Wendy's / food, service, and overall g. m. issues

Raleigh, NC, United States

Thursday, October 12 my family and I went to Wendy's at 12:05 am to get food. The manager at the window was very rude and rung our order up wrong. When we asked him did he get the remaining order he said no. But yet he repeated the order to us. When we got our food, we checked to see if it was right. The manager came back to the window and said is everything ok( with an attitude) because I got a line! My family was in an uproar by his remark. By then I call the company and Cary Florez was so kind and handle the complaint even though it wasn't at her store. She gave me the Gm information at the Wendy's on 401 Raleigh Nc location that I visited. When I talked to the Gm there, he didn't care about the incident, asked if I got a receipt which I never got. When I explained to him that the manager that night rushed us from the line, we didn't have time to ask for a receipt he told us we couldn't get our money back cause we don't have proof. By now I'm very upset cause he didn't ask who the manager was that took our order nor did he apologize about the incident. So I called Cary Florez again and she took care of me and my family. Wendy's need more people like her cause the other 2 managers are gonna hurt the business when it comes to customer service.

Oct 14, 2017

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