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Whirlpool Microwave / potential safety hazard to whirlpool microwave

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My husband purchased the house which included the Whirlpool Microwave Hood, model # MH8150XMQ - 0. Recently the door has formed cracks that go all the way through the other side, and cracks are also on the plastic grill above the door. I contacted Whirlpool Customer Service, and after explaining the situation to the representative "Jane", I was told "The warranty is expired. There's nothing I can do for you. You can purchase parts, or buy a new one." I am a concerned consumer as there have been recalls on a very similar model to this one because of fire hazards. If there is serious cracking on the outside of this product, I am concerned about the cracking on the inside and what safety hazards this poses. I am passing all this info to other stores who sell Whirlpool microwaves so this problem can be addressed before someone seriously gets harmed. I have also contacted the Whirlpool corporate headquarters via e-mail to address this problem. I have yet to hear from them.

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  • Ma
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    We bought a microwave hood ($680) from whirlpool in 2004. Everything was just peachy until January 2008, when the microwave started arcing inside, emitting smell of burning plastic - and it quit. We called whirlpool "customer experience" and got scheduled for in-home service ($65) with A&E. Tech showed up on Feb.29, 2008. Took the oven apart and stated that there is damage to the chassis due to electrical arcing. The chassis is the one part that renders the whole thing unrepairable. He said he would contact the whirlpool, and in 3 days they were to contact us. We waited 3 days - nothing. After about 10 days I called the "customer experience" and after some time on the phone was told that the responsible department was e-mailed and they were to contact us in 24 to 48 hours. Two weeks have passed - nothing. Today I called whirlpool "customer experience" again, and after some time wasted on the phone was told by the operator that "there is nothing that whirlpool can do about it, because although warranty still covers the magnetron, which is OK, it doesn't cover the chassis any longer. Since the warranty expired, there is nothing the whirlpool can do."

    Beware of whirlpool, beware of the customer experience. From our experience it is VERY BAD. They offer cheaply made chinese products at high prices, and when the appliance fails, it is NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

    Beware of whirlpool bad customer service. They are polite to your face, but since you can't see them, they put you on hold and I bet they laugh their ### off enjoying your loss.

    DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES. If you do so, you'll be sorry.

  • Ro
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I had the bulb on the underside of my whirlpool microwave blow out and when it did it blew something on the circuit board and the whole unit has no power. It is a poor design because there is nothing between the bulb and the circuit board. A small cheap fuse would have saved a 250.00 unit. I called customer service and got the same polite "sorry not our problem" your warranty is over the year mark. I say it is a fundamental design flaw and theyshould take responsibilty for the problem. In addition, if you stick your face way under the unit you can read a warning that changing a bulb without the power off will blow the circuit board. How many normal people would A: get under the unit and read that B: have any thought at all that changing a bulb would ruin an entire unit. My bulb blew on its own and it wiped out the circuit board, really stupid design. want anyone that had a similar experience to email me at thank you Ron Long

  • Ja
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I too purchased a Whirlpool over the cooktop microwave in June 2006. Right at Christmas 20067 it stopped working. After a long and frustrating ordeal with service Whirlpool finally found all the parts and practically re-built the microwave. I asked for 3 months more warranty which they gave me. Sure enough, after that expired in April 2008, it has quit again. Actually sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I wrote Whirlpool and the only thing they offered me was 10%!!! off another new one. Bad customer service!! I love this microwave but I went out and bought an LG. Of all the appliances I've had over the years, GE is still the best. Never use whirlpool again and I always thought their products were so good. I have a washer and dryer but will not replace them with the same because of my problems with this microwave. Whirlpool lost me as a customer!

  • Jm
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    How is it bad customer service when a company honors the warranty?

    When something is out of warranty - you expect a brand new one?

    You agreed to the terms of the warranty when you bought the appliance
    If you don't like that the warranty ended - you should have bought an extended warranty or tried to find an appliance with a lifetime unlimited warranty. Good luck finding one of those...

  • Bu
      27th of Jul, 2011
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    The beat goes on with Whirlpool OTR microwaves. We bought a new house with model # MH1170XSS-1 and after 2.5 years it started burning. Had I not been standing right there, we could have had a serious fire. The power transformer was charred, the unit was a total loss, and Whirlpool safety "was sorry" and offered us a 15% discount on a new unit. Peanuts compared to the service call charge and the cost of the unit itself. Stay away from Whirlpool mircowaves.

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