Wells Fargo Dealer Services / over charging fees


I recently noticed $238.80 of fees on my last statement I called WFDS and was told they were for late fees. We had an issue in April when they switch from Wells Fargo Auto Finance to Wells Fargo Dears Service and the fees were adjusted as of April there were no fees. SO I was shocked to see the $238.80 when I received this months statement. I tried calling and talking to them the first women I talked to could see the extra $10 I paid for late fees on my payment history. She transferred me to another department and they were no help what so ever their customer service rep was belittling me over the phone. I am a disabled veteran and have been out of work the lat 2 years recovering from a work place injury. So I have struggled to make the payments on time. They are always made within the month due usually just outside of the 10 day grace period. It's amazing how they get away with treating their customers this way. So I have no clue who to contact to file a complaint so I am here first.

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