I went to the Whataburger in Grapevine Texas, on hwy 121 near Bass Pro. Every time I go there the service is slow. Last night I got to the drive through at 01:08. I didn't get my order until 01:38. That's 30 minutes waiting and way too long. When the guy read my order back to me they didn't have it right. There was a whole meal missing from the order. I was so frustrated I didn't want to wait any longer so I just left. When I drove off I noticed that the dining hall only had a dozen patrons inside.

Another issue was the guy who handed out my order. He is a tall African American. He gives it to me and then just looks at me. No Thank You or anything. I NEVER have an issue like that at the Whataburger on business 121, the other one in Grapevine down by Main Street or the one in Highland Village. Each of those locations has always given great service and all the employees, African Americans too, are nice and polite. Sometimes it's been busy and I've waited a while but there's always an apology and a Thank You for being patient. Never at this location. If he doesn't appreciate me giving you money to pay him then he shouldn't have this job.

I'm done with this location. Last night it was conveniently located but I'm never going to stop there again, no matter what. I will drive to the business 121 location before I stop here again or more likely go to the "Steak and Shake" since they're open 24 hours too. People who stay at the nearby hotels are getting a dose of less than average service at this Whataburger location. What will they tell others about you when they get home? Given it's proximity to so many hotels this store SHOULD be the best one in Texas but it is far from that.

Dec 09, 2018

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