Western Dental / dentistry

Alta Loma, CA, United States

Western Dental, gave me a full mouth of xrays, and a treatment plan. I paid the $490.00 to begin, on my first appointment I was to have a deep cleaning, they finished one half of my mouth, and sent me home. I suffered tremendous pain that day and for two weeks after, I had to go to the emergency room for help. I never went back, I decided the $490.00 was it, and they would never see me again. Now they are trying to chanrge me $1160.00 for 1/2 mouth of deep cleaning and xrays. stating that I have to fulfil my contract. This is crazy and unjust. Western Dental is a joke, I guess I should go back and let them kill me off, because I almost died from 1/2 mouth cleaning and now they continue to call everyday including EASTER SUNDAY constantly telling me to pay up or they will take legal actions. I am warning everyone STAY AWAY from the credit dentist, you go to WD and you could die from their treatment or be harrassed to death for their plan payment if you don't finish letting them kill you.


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