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3 times straight, I ordered a couple of apple pies, 3 times none in the bag. LOL. Seriously though.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Garland Sachse, TX What can you expect, they (employees) either look DD (developmentally delayed), or like they barely passed the GED test. But hey, they are some great burgers and I probably don't need the extra calories anyway, but it's not right to rip me off because of incompetent workers.

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  •   Dec 14, 2009

    If your expecations are so low because of some ignorant preconceived notion of fast food workers, then why are you here complaining? You should go to Whataburger expecting something to be screwed up and verify that your order is correct before you head off to your ivory tower.

    Toodles! :-)

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  •   Jan 25, 2010

    Hello RNStanger, nice to see that the general population has declined so much that instead of checking the bag, you assume everyone is as perfect as you. I am so sure that they werent at all busy, or had just been busy and just not gotten back on their feet from it. I work at whataburger, have been there over a year, and i love it. The people there are SMART, NICE, and ALWAYS doing a better job than the other places we compete with. My wife has worked there far longer than i have, she has her associates and is going after her bachelors right now. The pay is good, the atmosphere is awesome and we all have a family bond. Now, here is my question to you. How do you think it feels to have to drop fries RIGHT WHEN ORDERED, and make the burger RIGHT WHEN ORDERED, not to mention that your DRINK and SIDE items are FRESH and served within the Whataburger standard guidelines which FAR surpass the guidelines of the F.D.A. guidelines on hold times for cooked or fried foods. We have quality food, quality service and yes, the human factor seeps in with forgetfulness or just the common daily routine of forgetting something as small as a pie. BUT there is a positive side too. CALL THE STORE!!! The number is right on one of two or 3 receipts we hand out. Let the manager know that an item was forgotten in your bag, and it WILL be replaced with proof you bought it (e.g. Keeping the receipt) and on your next visit, go on in and let them know, or let them know at the box. YES! Finally, satistfaction. But wait!!! There is more. Use a calm and collect voice, we have enough stress to deal with without you calling and YELLING or using your outside voice. So go on. Get out of your seat, jump onto your high horse, ride away from your "Ivory Tower (BTW... CUTE ONE GINGER KID) and get you some apple pie goodness and head back to your tower for more re-runs of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars

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  • Da
      Dec 24, 2013

    Tonight I experienced the worst service I can remember, and I am 51 years old. I walked into the Whataburger in The Colony, Texas and it is probably for the last time. I ordered a #2 Whatameal with mustard and pickles only, and a chicken strip for my nephew. Twenty seven minutes walked by as I sat in the bench by the counter, and in that time I watched 4 people enter the restaurant, walk to the counter to place an order, and eventually leave without even being greeted. Two of them were wearing hospital scrubs.

    When I finally decided I had waited long enough, I stood up and walked over to the counter to ask for a refund. A African-American female with a long first name that began with a C popped off at me. She had just dumped my chicken strip in the trash, apparently upon returning from the dining area where she was looking for order #10. That was me and it was a to go order. If Whataburger has waste issues, it is because of people like her.

    She was rude, abrasive, and along with a manager named Phillip...are the reason my 38 year relationship with Whataburger is over. I hope nobody else receives the treatment that I did.

    I paid with my debit card and the money was taken out of my account immediately. That is the same as cash. They refused to give me cash in return, so Whataburger is essentially sitting on $10.31 of my money after completely butchering my order, making me wait 27 minutes just to find out that an incompetent manager decided to toss my order in the trash when she couldn't find me in the dining room. Heaven forbid that she have the capacity to call out "number 10!" when she couldn't find the right person.

    Whataburger got my $10.31. I hope it was worth it I have averaged eating at Whataburgers 2-4 times a week since 1978. I like the Burger King Satisfries any way. I'm sure they will treat me with far more respect than The Colony Whataburger did.

    David Kelley

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