Wells Fargodoesn't have the decency to call

I recently overdrafted my account which happens. I lost trakc of which card I had used for a business expense. Well I put the money plus more into the account once I could. Wells Fargo decided to cancel my bank card. Which isn;t my complaint. My complaint is that they cancelled my card without motifying me. So I am on another business trip knowing I had enough funds to cover my lodging costs but my bank card is declined. This is an embarrassing situation but is even more embarrassing when it is one of your companies hotels.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Cathedral City, CA This is the second time they have cancelled my card without notifying me. The first time was due to fraudulent charges on my bank card. Which I believe is a good reason for canceling a card. Once again my complaint is that they didn't notify me. This left me stranded at a gas station. I called their customer service expecting an apology for this inconvenience but alls I received was rudeness. They took no responsibility for the discomfort they caused me. I guess since I accidentally overdrafted my account that makes me a less than worthy customer.

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