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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved payoff

I've had my car loan through WellsFargo since 2008. I decided to pay my car off early by 2 years. So I had the money in my bank account and decided just to send the check via Billpay. I first called twice to see what address I had to mail the payoff to. Then I called and got the exact payoff and send the check out via billpay that day. So, I havent heard anything. I called Wellsfargo and told them the sitaution the guy said to make sure the check acutally went out and maybe it was something on my banks side. I called my bank and they said the check had been mailed out 2/12 and that WellsFargo should have rec. the check in 5 business days which was thur. I called them again today 2/22 and nothing they have not rec. the check. The lady on the phone was saying that maybe I mailed to the wrong P.O. Box. I told her I called twice and 2 reps said that was the correct address and now your saying something different. She was like I dont know why they told you that and your check probably arrived to that Box but they had to send it to the right Box. Then I asked her about interest because I was told that if they payment was not rec. by the 2/22 that they would add interest. The lady was like yes if we dont get the check today we are going to add the interest, and it doesnt matter when the check was mailed it matters when we get it in hand. So, I told her I know how sometimes places hold onto the checks to charge you interest and late fees (chase-I cancelled the Credit Card after this happen) She got defensive and was like what do you mean by that. I said you know what I mean. I know for a fact they have the check in hand and they are doing nothing to process it. Come tomorrow I bet I check they will have the check processed. All this to charge me interest come on you took bailout money that wasnt yours in the first place. What Rip-Offs.

Resolved lease

So I leased a car in 2007 from Wells Fargo Auto Finance. I lost my job 2 mos. later in 10/07. I made ON TIME full payments to Wells Fargo Auto Finance through February 2009 despite being unemployed and only working now and again at 10% of my former wage given the economy, etc. To make is simple.. we were former large earners for years who were significantly hurt in the 2007 recession forward and I was only able to find temp and contract employment at 10-20% of my former earnings. Despite that, I made payments to Wells Fargo Auto Finance without a hitch for nearly 20 mos. Finally, by 2/2010 we were 30 days delinquent and unable to continue paying for the car that was LEASED based on my former employer's monthly car allowance. Basically, we were done and we'd exhausted all of our financial resources, family, friends, 401k, housing equity, etc to pay our bills including the lease. Flash forward. 2/10/2010, WFAF calls me, asks for 1 pmt by eom. I say I can't, I tell them I'm done, baked, can't afford it further. WFAF rep responds by attacking me for being a lame businessman, a bad husbad, bad father, etc telling me I should not have entered into the agreement in 2007 if I could not pay for it. I told her, I'm sorry, but I lost my job nearly 2 years ago and have paid you religously since then but have run out of options and money. I said, Please come pick up the car, let's work something out and settle. She told me no way, she wants $ or nothing. I told her again, please come to ____ address and TAKE the car. She responded saying, I want $__ money and I don't want the car. I responded telling her I'd already had a call in the last week from the Wells Fargo REPO department confirming my address, and told her I'm more than happy to set up a time to VOLUNTARILY surrender the car to them. She did not want to hear any of that and proceeded to YELL at me that I need to re-examine my financial options and come up with a payment. So.. basically, I want to and am willing to SURRENDER the car and strike a settlement on the remaining balance due, but THEY want no part of this? What do I do next? File BK 7? Quit taking calls? Drive the car till it dissapears one night? I'm confused. I've offered to give it up and settle up.. what else can a man do in my situation???

Resolved loan modification fraud

After being laid off in 2008 I requested a loan modification with asc/wells fargo. My first set of...

Resolved lousy service, can not solve simple problems

Even after threatening to close all 8 accounts and remove over 500, 000 dollars of funds on deposit Wachovia's service response was "uhhhh.. let me transfer you to {pick someone else}." After waiting 45 minutes on hold for the simpleton offering NOT to help's supervisor I finally decided to drive to Carolina and go postal on these idiots.. I'd bet that J.P. Morgan would have solved the problem in less than 10 minutes and kept the money.. after all.. THEIR stock is still in the 40 dollar range while Wells Fargo is spinning around the vortex of the great banking toilet in the floor.

Resolved phone calls inregards to their monthly payment

In Oct of 2009 we recieved a statement for Wells Fargo. We were never notified that our mortgage was sold to them. When I called to find out what was going on I was advised that everything from our previous mortgage carried over to their company and that nothing would change, payment due date the 1st but we had until the 16th just like the last mortgage. The girl set me up online to make payments and view our statements. So then the phone calls started looking for our payment I was told that our payments were late, though on the statement it stated that after the 16th you make this payment. The representives calling were very RUDE over the phone. A month or so later after being with Wells Fargo they called me on a Sunday looking for the payment I told the girl that it would be paid by the 16th and stated that I have NEVER been late with any mortgage payments or any other bills. This representive stated to me "we did not ask you to come to our company" I was stunned at first and then I fired back at her that "first off we were never notified that are mortgage was being switched to your company so it is I that never asked to come to YOUR company". They call sometimes three times a day requesting a payment. I have our bills figured out every two weeks for our pay checks so depending how our bills fall I have to jocky bills around but they still get paid every month by the dead line. I have never had a company call me harrassing me for a payment before especially when it is truely not late and I am within the time frame of paying it. I feel really bad for people that do have trouble make payments. They were even sending emails stating that my payment was due even after I paid the bill and it was already posted to my checking. I have been with this company now for 4-5 months and I would not recommend anyone to take a mortage out through them. We are going to start looking to refinance our home though we do not want to just to get away from them. I could see if I was a month or two behind on our mortgage but when it get's paid every month and they still call hounding for the money right then and there is very poor service

  • Ma
    Mary Rowley Feb 16, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me. My mortgage was sold by Wachovia to Wells Fargo. My payment schedule is direct debit which didn't transfer with the sale and I was accused of non payment. After proving that I had been debited for that payment, my credit reported showed a late payment.

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Resolved [censor]s

Wells fargo is a bunch of ###s. I called to get information on the account, but because I couldn't remember my home phone number, since I never use the damn thing, and they heard my fiancee give me the phone number they wouldn't give me the information. Because someone gave me the phone number! ### these ###s

  • No
    noorzay Jul 22, 2010

    It has been 505 days since i have applied for HAMP, I have paid 5-months of moratorium and 6-months of trail period, the original date of my aplication was March 4 2009, and since I have lost my job on 12/11/09, but i recieved the trial period letter on December 22nd which was bunch of paper work and also start date of my trial period wich was Febuary 1st 2010. on June 30th I recieved a call from Wells Fargo asking me about unemplyment states and my part time job which i answred correctly, She told me on the phone that i will here some thing wthin 2-weeks, its been over 3-weeks now and havn't had a phone call from them and when i call them thay say that there has been an internal eror? and by the way thay are not counting my unemployment benefit as an incom.?

    what should i do, please if some one can help me


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Resolved cancellation of homeowner's policy

We had our homeowner's insurance policy cancelled as a result of non-payment by Wells Fargo Mortgage. The funds for this are a part of our regular monthly mortgage payment, and I assumed the insurance company had communicated with WF to let them know how often per year the payments were due, and that the bank escrow department had full knowledge of when to release the money. Boy howdy was I WRONG!

We got papers from the insurance company saying our policy was cancelled for non-payment by Wells Fargo. WF told us that they were under the impression that the policy had one annual payment, not two bi-annual payments. We had to get a NEW policy because of the escrow department's SCREW-UP.

And these people at the bank are supposed to be money management experts?!!!?! Why do I have to back-track and double-check that things are going as they should EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

Wells Fargo ALSO informed us last October that our interest rate and thus our monthly payment would be dropping by $47. THIS OF COURSE never happened, and I intend to find out WHY.

Resolved they just want to rip off people

I was approved for a visa card by wellsfargo bank. The way I was explained was that the visa card also could be used as a overdraft protection. Sounds great for someone like me who could use some help being more organized when it comes to finances, right? WRONG. I was encouraged by a wells fargo associate that I should take advantage of paying off high interest accounts using my visa since the interest rate was so reasonable. So I did. Next thing I know, my interest rate went up so much. Their explanation was that" I have a high balance" no s... they had just told me to use the to pay off my other credit cards off using the visa. Oh yes also I guess three years ago I was late paying my macy's account one time was another reason for wells fargo to raise my interest rate. Funny, Macy didn't. After they did all that, when I went to one of their branch, the teller tells me that my my outstanding status with them makes me eligible for for something special called PMA. Are you kidding me ? You just jacked up my interest rate for not being your ideal customer. They just want to rip off people like me because people with lots of money are smart enough not to bank with someone like wells fargo.

Resolved unethical banking practices used against deployed service member

I am a deployed service member currently in Iraq. I have had problems with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage since I mobilized last July. First, they pre-approved me for a modification, but never sent me the paperwork!
When I called them from Iraq to ask about the modification, they told me that they had decided to give me a moratrium instead. They told me that the $4500 I was behind would all be due by the end of December!
I told them that I could not afford that. Although I continued to make full payments on a regular basis(sometimes even 2 payments a month), they would not correct my credit report. They finally sent another
modification last month, but I decided to bring the account with one large payment instead.Although I brought
the account current last month, they decided to close the account and send it to collections!
When I told them about my credit report, they denied that they it!
For anyone who is a service member and has a loan with this company, please do not trust them, especially while you are mobilized!

  • I don't know if you have cleared up this issue or not, but my husband is also in the Army, not delpoyed, and we too are having issue with Wells Fargo. We decided to get ahold of VA and they are now helping us by dealing directly with WF. VA # 1-888-768-2132. Try to stay on hold until you get someone on the line, they are very helpful and will get you to were you need to go.

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Resolved simple paperwork takes a full month... and then some!

I was in an accident on 01/12/2010 (for the record, I was riding shotgun while someone else was driving...

Resolved issued credit took it away

I am a disabled person of working age. I received a large sum of back pay when I took my Social Security...

Resolved refinance nightmare

I refinanced with Wells Fargo last September under the Make your home affordable program. My mortgage was reduce by almost $280.oo a month. I was ecstatic. Unfortunately that was very short lived. Just last month I received a letter from them stating that due to my taxes going up they did an analysis on my loan and my payments were going to go up by $200.00. I was convinced this was an error because there was NO WAY my taxes went up that much ($2400 a year). After many conversations and speaking to about a dozen people and getting about as many different stories as to what happened, turns out that when they wrote up my refinance they only estimated my taxes to be $1500.00 a YEAR rather than $3200.00 a year and now I have to pay the difference . I was LIVID to think that such a mistake could happen and that nobody could give me a striaght answer. My savings is now only about $50 a month and I added an additional $7, 000 to my loan for closing costs which will take mover about 6 years to make up the difference. The only thing they will say to me is sorry and nothings else. I can't wait until the housing market gets better so I can refinance with another insitution because I am done with Wells Fargo

  • 75
    750 Credit Score Oct 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On April 21st and May 9th I posted comments on this site regarding problems with Wells Fargo. Since then I have written a number of letters to Wells Fargo and the Comptroller of the Currency and spoke with several, higher-level people with Wells Fargo. I have the names and addresses of the bank vice presidents if anyone wants to write letters. Wells Fargo's bank president is John G. Stumpf. His work address is: Wells Fargo Corporate Offices, 420 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94104. His home address is 1090 Chestnut Ave., Apt.12, San Francisco, CA 94109-1230.

    For Wells Fargo it all comes down to taking your money and not honoring the interest rate that they promised. They refuse to refinance my mortgage that is already with them and they will not give me a refund of the $609 they took from me. Michael Salmon and Michael Dullea received their commisions as well as the title company and appraiser. Believe me, these people are liars and cheats and will wear you down. Wells Fargo does not have to answer to anyone. The Comptroller is a total joke and will just refer you back to the bank to resolve the issues. I am continuing to fight and may have a large number warning posters printed up and put on cars in their parking lot. For me, it's now a matter of principal, not money.

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  • Lo
    Lois Kratzner Apr 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a new car in 2011 through Wells Fargo. In 2012 my husband passed away and I was left with everythine to pay. I have never been late on my payments of $49832 which is a little steep...I recently tried to refinance the car and was turned down as my finances have drastically changed. Each time I called wells farge, I am told to fill out a auto loan form, each time I did, they denied me. My credit is not all that great but then it wasn't great when I bought the car...I am seriously thinking of letting them have the car back! They are rude and want all the money they can get and doesn't care at all about their clients. I am trying to pay my payments and a little help of lowering my car payment would be a blessing to me.

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devoid of all services

This is the worst bank in the world

I had bank fraud committed on me in Las Vegas office by a complete idiot Craig and all ###s in Colorado branch
Mainly Clint Crews the biggest ### and discouteous manager ever in all my 57 years
He came right from the Rodeo to star at this bank (does not know 2+ 2 )
These mangers are all from McDonalds and do not know who is buried in Grant's tomb

LOOK OUT WACHOVIA these Idiots have fired all their senior executives and have all young idiots that no nothing about what thet do
They never all you back, on vacations and inspid people that you Trust HA


Resolved short sale fiasco!

Good luck to anyone trying to work with Wells Fargo on a short sale...I have considered it my part-time job for 5 months. When my deadbeat tenant finally moved out, I began looking at a short sale for what had become a distressed property. I had a buyer, but every time I contacted Wells Fargo they wanted something else before they could review the offer. When I said, 'Is there any checklist or form that shows what is needed?' they said, 'No, but I will list the things for you.' EVERY SINGLE list was different...it was maddening. After listing the house with a realtor, at their insistence, and spending literally hundreds of hours on the phone with the WF staff and realtors, they said the offer received wasn't high enough...it needed to be $10, 000 higher. I thought that was the unfortunate end, but wait...it gets worse! The buyers raised their already very respectable offer by $10, 000 and resubmitted it late last fall. Today is Feb. 3, and my realtor just called and said Wells Fargo now says that offer is not enough, though it is practically the payoff amount for the loan! I asked what my realtor thought would happen next, and she said, 'It doesn't make sense, but they are going to end up paying someone to bulldoze the house, and sell the lot for a quarter of what they could've made for the house on the lot.' Well, that will happen over my cold and dead body. I have worked too hard on this to let it go...I will be on the phone 8 hours tomorrow, and will not rest until I have found a way to revive this deal.

  • Lu
    Luisa Velasquez Mar 31, 2010

    Exactly the same thing is happening to me right now. It has been two months since I first met with a representative mortgage broker of Wells Fargo. The first time I gave him all my paperwork, last three months bank statement, 2 years income tax, child support information etc. Instead of moving quickly to get this loan done, they waited and a lot of things had happened and two months later I still not able to close. My realtor ask for an extension of the closing date for April 5, 2010. As up today, I still don't know if I am going to close or I will loose the chance to buy my home. Incredible! Very frustrting. And if you take in consideration that you have to be calling them all the time, they never call you when they say they are going to do it. Every time the FHA underwritter ask for something else they procrastinate in working diligent and fast. I am divorce and trying to get going and buy my new home for me and my kids...but this has been very unprofessional from Wells Fargo. Bradenton, FL

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  • Yo
    You're busted! May 14, 2011

    Check out the Cheronda Guyton scandal in Malibu! She was a vice president in charge of foreclosures. After foreclosing on homes, she would move into them herself and start partying down! Google-it, people, and see for yourself, how crooked Wells Fargo is. I am certain that she is not the only one. When realtors tried to make an offer on the foreclosed home, her branch office would tell the realtors that the house was "off-market." during the entire time it was "off-market, " the neighbors busted Cheronda at the party house.

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This company has called me every day for the past two months. I tell them I've lost my job and they become sarcastic and belligerent. They call me again the next day just to ask the same questions. They are doing nothing but harassing me. I have told them over and over that I'll pay the bill when I find a job. One day they called me at 4:00 pm and at 8:00 am the following day. There's virtually no way that I could have found a job with one hour remaining in the business day. I want these people to stop harassing.

  • Do
    DonewithWF Feb 14, 2010

    I had a similar problem with them this morning. I explained my financial situation, told them I was unable to pay at this time and that I didn't know when I would be able to pay. The guy asked me another question, I answered, then he asked me again when I would be able to pay. This went on several more times, then I told him he wasn't listening, that I didn't know when I could pay. He then proceeded to berate me, asking me things like "Do you think you don't have to pay us?", "Why do you think you don't have to pay this?", and he also told me that they could garnish my wages. I told him if they did, I'd get a lawyer and they'd get a fight. His reply was that there was nothing I could do to stop it (which I now know is an outright lie) and that unless I paid up, they would get a hold of my employer and get my wages garnished (which I now know is illegal to do without getting it before a judge first). I told him I had had enough of this and wanted all further communication done via mail. He said they wouldn't stop calling until I had paid. I told him I was done dealing with them over the phone because of him and asked again that no further phone calls be made. He said they had to get it in writing and offered me a fax number. I asked for the address, and he asked WHY!!! I said that I wanted to send it via certified mail so that I had proof they got it.

    He then dared to say "What's your problem?" (I'm not exaggerating, he actually said that.) I was furious at this point and started screaming at him that I had had enough of his crap and to give me the damn address. He put me on the line with his supervisor, who still didn't give me the address. All she tried to do was discuss payment options with me, which I was unwilling to do at this point.

    I'm 58 days past due as of today, so this kind of treatment is ridiculous. I'm going to try to get a transcript of the phone conversation and file a complaint with someone outside of WF.

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  • Bo
    bork276 Feb 19, 2010

    Anytime you go past due you get sent over to collections. So once in collections you get put into a dialer. So, regardless if you tell them you can't pay them they will keep calling you. As your account just pops in front of the collector from the dialer, they actually don't see the notes until the dialer is ringing you. Now they can't call you more than once if they verify that it is you, the debtor. So, if you don't want them to call multiple times answer let them verify that its you and you won't get any more calls for the day. They legally can not call you again once they have done this. They do have payment plans (hardship, bif, settlement, etc.). So, maybe wouldn't hurt to try and talk to them about one. can't guarantee a program will be right for you. wells fargo is ### where their is certain things that you would have to qualify for (like we can't give programs to people that are only 1 month past due, which i think is ###ed-meaning someone has to go 60 days past due before they will be willing to drop the interest or payments). I worked as a collector for a couple years. And fortunately worked in inbound so people called me to work out plans. And I promise you we are not all vultures we are just doing a job. But i agree a lot of the collectors go out for blood and refuse to listen. All else fails change your number and never call in with your number. Even if you just check your account from the automated system it will go into the system and they will use it. Good luck!

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  • Su
    sundog May 12, 2010

    Looking at it from the other side of the situation, institutions who are trying to collect money that is due them, need to be reimbursed for their services. Though sympathetic with persons who having financial difficulty, those who overspend and do have financial irrresponsibility cannot blame someone who is only trying to collect.
    A better option than yelling, screaming, and getting angry at the source, would be to try to work something out.
    The solution to spending money one doesn't have (including our whole country, by the way)is to practice financial restraint.

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  • Si
    Simmy Keen Mar 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sick with bad flu...Wells Fargo computer called me every 2 hours ..home..work..cell...home..work..cell...must have been a couple days late($39 late fee)...paid them on friday, , , , saturday still called every two hours ..home..work..cell...finally I cracked and waited for real person to answer phone...she says..when you going to pay? I say I did friday...STOP HARASSING ME every two hours ...on saturday...home...work...cell...STOP HARRASSING ME!...She says why were you late?...I said.."STOP YOUR HARRASSMENT!!!" I am reporting you...who do i report this to???? It is terrible!

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  • Na
    nancychef Apr 27, 2011

    Ignore the calls and don't let it get to you. I got 24 calls on Valentines Day!! I answer every couple of weeks to let them know I haven't forgotten about them. It is illegal for them to harrass you - call the government. Hang in there - try to make a hardship payment plan or a settlement. Listen to Dave Ramsey - he has great advice.

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  • Bl
    bluediamond224 Aug 19, 2011

    really ppl i understand ppl lose their jobs and have trouble some times but if at the beginning you dont spend on what you cant afford none of this would be an issue at all. if i had loan someone money i sure as heck would want it the day it was due and i know so would every one else.

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Resolved won't help with assistance

We purchased a condo in florida and are asking wells fargo to lower our intrest rate so we can afford the payment,. We are retired and had our money in gm stock. Gm and the government dissolved the stock program. So now this is a big struggle.
To get a lower payment would help us greatly. Wells fargo should never have approved the high loan to begin with. We can't afford to sell as it's worth less then half the price, but wells fargo is still getting the high dollar. This is not right. I contacted the online assist, as I was told to do when I called, and 1 month later I get a call saying I can call or go online for assitance. All I did was go in a big circle. My husband is looking for a job everyday, but no luck

  • Ro
    rose farmer Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not accept any assistance from WF. I could write a book on the 8 months we tried to save our home thru them with no avail. We are both 63 and have endless medical bills. What do you? try to pay medical bills so that the dr. can see you or miss a mortgage payment or quit eating?

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  • Ro
    rose farmer Apr 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What is your loan modiification for? We worked for 8 mo. and tried to send WF the money we were late and they refused. Who is being hard to get along with? Wf is a stealer of homes from the poor and elderly. I hope these people find themselves in the same shape as the people from whom they have taken homes from. Maybe they may have to suffer to understand what these poor people have gone thru. We never talked to the same person when we made calls. They are so ignorant to the fact that what goes around comes around. They may not lose their homes but it may be a family member that is struck with tragedy or suffering from a disease that may bankrupt them. I do believe the bible says you are paid ten times in return for what you dole out. You may hurt me now but in the end you will see what happens to you.

    -1 Votes

Resolved thank you, wells fargo dba america's servicing company

After reading numerous and disturbing online complaints regarding wells fargo dba america's servicing...

Resolved thank you, wells fargo dba america's servicing compay

After reading numerous and disturbing online complaints regarding wells fargo dba america's servicing company, I decided to post a thank you instead. First, I would like to give the greatest thanks to god, who makes all things possible. Second, I would like to thank the investors who approved my loan modification. Third, I would like to thank mr. John stumpf, president and ceo of wells fargo, who intervened on my behalf, and his executive management team. I would also like to give a big thank you to ms. Tomlinson for her hard work in getting my account corrected and updated in a timely manner. Last, but not least, I would like to thank all of the employees at asc who answered the numerous phone calls, e-mails, faxes, etc. , throughout the loan modification process. When I mentioned the online complaints to ms. Tomlinson, she said that wells fargo does review them. Having said all of that, my loan modification was not without problems. I was told by asc that, since I was not behind in my mortgage payments, I did not have to go through a trial-period loan modification. I was also told that when asc received my first payment, my loan modification account would be updated with the correct payment information, new interest rate, new term, etc. However, that did not happen. Instead, my mortgage payments and escrow check were put into a suspense account where they were posted here and there—my account did not even made any sense. After many phone calls, e-mails, and faxes, it became apparent that nobody was going to update my account. Asc was even showing my account as being 2 payments behind, which really upset me. I did not file a complaint with the ag or occ. However, I did write a letter to mr. John stumpf, president and ceo of wells fargo. Mr. Stumpf immediately intervened and had his executive management team to appoint ms. Hannah tomlinson to correct and update my account. Ms. Tomlinson did this in a timely manner. My account is now updated with all of the correct information. If any of you had a similar experience with wells fargo dba america's servicing company, please post your thank you comments. Everything is a learning experience, and all is well that ends well! Thank you, sue

  • Sh
    Shannon35 Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have to say that all throughout our modification process, I did not have to resort to the executive team for help, if I had known that they could help I would have if need be. It was not necessary. Yes, it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice but some things are worth it. I have not had time to do a proper Thank You in a public forum until I read your story, so I am doing it now. Everything went fairly smoothly and took time to iron everything out, but its done as of June with an affordable monthly payment with the escrow for our taxes which is a big help to us, so we don't have to worry about coming up with extra funds every 6 months. It is all taken care of for us. I want to thank most of the representatives who have been helpful especially the Loss Mitigation department for their understanding and support as we went through a major hardship of unemployment, they were willing to listen and try their best to help. Now we are very pleased with our payment terms and interest rate and its fixed interest, not an ARM. Thank you ASC for your understanding throughout our hard times and patiently answering my questions until I felt satisfied with the answers and clearly understood what was needed to be done. I also want to thank our investor who approved our request for modification although I have no idea who you are to thank you properly. Thank you.

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  • Ro
    Rosette Jun 18, 2011

    I would like to personally thank ASC, Loss Mitigation Department and it's Representatives. Eventhough I encountered economic hardship in 2007-2009, with due diligence of keeping my employment, not missed a day of work, attended and completed my nursing program, we survived and did not lose our house. As of 1/2010, our house was considered for the Loan Modification program through HAMP. I am grateful to HAMP and ASC-Wells Fargo.

    We need to take responsibility for our own actions and thoughts and we cannot put a blame on the company and judge people who has different circumstances that we do not know anything about. People have different problems & situations that are inevitable: illness, unemployment, lay-offs due to recession, etc. Let's make the best of the situation we are in, put aside immaturity and lack of hope and place a strong conviction within yourself that you will do the best you can to save your house. I wish the best to the rest of homeowners who are still facing this crisis. I pray for you & your family and I hope you find solution to your problem.

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