Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / 4 months and still no closing date

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I have been in the process of buying a home with Wells Fargo as the mortgage company for the past 4 months. No one returns my calls and when they finally do, I get no questions answered. I am buying a HUD home and with HUD, you have 60 days to close after winning the bid or you get charged $225 every 2 weeks for an extension. Again, I am 4 months into the process!! Are they going to reimburse me for all this money I am paying out for things only they have control over? Plus, everything I own is in storage, so I have to pay those fees too. When I spoke to them yesterday, I was told it could be at least another 30 days until closing, but no guarantee it will be that soon. No one can tell me why this is taking so long. My file has been to underwriting 3 times now and I am being told that it has not been to the "final" underwriting yet? Never in my life did I imagine it would be taking this long to close on a house and with no one keeping in contact with me through the process, it only makes it that much harder!!!

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  • Bi
      Aug 02, 2011

    It took Malcap Mortgage 7 months to close on my refinance after my divorce. Different story everyday, approved one day, back to underwriting another. Eventually we Third Partied them into the divorce proceedings and closed in 3 days.

    Get an attorney involved and record EVERY conversation you have with a mortgage company!

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  • Ka
      Feb 13, 2012

    Similar items happened to me. No returned calls, didn’t answer questions on commitment letter, no one ever reviewed the commitment letter with me, the day my loan was to close they turned me down for not providing two documents. I am now being sued for the full sale price of the home and expenses which total $127, 000.00.

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