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Indianapolis, IN, United States
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On May 07, 2017 I visited the Wendys at 3640 Keystone Avenue in Indy. It was 9:21 pm and I had been on the road all day and was in a hurry to get back home a couple hours away. I ordered a double combo with fries and asked for ketchup packs for the fries. The employee was friendly enough and my order only took a couple minutes. I dont eat fast food a lot but if I do I love Wendy's. When I got my order I pulled out and got back on the road. When I opened the bag I had a single burger (with the correct condiments) and no ketchup packs. I hate fries with no ketchup! Not the biggest deal in the world but there was no way I was turning my truck around to go back. I feel I should get a refund or replacement for the order since it was just wrong.
Thanks, Dave ticket # 3321

May 11, 2017

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