Wells Fargo / misrepresentarion

Lakeview, OR, United States

At one time I had 7 accounts with "Hells Fargo". If I missed a payment I would receive numerous calls often within the same day. They would tell me how they hadn't received a payment in 2-3 months. My wife does the bookkeeping and when I toldh her, she would show just a payment was missed not numerous as they complained. I have paid off all but 2of my accounts. In 2006 I refinanced my house in hope of getting away from "Hell's Fargo" I got them again with 9% interest rate. Recently I was medically retired. My wife tried to deal with them, however the lies continued. She was told to skip a payment then we would qualify for a loan modification . "Hells Fargo" then reniged on what they had promised.and then said that the payment would be dealt with at the end of the loan We caught up with the payments, however now they are misplacing my payments. This bank is not too big to fail, as it needs to.

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