Whataburger / foreign pieces in meat

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I went to the Whataburger on 28th and Main in Fort Worth Texas on the 21st of March at 1252pm. I was eating the burger on the way back to work when I bit into something hard. I spit out what was in my mouth and noticed some pieces of red hard rock like materials, almost like brick / tile / or slate. I thought there was a piece on my tooth but realized it had cracked a chunk off of my lower tooth.

I called the manager and explained what happened and took the food back as she requested. I gave her my information and took a picture of the pieces I found. I was offered a new burger... sorry but after breaking my tooth on one I wont be going back for another burger for quite some time.

I am going to need to get my tooth fixed and will want that taken care of.

109 NE 28th St
Fort Worth, TX 76164


Mar 21, 2017

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