Wendy'spay=manager's attraction

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I've been working at Wendy's for years! Almost for 5-7 years and my pay is still $7.40.

But this new guy comes in a month ago and his pay is automatically set at $7.75 an hour!


It's clear that our Manager is gay and he sometimes flirts with all the pretty boys that work with us. That's why I think he gave the new guy an outrageous starting wage because he thinks his "sexy".

We also have a girl who started just 3 months ago and her wage is still at $7.25 and also a girl who started about 2 weeks ago who is also at $7.25! How is any of this fair??

I'm going to email Wendy's themselves about this because this is bull!

Jan 29, 2015
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      Jan 30, 2015

    The new guy got a raise again -.-. $8.00 an hour and his just a fry boy!

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