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Reviews and Complaints

upper dentures

I had my upper teeth pulled and upper dentures were made for me, however, as is common I have had to go back in for adjustments so they would fit better. At the time that I was examined originally, the dentist told me I only need uppers, that my lower teeth were just and didn't need to be pulled. Now I'm being told that there is a gap on the left side of my mouth where the dentures do not match up with my lower teeth and they have told me that I now need to have my lower teeth pulled for lower dentures. I think they should make a new upper denture to fit correctly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Sincerely yours,
Jay C. Coon, II

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    SheSharp Jul 02, 2012

    Linda, you are just one of thousands of people that have been hurt by this company. My family is also a victims of this Corporations various behaviors. Because of the multiple ways that this company has hurt my family, I have decided that enough is enough. I am sure you have read all the other complaints. Just google the term WESTERN DENTAL COMPLAINTS and you will (like me) just cry.

    I am standing up to this corporations behavior by bringing "real victims" together because that is what it really takes to start change. I want you part of what has become a rather large group of voices. Please think about it this way. As individuals, we are just whiners on board. However, as a group, we become a real voice that can't be ignored.

    We have already made some REAL progress. But you know what they say, the more he merrier...

    Please be sure to file a complaint with Western Dental (if you haven't already). I would recommend that you file your grievance via western dentals website. Because as soon as you press send, the system is set up to send you a auto reply acknowledging your complaint. If you don't receive a confirmation... PLEASE COME BACK HERE AND POST A COMPLAINT ABOUT THAT AS WELL.

    Please feel free to contact me at shesharpshoots at gmail dot com. If I write out my email the other way, the program would block it. Join us...

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pediatric dentist

My son had two small cavities that needed to be filled. I took him to western dental to see the pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist was very rude, and unprofessional. When I took my son back, she had a very nasty attitude. Instead of trying to calm his fears, she used fear tactics to get him into the exam chair. She then proceeded to say I was the reason why he wasn't cooperating and then proceeded to throw me out of the exam room. She used force on him and proceeded to restrain him to the exam chair. My son was terrified and crying while this was going on. He did however calm down and the procedure went smoothly! However, I feel like this dentist should not be working with children. I will not be taking my son back to western dental again!

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    lovinlife141 Nov 14, 2011

    how old is your child? was it a sedation? depending on your child's age, weight, behavior and amount of work needed sedation is sometimes a good way to go.

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