Wendys / charged twice for one order

1530 E Algonquin Rd Schaumburg IL, United States

I purchased a number four with extra bacon and I notice a day later in my bank app that I was charged 2 times. I called an stated what happened and was told to come in an it would be rectified. I came in after work and the manager on staff (whom was not the manager i spoken with earlier) stated that, this happens all the time an it will post as one transaction and not 2. And no one swiped my card more than once that's why I have only one receipt. They never swipe your card more than once. well it indeed did post twice as I assumed it would it would I have never purchased anything and it logs in my bank as 2 transactions. the store number is 11461 and although the second Manager did not rectify the situation she also did not make me feel comfortable with coming back if I do not have cash handy on me to purchase an order. and if this is a normal routine that customers are getting charged more than once per purchase why hasn't there been a resolution to resolve this matter so it doesn't happen again.

Jan 18, 2017

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