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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / foreclosure

1 IL, United States Review updated:

Propertyis in forecloser but still within time to reinstate. I have all mortgage payments plus late fees. I contacted Wells Fargo to find out what to do next. One person told me I owed 4500.00 more than what is actually owed and that they couldnt accept partial payment. I talked with someones else and they gave me a figure of 130.00 less then what I had figured. I keep getting transferred around. No one is able to tell me what I owe. They keep telling me to contact their attorney. I contact the attorney and cant get any information from them they say they have to get it from the Wells Fargo. How are you suppose to reinstate your mortgage with Wells Fargo? They make it impossible.

Appears that if you have enough equity in your home as we do they want to take it from you.

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  • Br
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    My brother died March 6 and had a home will wells fargo. According to the law they cannot foreclose on his home for 6 months after a death. When I finally got the papers work from the courts and called wells fargo to find out our options they also sent me to many different departments. I told them I would get back to them within a week. When I called back I found that they had put the house in foreclosure on the day I called which was Aug. 11. According to my calander that is 5 mos. not 6. I also was told to call their lawyer who could not tell me what I needed to pay. When they did give me a figure it was much higher including lawyers fees for a foreclosure that should not have happened yet. I need to know who I file a complaint with and where to go from here.

  • Da
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I tried for a year to get my house loan modified, no such luck. Wells fargo gave me the run around . They did offer a forbearing plan that i did not accept due to all the numbers/ the amounts i would have owed being wrong . I never owed 6, 000 but that is what they wanted in order to give me a break on my payments for 3 months. I did not accept. I still tried for a short sell they never replied. So i was denied a loan modify, told i did not qualify for the " oboma Plan" Wells Fargo never replied at all on the short sell option. They did nothing but give me the run around. The end result was i sent the deed in lieu, the deed to the property, the keys, pictures of the great condition of the house, the reciepts of all work done, the real estate contracts showing it was on the market 3 times no offers, copies of everything to them and told them to keep it! I did tell them i wanted a conseration check for 3, 000 . Their is a provision in the deed in lieu contract the bank will pay you to avoid suing you for the property. I sent it all over night and it was signed for by the D.I. L dept. still todate the collection calls have stopped but they have not paid me the 3, 000. Unsure as to what time they have by law to pay.
    Remember to keep copies of EVERYTHING when dealing with a bank just incase you end up in court. Why should the banks help people, the damn goverment gave them our tax money to bail them out. Why should they care to help you. They get to write off the house as a loss, they get to take the property back and re sell . They get to make some more risky loans to people that are desprate to own a home for cheap. You just lost all your saving you put in the house, your loss is the bank and new buyers gain.
    The only thing is you get piece of mind and get out of under the big payments.
    Wells Fargo can stick it!

  • Ho
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well you guys are lucky. My home went into foreclosure. Applied for restructure. 3 months of overpaying. Charged 7000.00 for atty. fees. A constant battle of incorrect paperwork. 3 days before sale told me papers still incorrect. Recomplete everything again. Did all that was asked of us. Sold the note that next day WHILE WE WERE ON THE PHONE WITH THEM.
    My wife and I two kids and two dogs now get to stand out by the mail box and wonder when it will quit raining.

  • Da
      21st of Sep, 2009
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  • Al
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been dealing with Wells Fargo to modify our loan and I gave them what ever information they need. Today I got a call from a Real Estate agent he told me that Wells Fargo hired him to sell the property and Wells Fargo owns the property. I had called the Wells Fargo and they told me that the last conversation I had with them was on Sept. 16 even though I had called them every week and I have phone records to prove it.

    What you can do? Our Govt. gave them Billions of Dollars to get help people and they are really not helping anyone. Darcy lets sue Wells Fargo and see what happens.

  • Da
      19th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well i have deeded my property back aug 17th 2009 and i got a few letters yesterday saying that they are forclosing on me? Is that a stump or what ? How can you forclose on a property they have in their possession ? I have signed it back over to them.
    I think Wells Fargo by not cooperating with clients are pushing millions of people into BK.
    That should not be happening. I have not filed yet but my options are still open.
    Yes i think some of us should get together and hire 1 attorney to sue Wells Fargo for wrong doing and not helping the clients and forcing people in to BK and causing many of us to financially suffer. So just let me know what you decide down the road.

  • As
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    My story is the same, but the difference is that I have been given a new modified loan through the loan modification dept after a year and a half of rudeness, harrassment, and lies, not to mention constant repeating the same story over and over to customer service reps from every state in the union...

    The Modification Dept namely the person that supposedly worked personally on my modification STEPHANIE ID # OZ8 said that I didn't send in some important paperwork. She then (without notifying me) canceled the contract that was already signed with the new agreement, the amount of payments behind put at the end of the loan, new % rate, and lower payment that was due Dec. 1, 09. The reason was for not sending in a faxed copy of my divorce papers and a $331.62 payment for costs. Stephanie said that the $331.62 was waved because I told her that I just couldn't afford it at the time. This was in November.. I did send in the divorce papers within minutes of speaking to her. I have proof of the fax and tried to tell customer service that I had sent in the fax of divorce papers and that the $331.62 was waved by phone with Stephanie. I have since sent in a money order for that amount and have sent in the proof of the date that I sent in the divorce papers. It's a good thing that I kept excellent records through all of this !!!

    I was notified after the fact of all of the above that now my home was in foreclosure for not submitting the copy of my divorce...and paying the $331.62 to complete the entire process. I was sent a letter from a attorneys office and talked with the person handling my case. She said that they would be putting the home up for sale in 8 days!!!

    I called H.O.P.E. and had a agent by the name of Ruby go on a three way call to help me get through to someone that could clear all of this up. Remember...Wells Fargo has all of the documents (they found the copy of my divorce papers that I sent and told me to send in the $331.62 to get things back on track...

    Loooong story short it is now Dec 3rd and I don't know if I have it straightened out or not//////I was on the phone today for over 5 hours and I still don't have a yes or no answer from anyone there!!!

    I have the money for my first payment that was due on Dec.1 with the contract, but I can't get a answer if I still have it or not...

    FOX NEWS and a CLASS ACT LAWSUIT IS IN ORDER for all of us that are being put through this needless harassment and unnecessary emotional trauma. GIVE US THE NUMBERS TO THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HANDLING OUR CASES !!! THEN GIVE US THEIR SUPERVISORS NUMBERS...We are all out here losing our homes one after another...Going through the same treatment from your company...andyou are just using the customer service workers as a wall to protect your sorry ###...

    If anyone wants to contact me my email address is I will gladly help to pursue any action necessary to help others out there in my situation. A few thousand of us could make quite a stink using the media...! Fox News would love this story, I'm sure...

    Best Regards, Janice L Brown

  • Na
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    I got behind 7 payments in 09, even while I was working because i got divorced and when my ex moved it was all on me to pay. Wells Fargo set me up with a loan mod paying Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov 09 and then I would be able to skip Dec 09, making my "new" payment in Jan, which was actually 10 dollars higher than the payment I couldn't pay before. I signed all the paperwork and sent it back. Made the payments somehow, had to borrow from family for some of it. In Oct I received the same paperwork in the mail again and called to ask why. They said oh someone must have made a mistake, never mind. Jan I make my new payment and then Jan 14th I got laid off. I worked in accounting for a local homebuilder, and they laid off probably 90% of their workforce in 2 years. I called WF to tell them and they said when I know what my new income would be thru unemployment let them know. I had some severance and then filed taxes so I was able to make the payments thru April. All this time I was on the phone with them every couple weeks to update my financial info. I even had a call from a young man who said he was my go to guy, gave me his direct line and said he was there to insure that I don't lose my house. May 2010 I missed the payment but called this man to see what the status of my mortgage help was. His vm said he no longer worked in Loan Mitigation but could get my call to someone who did. 3 calls later still no one was answering me. I called the number off of my statement on Monday June 14th to see what was going on and they told me that the sale of my house was set for June 16th! 2 days!! They said that because I never sent that second package of paperwork back that the loan mod from 09 never went thru. They told me to call the lawyer which I did and they said I could ask for a month's postponement but it would be up to WF to grant it. I did this but at the same time packed up and moved by Tuesday night because what if they said no? Turns out I never heard back from WF or the lawyer. I didn't have time to wait or to figure out how to fight this, I thought I'd get up Wed am to my house being locked up with all my stuff in it. Moved into an apt down the street from my house, no one now a week later has been at the house, no signs, locks, anything. Will they sue me for the deficiency on the house? This is what I am worried about now, to tell you the truth it is a relief to now have to worry about keeping my house anymore. Wells Fargo is an awful horrible scam and they should be stopped.

  • Kw
      2nd of Oct, 2010
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    I saw all the posts here and have been through a similar run around with Loan modification (3 X's now!!) now pending foreclosure in 20 days!!.. I would be 1st in line to help pursue them if you are in the process or thinking of down the road. They dropped me (after being approved) within 2 days because the pay stub from my new employer was not available to send till 2 days after they requested. I TOLD THEM I WOULD SEND IT BY Friday (I didn't have one because it was a NEW employer) a call within 24 hours I was out if the program!! Had to do the paperwork trail ALL over again and now not even a month later I and pre approved again...I received a letter from their attorney taht I am now in active foreclosure and they cant guarantee this will stop the sale in 20 days!!

    I have lost all faith in their "loan modification program" Its been a "hamster wheel 3 times for over a year and half!" I'm done and don't trust them. I just hired an attorney for BK... because I have no other options before they take my house!! Reading all the posts ghere and on other sites.. sounds like I'm not the only one and want to pursue this and have them held accountable. It's got to be illegal and many people need justice when they only care about making a profit and kicking families out in the street with false hope that they are "trying to help!!"
    If anyone else is pursuing this against them... let me know!! Maybe we can join forces and do something..

  • Kw
      2nd of Oct, 2010
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    Something needs to happen fast..there are similar complaints posted all over the internet and we are forced to BK or walking away from our homes.. we need help!

  • Ho
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    I have been going back and forth with Wells Fargo for about a year and a half. After Obama signed to get help now, Wells Fargo then approved me for a home modification workout program. I then sent in my 3 trial payments and they LOST ALL MY PAPERWORK for the home modification workout, that I sent via FedEx. With a signature. I then was angry but resent all the documents that I scanned and sent it to them via fax. Soon there after I have been calling the banks, asking for when will I get my final modification. I got so many people's names I called on a daily basis to hear that I haven't been approved for the modification and then they send me paper work dated 8-10-09 to sign 5-10-10. I said no ways will I sign that documents especially when they messed up. On a weekly basis, I been sending them a hardship letter, proof of income, and any documents that they asked for it has been faxed within 24 hours. Last week I been sent a court order saying we haven't appeared in court, neither have we been served from a process server. How can they just make us lose our home without sending us any type of documents to appear in court? I hired a local attorney however, now I have gotten a letter from a Commisioner in the state of Hawaii to take over our house and remove us from it. I am seeking any help I can to get what I deserve. If there is anyone who can help me, I can be reached by email at

  • Wp
      5th of Dec, 2010
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    Wells Fargo is a terrible mortgage company you have any problems making your mortgage and they will pretend to work with you all the will lying to you and not even after you get current on your mortgage they will fill foreclosure on your property now what is wrong with this picture.

  • Do
      5th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Can you file a Chapter 13 and try to keep your home? They messed us up after I lost my job. I had tenants in the rental and they sent a letter for a Sheriff Sale so my tenants moved out. Then the cancelled the sale twice because it was under value, everything is under value due to the economy. Our account was then charged off and now it was forclosed.

  • Ly
      16th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    OK here it is 2012, and I am going theru thee same theing withe Wells Fargo, I am being stalled...delayed, lied to by my "go to Guy" I started in Nov. for loan modification. its now Feb. 15the, withe a sale date Feb. 29the. Help !!! still no answer on a loan mod. How can theey act in such bad faithe ? If theis has been happening for thee last couple of years...has anyone figured out a way to stop them...or has a lawsuit been filed ?

  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I purchased a home from A real estate company, they in turn sold my loan to Wells Fargo. Every Year my mortgage was getting higher and higher. They steal money at the end of each year. When I asked to refinance, they told me to send in financial papers. I did to no avail, they would not return my phone calls. When I called them 15 days later, they told me no they couldn't do it. I asked for a loan modification, again after sending in financial papers; and they would not call, and 10 days later when I was able to get them, they told me no. I tried again for deed in lieu of sale, same as above, they told me no. To my surprise, after I let the mortgage loan go, and after 1 year, they filed a judgement in lieu of sale. They used papers in which they told me no.
    This company and real estate companies should be held responsible for their actions

  • Br
      22nd of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am not sure how many of the compliants are from Canadian Clients. I am fighting right now for an extention which isn't due until the 6th of August. They came into Canada and supposedly gave us a GOOD DEAL. We owe more on our house today after 20 years than we did when we purchased it. Both my husband and myself have had changes in employment due to the economy and now make half of what we used to make each month. Our payments have never defaulted but now they want to extend the mortgage until we can sell it and charge us an additional $500 a month. All the idiot on the phone keeps telling me is I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU if that is helping god help everyone. We are not sure if house does not sell what we are going to do. I have also spent every morning this week with them on the phone for a minimum of an hour. My next step is a lawyer but not sure if that is another waste of money or just tell them the house is theirs on the 6th of August
    Is there anything legally that can be done against them?????????

  • Cc
      31st of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Wells Fargo needs to be sued. They are unethical. My home was listed in my bankruptcy, but is not foreclosed on yet and I still have things in the house. They changed locks twice without informing me saying someone said it was empty. But when I called immediately, they said they would get the keys to me. After a time, I got a locksmith. This last time, I went in and my electronics were gone along with anything that could be sold. The "repo" lowlife people who changed the lock had the key. I filed a police report and called Wells Fargo when the police were there. No one from Wells Fargo ever got back to me. There's a lot more, but too detailed. Basically, Wells Fargo hired a company with lowlife people who instead of protecting the property, stole from it. Every time I call, I have to go through the same speech. They did the same thing to me about the loan modification and divorce papers. The funny thing is I was never married while in my home. I bought as a single woman, but they did all the loan modification paperwork, I sent it back with my money. They cashed the check and then pulled back the loan modification for me not giving them my divorce papers from 1995. I bought the house alone in 1998.

  • Ma
      18th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    IF you want to join forces against Wells Fargo, email I think that it is time to fight back Wells Fargo under-handed actions. If you have documentation of how Wells Fargo didn't follow proper bank procedures, please do not hesitate to email me. Wells Fargo would not accept payment on mortgage since I had only partial payment yet did not return money either... instead Wells Fargo put it in a bank account after I specified the money be allocated toward mortgage payment. If they did not or could not accept money for mortgage since partial payment then Wells Fargo should have returned the money and sent a letter in reference to why it was un-acceptable. Then, I would have sent full payment to Wells Fargo but instead this bank held funds and then demanded full payment. If they held partial payment that I specified for mortgage I think Wells Fargo should have applied to mortgage or returned it so that I could make full payment. Instead Wells Fargo pushed this household into foreclosure mode. Wells Fargo knew that I was sending money in every two weeks so that the mortgage payment would be paid without falling behind more than one month. Wells Fargo charged a late fee and I included that amount with payments sent to this bank. It is wrong and banks are not allowed to go into foreclosure on a house until payments are three months late according to what I have been told by an attorney. I would not be surprised by other wrong actions taken by Wells Fargo to cause mortgage holders to go into foreclosure mode. There must exist bank standards set up by Federal government. It is better when we stand together to fight such a giant, so to speak. Many voices is stronger than one when what you fight for is righteous. It seems that Wells Fargo is practicing unfair bank procedures that should at least be evaluated by a federal agency to stop unfair or illegal bank procedures or actions taken against mortgage holders. Please email me if you indeed want to fight back or get back. Wells Fargo should be stopped by those whom have been wrongly hurt by their unfair actions.

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