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Wells Fargo / poor customer service!

1 PO Box 6995Portland, OR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (503)640-4742

It all started with me trying to use my debit at target I had ordered food and brought up some groceries to buy. I did not have any cash so I had to use my card. All of sudden when I am purchasing I am told my card is declined. So there I am with the food sitting there and I have no way to pay for it. So I leave Target embarrassed and immediately call the 1-800 number because it was around eight and the bank was closed. The operator tells me that my card has had a hold put on it by the branch manager in hillsboro. So, I ask if she or any of her supervisors there can take the block off the account right now because I need to buy some food. She tells me only the branch manager can take the hold off my account so I need to call the hillsboro branch tomorrow. So I waited till the next day to call the 1-800 number again. When I called I told the lady my situation so she said she would get the branch manger of the hillsboro Wells Fargo on the line for me. When she connected me to the hillsboro branch a manager answered saying that the branch manager would not be in until 2:00. So I told him my situation and told him to tell the branch manager to take the hold off my account once he gets there and if he has any problems doing so call me. Three o' clock comes around and I figure my card is good to use so I use it and guess what it's declined;again. So I call the 1-800 number again and the person who answers the phone says his name and thats it. So I ask him who am I calling and he says Wells Fargo. So I say why couldn't you say "Thanks for calling Wells Fargo this is so an so, how can I help you today." So he then says to me well I figured you knew who you were calling, so why would I say it. I could not believe he could say something like that to me I was shocked; something so simple as a greeting and he thinks I am the one in the wrong. After that fiasco I told him my situation and he attempts to patch me through to the branch manager once again. What do you know he is not there son the service manager at the hillsboro branch answers my call. I tell her my situation and she tells me there is nothing she can do and that she will take a message for the branch manger for me regarding my situation. I must of told her a hundred times I want to take care of this now not two hours from now or the next day. She keeps telling me there is nothing she can do about it. So I ask her well can the district manager do something about this or someone above him because I need to eat something now I have ate nothing for the past day and I should be able to use my card. This whole time The service manager and I are talking she is being very condescending and flat out rude. She even said to me well why is it so important that you have your eleven dollars. So I ended the conversation with her because I was fed up with her rude remarks about my financial situation. In the two minutes it took me to drive from my work Craft Warehouse to the Tanasborne Wells Fargo location the hold was miraculously taken off my account. Even though I was told by the service manager that the branch manager was at a meeting away from the branch. When I get into the Tanasborne branch I close my account. About an hour later after I closed my account the branch manager Bob finally calls me on my cell phone and tells me that he put the hold on my account because I used my DEBIT at a lottery facility four times in a short period of time. SO I say why would you put a hold on my card if I used my debit. He tells me in his experience there has been alot of fraudulent charges revolving around lottery facilities. So I say I do not care I used my debit no one else knows my pin accept me; I could understand if it was a bunch of credit charges. If he would of taken the time to scroll down the page more;while he was looking at my account he would have seen that I have pulled out 4 amounts out of an ATM at a lottery facility numerous times before. So I asked why all a sudden are you going this know and he had no answer to my question just like all the rest of the people I dealt with at Wells Fargo. I can't tell you how many times I called Wells Fargo and the person answering could not give me a proper greeting. It is so simple at my work I never answer the phone saying "Justin". That was what one of the ladies who answered the phone at the hillsboro branch said; "Marilou". That was all she said when she answered the phone. All in all Wells Fargo has the worst customer service I have ever seen anywhere. I have never been so poorly treated as a consumer. What do you know the hold could have probably been taken off the first night I called the 1-800 number. Please take any action possible against Wells Fargo. They should not be messing with peoples accounts like that and they definitely should not be treating their customers like that.

*If anyone who reads this knows anyone in the media please pass it along to them too or maybe even perhaps the FDIC would like to hear about this. Thank you for your time and concern.

Justin Hollman

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  • Al
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    what a douche bag this writer is

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