Whataburger Restaurantsattempted id theft

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Went in one night and ordered five combination meals and I was going to buy everybody dinner.

After filling out my card slip, I was notified that because my total was over $30.00 I would have to supply my social security number, or drivers license number in order to get my food. Last time I checked Whataburger deals in cheeseburgers, not home mortgages.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Las Cruces, NM

I refused giving such information to a totally unsafe employee and decided to cancel my transaction. The employees became aggressive and would not return my card until I gave them the signed receipt. I eventually had to give them a torn receipt in exchange for my debit card back and the promise of a refund.

As of now, I have no refund, no Whataburger in my belly, and a fraudulent charge pending.

Just a heads up to those who might find one day that a combo meal may cost them a lot more than the price on the menu.

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  • Tx
      Jun 12, 2010

    You need to get the authorities involved in that one. Now.

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  • Du
      Aug 02, 2010

    Well I have just been hit for $800+ in charges made in London, UK and informed that it was the result of using my card at a local Whataburger. There apparently is an ongoing investigation, as I am not the only victim of this type of fraud.

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  • Cr
      Feb 02, 2016

    Yeah, i worked at whataburger in tx and theyve NEVER asked for ID or SSC. Call the local authorities, because they're trying tl scam you

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