Wells Fargo / opening an account

United States

I visited Wells Fargo to open a bank account. What I had thought would be a quick and pleasant experience, turned out to be a long and shady one. I was helped by Teresa, who was initially charming and kind but that's where the good ended. She kept overselling the bank and their features, which later on I thought was more of a distraction. She had put in my SS details and other details several times on the computer saying that it asked for it Multiple times. After waiting for about 25 minutes, I was relieved to know that it was finally time to sign and leave when she opened the welcome kit. She then said that her computer had crashed and she had to redo the whole thing over again, which took another 20-25 min. When it finally came time to sign for the second time, she made me sign the same document twice, once on the electronic board, and once on a paper. She had also opened another welcome kit and left the old one out. The whole thing seemed shady and suspicious so I had asked her to destroy the old welcome kit with the cards and cheques, which she did hesitantly after writing down the details. She had claimed that she had to write these details down in case there was a review of what went down. This could have been just an unfortunate incident, where the computer had broken down. None the less, With the recent scandals with Wells Fargo involved and this being a small town I doubt that they haven't gotten anyone else. When I Called Wells Fargo to complaint, they had escalated my call twice where I had to repeat my whole story. I waited for 10 minutes while they said they were transferring my call to the executive office. At this point, I was on the phone for about 50 minutes and had run out of patience.

Oct 27, 2018

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