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Whirlpool India / very very poor response by the authorized service centre and the head office in jaipur!

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A refrigerator which was purchased hardly 3 yrs back and just a pcb cant make our life vulnerable in a week and there is no one to respond from a company which claims to have beauties advertising 4 them. It has been told that they have similar 5 pending cases and they couldn't supply the said pcb.

We are very simple middle classed indian citizens and the cost of pcb told is unbearable. Above that despite 5 working days of complaint the company didn't come to check if the pcb is really faulty. The service center doesn't have a spare to check. They just said that they have other same requisitions and they will do at the earliest. It is good that whirlpool is not manufacturing computers or such boards are countless in them. The cost of the small board is 25% of the whole cost. Ridiculous!

Thanx 4 the site that at least I could pour out my grievance.


Customer for whirlpool's 250l ice-magic fridge
166, ambamata scheme, udaipur, rajasthan, india

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  • Mu
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    I bought split air conditioner 1 T class from M/s Dass Electrical located in Aundh, Pune 7. The reference No. is Invoice 6477ASC dated April 6, 2007.
    Until now I have not got the technical/user manual from the company. Several times I requested them to provide me the manual. Nothing has happened so far.

    It is 3 months now since I bought the equipment.

  • Ch
      17th of Oct, 2007
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    I bought a fridge a year back the freezer wasn't working right from day one and the service personal came and charged me a huge sum to repair and promised me everything is good but nothing worked out then my father had to run around 6 times but still it is of no use the service person name is per mesh #9845390924 and then I tried to get in touch with dinu his superior but he was still worse as he didnt attend my phone only please some suggest me as the last option is a consumer court.

  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2007
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    This is a complaint against Whirlpool Company. Last week on Thursday near my residence Whirlpool promotional camp was going on, there was an attendant, Asif Iqbal, who is a really a fraud and they are making people fool. We needed a washing machine under exchange offer as our old washing machine was having some problem so we thought to buy a new one. This guy, Asif Iqual, told us there was a promotional offer from Whirlpool in which we take your old machine in Rs 3000 and give you a new one at Rs 6270. He told us the price of new machine is around Rs 8400. He had also told us about Diwali gift and scratch card. I did not get it confirmed about this exchange offer from any other whirlpool showroom and gave him a cheque of Rs 6270. After receiving new machine I found that on receiving papers there are no exchange offer mentioned, and NIT Faridabad branch are making people fool. This is really a very cheap trick to sale products. I am also going to police station for this fraud as there was no exchange offer and the actual rate of this new machine is Rs 6200. I have confirmed this going other showrooms after this incident. We had received this new machine three days ago. I am also going to lodge a complaint in consumer court. This is really a very cheap thing. I am very angry on this guy. His mobile number is 9212618098, I am trying to contact him but some other guy is picking phone every time and he is not telling me about Asif Iqbal.

    If the Whirlpool main branch has something to say, call me on my mobile number.

    Shahnawaz Khan

  • Sh
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    i bought a inverter of whirlpool 10 days back as it was the first time that whirlpool was selling inverters so i bought that thinking it would be good enough to satisfy me as i am residing in vaishali and their is a lot of power cuts in vaishali nearly 7-8 hours daily so i bought their latest model of inverter of 800 kva but the moment i buyed that they gave me their first defected piece and at the time of installation we found that it is defective so we replaced that at the same time and they gave us their next piece it worked well for 2-3 hours till the time of charging after that whent their was a power cut it was creating irritating noise after every half an hour after that we registered the complaint with whirlpool and the person visited in my home almost next day saying that inverter is ok and will be taken as under observation well good enough after four days of suffering they didn't visited of their own so we called them back for complaint
    and they din't visted at their given time we called them back again they again gave us time and din't visited again so we gave them the call back and got another time again they din't visited after that an executive called us at an unscheduled time for visit incidiently we were out in market at that time so we asked them to visit next day. finally executive visited us and said that again that the inverter is okay nearly we suffered 10-12 days just listening the same line your inverter is okay he called his supervisior and he said that company has added up a new feature of creating beep sound after every half an
    hour for indicating that their is a power cut well it was the engineer named rajeev working in whirlpool who said that to me and the executive who visited in my home was mr sushil well this feature of inverter is not mentioned in their booklet nor in their advertisements think bout it that you are sleeing next to your inverter which is
    creating irritating beep sound after every half an hour at the time of power cut. Mr rajeev told me that he will visit us again after 3-4 days and you kknow what it is like they didn't even care about their customers that their customers are suffering or what. This was the first time i buyed the product of whirlpool nd i am sure that i am never going to buy ant product of whirlpool again and i will advise all my friends that they should never buy any whirlpool product.
    if you want to cross verify my report ou can
    my name is shubhneet goel
    we bought this inverter on 26/03/08
    this inverter is on my father's name Sri S.P Goel
    my customer id no. is GB/c/0408/7181
    my complaint no. is GB0408000118 registered at 01/04/08
    my phone no. is 09711105715
    i am writing this on 15/04/08

  • Ja
      11th of May, 2008
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    I purchased a Whirlpool 350ltr fridge in the year 2005 and six months back the door came off its hinges and even after making number of complaints nobody at Whirlpool is bothered. According to them the model has now become obsolete and we are left with no other option but to replace it which is actually costing us more than what we paid for the initial fridge!! and surprisingly all their warranties and extended warranties (for which we had to pay Rs 3, 000 extra) have all dramatically come to an end! I would sincerely and in good faith discourage all those who are planning to buy any of the Whirlpool products.

  • Mu
      21st of May, 2008
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    I bought a 1.5ton split a/c before 2days and I asked the customer care to install the a/c on my house. I didn't get a good response from them and they don't have contact address for the service centre. I am sure whirlpool is not at all deliver a good product in india. They are losing their name and fame in india. I have 3a/c in my house and they are different ones(lg, samsung, voltas) and the service is too good. I am happy with other voltas and lg service providers.

  • As
      26th of May, 2008
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    we are havng a washing machine of your company having model no. ww B C599 C2A AND we made a complaint through your dealer at rajasmand regarding the problem faced by us of the dryer but 15 days has passe no one come forward to attend the complaint
    requested to interfere and do the needful
    ashok singla
    matoshree station road
    near jk circle, kankroli - rajasmand rajasthan

  • As
      26th of May, 2008
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    I am resident of kankroli in district rajasmand and using your washing machine there is some problem in the dryer of the washing machine and we made a complaint to the company machenic through the dealer. 15 days have been passed but the company mechanice has not turned up. we also reminded for four time,
    requested to please do the needful
    ashok singla

  • Ma
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    Whirlpool appliances are dangerous; my friend’s daughter received a shock so strong from touching the washing machine case that it knocked her out.

    After several minutes of panic by mother franticly trying to revise her daughter. She eventually woke up crying and shaking, because her daughter was so afraid of going near the machine again she has had it changed to a Hotpoint-Ariston, and her new Whirlpool washer is now sat in her old shed.

    Her daughter loves setting the Hotpoint, my friend tried to contact Whirlpool for weeks and eventually decided to simply go and buy a new washer, this washing machine has an electrical problem that is potentially lethal, unfortunately Whirlpool are unobtainable.


  • Sa
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    It is a matter of sorrow that after several times complain through e-mail in your website/e-mail ID, I have not got any reply from your end. Basically this type of harassment was not happened in my life previously. Again I am strongly complain against your authorized service center M/s - Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – 3294-3423/2570-6221. His conduct/behavior with the customer and as well as workmanship is very bad.
    Again I am telling you that please replace the refrigerator by a new one. Because I don’t want any repair further again. Otherwise I will force to purchase another refrigerator. I hope after viewing all the facts you will sure replace my refrigerator.
    Again I am furnishing my details for your reference. I strongly complain against your service after selling a product. Hope that after viewing all the facts you will take necessary action immediately and replace the same with a new one, so that I can relief from this problem forever & my family peace which was disturbed for the same may return and fulfill with happiness as was in past.
    I would like to draw your kind attention that I am Sri Sanjib Kumar Deb, a govt. officer of Sports & Youth Services Department, Govt. of W.B. (Ph. No. 033-65112273 Res. & M. No. 9330897020) have purchased a refrigerator (250 ltr, Mastermind Elite, C/N No. CTV/2568/07, Sl. No. INAO72709554) from Capital Electronics (V.I.P.), (Unit of Anand & Co. Electronics Pvt. Ltd.) of P-161, V.I.P. Road, Sch. VIIIM, Kolkata-700054, Ph. No. 033-2355-8529/7098/5534-9579 on 28.07.2007.
    In this connection I want to state that, last few months on & from January, 2008 I am facing such a problem by this fridge/refrigerator which was not happen in my life previously and at the same time my family peace is also disturbed by the same. I have reported all the facts/problems minimum (10-15) times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center named Zen Service of BF-4, Rajarhat Road, Baguihati, Kolkata-700059, Near Arati Cinema, Ph. No. 033 – 3294-3423/2570-6221 and they also visited my house minimum 10 times and after repair of each time they have told that “Sir it will not create any problem in future, if again it will happen we will replace the same with a new one”. But, unfortunately, I am facing the problems till now and getting no service for your branded production refrigerator. I have told minimum 100 times to Capital Electronics as well as local authorized service center that please replace the same, but I am fully hopeless regarding your service after sale of any product. In this modern generation no family can live without a refrigerator, whereas my family is living without refrigerator during a long period (more than six months). I am very much anxious and at the same time helpless also regarding the same matter.
    Under the circumstances you are requested to take necessary steps so that I may escape from that problem forever and if possible please replace the same fridge by a new one. Treat this case as an extremely urgent.
    Hope to receive your help & co-operation against your service which will also carry the good-will of company.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Sub-Asstt. Engineer (Electrical)
    Sports & Youth Services Deptt. (Sports Wing)
    Govt. of West Bengal

  • Vn
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    very poor service and behave

    no proper service response even after 10 days of complain

    dr v n agrawal

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