Whirlpool Estate Dryer/ Model Eed4400Wq0 / won't start

United States

Don't buy this dryer. We had it for one year and it stopped running. I Checked the thermal fuse and the door switch and both were good. Now it gets into the big cost for replacement parts. I' m done with Whirlpool! Since they bought Maytag, they have went down hill. This quote came from the appliance store as they are staying very busy because of Whirlpool problems and complaints.

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response, Mar 07, 2013

    Hello Bobby Furr. My name is Amber and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We truly apologize for the frustrations you have experienced with your Estate dryer. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please email us at Whirlpool.[protected] and provide us with your complete contact information as well as the model and serial number s of your appliance. Please also include the name of the site you were contacted on (ComplaintsBoard) along with your user name (Bobby Furr), and your ticket number (35344). We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Amber.

Mar 07, 2013

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