Wellsfargo / disrepected and humiliated

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I have been having problems with wellsfargo for the last few months. Moved from another state and set up my new wachovia-wellsfargo account because at the time wachovia had not turned over to wellsfargo. I gave any and all necessary info to open a new account in the new area. The manager at this wellsfargo treated me as though I were a criminal and that made me very upset and disturbed that their are people being hired to work in such a professional field and they don't even have people skills. You can find better people off the street to do a better job than them. I was being watched by a banking assistance at the atm outside of the building where I was withdrawing money from the outside atm. She watched me because I had on a hoodie which I am over 45 years old an a woman blackwoman mind you and I have 2 accounts. In fact checking an savings and a way to save account. I asked her why was she watching me when she knew who I was since I bank their. She denied the fact that she was watching me as though I was a criminal. So I took a picture of her and she became angry and she told me that I was never to come back to this bank ever. Which is not right and the authorities came out and she lied to them telling them she had a problem with me. I never even had a problem with her only with abbey the banker that was assisting me from the first time I came to the wellsfargo on springs road. The other bankers in the bank were fine to me. The woman that was outside was one of abbeys friends or co workers. I guess she sent her out to harasse me. When I did not like the fact of what she was doing she became irate to me this is not professionalism at all. Wellsfargo gets a zero for courtesy, respect and genuine professionalism. Some one needs to check into the way they treat people. Financially, business, mortgage wise the aclu needs to find out about this and the naacp as well.

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