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To whom it may concern,
I am at an absolute loss with your company. My is house is be sold on April 2nd. We begun the paperwork to modify our mortgage in August of this year. The person assigned to our account was useless. She did not process our paperwork in a timely manner thus continuing a saga of paperwork for us. I had called her manager several times and never got a call back from her she would just have the rep call me. After I lost it and called the 1st managers manager she called me back and said she could see that paperwork was not worked in a timely manner. So she moved me to a new rep (whom has been great but we are out of time and have no answer on our home). Yesterday I spoke to the attorneys that are handling this for Wells Fargo and was told we could asked for the reinstatement and may have been able to pay that and this could have all ended months. However, it's to late for that now according to them. I am going to list below the problems that I have seen within your organization I doubt it will do much but I am going to any way.
1. First assigned remobilization rep was useless never processed paperwork in a timely manner, never left me voicemails when she supposedly called, and called our old phone number instead of the new one. Her name was Cassandra (Shawn) Ransaw
2. Her manager Robin Ausloos - I called her several times and she would have Cassandra call me - I was told by Cassandra her manager had reviewed her records with my account and she was not seeing any problems
3. So I called Robin's Manager - Brandon Sterle who has never returned my call however it did get Robin to call me. And then I was assigned a new rep.
4. If the first person I was assigned to would have processed us in the fall we could have found out if we could modify or not and if not we could have asked for a short sale.
5. I had not been told until yesterday that there was a reinstatement that could have been paid and this could all be avoided.
6. I would sincerely like to have Wells Fargo look at this and take part in their fault in all of this.
7. The Attorneys office that you use will not return call and when you call in you get bounced around to different voicemails and put on hold to never get a return call.
8. In my opinion if the first rep would have done her job and got our paperwork through we could have found out if we were approved or not and if not we could have tried to do a short sale however her not doing her job has taken that away from us.
We have intended to keep the house we even had a new roof put on in November.

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  • Ti
      27th of Mar, 2012

    Toyotafan123, you must work for these ###. I could see if it was a few people that are going through this with this company, but honey, there are thousands and thousands of people going through this. You don't know peoples circumstances, you don't know what this company has put people through. Why don't you try and walk in someone else's shoes for just a moment, maybe you would have some compassion. If your entire life has been good fortune, you are blessed. But people have had many unforeseen circumstances happen in their lives, the economy going the way it has been, health crises, family crises, I could go on and on. Never judge someone else until you know the full story. So sick of people judging others. If you are that perfect, please, fill us all in on your secret to the perfect life.

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  • Ti
      30th of Mar, 2012

    Feel sad for you Toyotafan123. That is all I can say.

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  • Sh
      9th of Apr, 2012

    WOW! toyotafan123, I sure would not want to meet your Maker with such an arrogant heart. Golden Rule sweetie, everybody falls on hard times and just a need a little help to get back up. Sure hope no one in your family ever suffers misfortune but then again with your attitude, I doubt you will feel any compassion towards them until it happens to you. Karma is a b-word but she is a just b-word. Word to the wise.

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  • Sh
      13th of Apr, 2012

    You need to make a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. I did and got instant results. I went to the OCC, which is in line with the Federal Treasury. I still have a complaint against them and it has to be noted or else they will get away with it.
    In your case, I read about a guy who was trying to modify, they took so long they foreclosed on them and he sued them and won.

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  • Wh
      2nd of May, 2012

    we also were trying to get a mortgage modification done, due to my husbands unemployment and recent medical issues that left him unable to work. They took so long processing the paperwork, and they kept asking for more things. We just got another letter asking for yet more explanations and paystubs from my job, and yet another bankstatement. We have been doing this since January, thankfully my husbands disability went through and we do not have to lose our home. we told them we no longer needed their services, well I left a message we never get a person when we call there.They obviously do not intend to help people keep their homes and they should be ashamed.We would be already going into 4 months of not being able to pay the mortgage and we have never missed apayment in 20 years of home ownership! Needless to say we are looking at refinancing soon and will not be using Wells Fargo !!

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