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On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 around 12:35 pm I went to the drive thru at your Wendy's location of 3465 Stickney Ave, Toledo, Ohio 43608.

I ordered 2 of the 3 piece chicken tender meals. When I arrived at the window they took my payment and asked that I pull up because they had to drop fresh tenders. I pulled up and waited for 10 minutes before I decided that it should not take 10 minutes for some chicken tenders to be cooked so I pulled around and went inside. When I stepped to the counter inside the establishment a gentleman whom I assume was the manager asked can he help me. I told him I was waiting in the drive thru for my order of chicken tenders and he proceeded to tell me that they had to drop them fresh. I stated that it should not take 15 minutes for tenders to cook. He stated that it had not been 15 minutes. Another worker looked at the order screen and stated that it had been 13 minutes. I am pretty sure that it does not take 15 minutes for tenders to be dropped fresh to cook. While I am standing there waiting another 5 minutes for my food to come up, all the employees that were back there working felt the need to come to the front to see who was asking about there food which I thought was pretty unprofessional. While I am waiting for my food to come up, a female employee came from the bathroom area and stated " I can't use that bathroom can I go across the street to use the Rite-aid bathroom?" I found this to be very disturbing that your own employees will not use the bathroom that they are required to keep clean.

This whole experience was totally unprofessional. I have never been to a fast food restaurant that takes just as long as a sit down eatery to make chicken tenders. The gentleman that gave me my order thought that giving me 2 small frosty's would be sufficient for my wait.

Of course, I did not receive a receipt for my order or I would have attached a copy for you to see.

I would like a refund of my $10 for the 2 meals and coupons for future visits.

Obviously there are no workers there that take pride in their job or the company for them to not want to use the bathroom.

Oct 18, 2017
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  • Po
      Oct 19, 2017

    It was kind of them to offer you something for free, as they do not have to do this. If you ate your food, you in no way deserve a refund.

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