned up.

I new this kind of things do not happen in US, I could not understand why this is happening in India. Is this because Indians run the company here? or Whirlpool do not have the similar policies that they have in US?


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