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Whirlpool Corp. / bad company to work for!

1 Marion, OH, United States

I see many complaints about Whirlpool's products, and it comes as no surprise. Someone I know is in a supervisory position at the dryer division. The division employs "bait and switch" tactics. For training period, they tell almost nothing about the nitty gritty and allow candidates to believe they will receive a pay increase for a major increase in responsibility. No one tells them until they hire in that: 1. Most hourly employees make more than they do, and 2. They pay almost double for benefits as hourly employees, meaning, to go into supervision, where they work 60+ hours and suffer nightmare after crisis continually, they actually take a significant pay CUT.

Upper management make decisions based on theory without trying to see if it is actually doable outside of their cozy offices. For their "performance reviews" of their direct subordinates, back stabbing is actually encouraged if it makes another department look worse than theirs so that managers and directors get their nice fat bonuses at the end of the year.

Hourly employees can do no wrong. After they are permanent hires, they can show up late day after day, have accident upon accident, and can almost never be fired except for the most egregious offenses.

So, those of you with business degrees or related looking for supervisory experience, stay away from Whirlpool Corp. They pay almost nothing, expect you to work insane hours, stab colleagues in the back, and babysit hundreds of adult children with their petty squabbling and slothful attitudes.

Not to mention the awful sexual harassment that goes on there everyday! I am very surprised that there has not been a major lawsuit by now. But, most women there shrug it off as "it's just the work environment here. No one is really serious."


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