American Dental Concepts Complaints & Reviews

American Dental Concepts / SCAM ARTISTS


Buyer Beware...don't ever step foot in American Dental Concepts!!! Their only concept is how to get money from you. Unable to get a routine cleaning without a FULL set of x-rays. Unable to have the x-rays and the cleaning done in one visit, that would just be too convenient for the...

American Dental Concepts / Orthodontist


Horrible, horrible experience with both the dental and orthodontist side of this practice. We left the dental side over a year ago after being told in January that they could not find us ANY appointment after regular school hours (they are open late multiple days a week) until July. Found...

American Dental Concepts / Service


American Dental Concepts is the worst. If you can help it avoid them. I have two children who have braces. My children are school aged and we can never get a weekend or evening appointment. They constantly miss school and I miss work. They over book their appointments so you end up sitting...

American Dental Concepts / Rude, uninformed and unprofessional front desk staff


It was necessary for me to change dentists/periodontists because I retired and my regular dentist did not accept Aetna Dental through Medicare. I hit the American Dental Concepts website and was satisfied with what I read and found their financial arrangements easy to handle. No...

American Dental Concepts / Scamming for unnecessary services


I went to American Dental Concepts because one of my teeth wasn't feeling right. I wasn't in any sort of pain but I wanted to have it looked into. When called the office, they asked when I would like to come in so I told them I'd like to come in whenever they had an opening...