Wells Fargo / car note paid in full reporting 3 credit bureaus past due

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I had on a vehicle that was required to have full coverage insurance due to the fact I had purchased it brand new, as well as once vehicle arrived at dealer since I built online and had shipped in, I had additional custom features added on and performed at dealer before ever leaving lot, therefore I chose to also purchase gap coverage on the vehicle, I had done this with all my vehicles as well in past purchases, and full coverage was mandatory and wells Fargo financial held note at great 1% interest. After approximately 3.5 in the first time of my life, my car was stolen, and I was only 6 payments from 100% payoff of the original 38k, initially 6 years. I paid. Significantly higher monthly payments to payoff car in the hope I'd have my dream car paid for. 3 years early. Wells Fargo received the insurance company money to entirely pay off the remaining balance, remind you not much was owed as I had paid so much more over the years in payments, I received the title stating no lien holder, of course salvaged title car never found, anyway to this day wells Fargo reports still an open auto note past due for $900.00 for now 3 years on my all three credit bureaus when there's no open account. I have disputed repeatedly, it keeps somehow being validated, but they won't send proof of validation, there's nothing to validate there's no proof, the insurance provided copies of check they were sent and cashed, I sent title showing no lien interest listed. How can they do this for over 24 months it's ruining my credit, has ruined my credit!

Mar 02, 2016
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